The Happiest Baby - Intro

Rediscovering Ancient Secrets for Calming Babies

The Happiest Baby
Concept was developed by DR. HARVEY KARP.

Dr. Karp has been a pediatrician for 30 years. His landmark books and DVDs, The Happiest Baby and The Happiest Toddler on the Block, have revolutionized our culture's understanding of the needs of babies and young children. No wonder he is the most read pediatrician in America today. The New York Times acknowledged his important contribution by proclaiming, "Roll over Dr. Spock!" Dr. Karp’s discovery

What was the inspiration behind the creation of your range of products?

During more than 3 decades of being a pediatrician and child development specialist, he discovered an approach to calming babies and helping them sleep an extra 1-2 hours that worked for 90% of babies (even the ones with colic) and that parents could learn within hours.

He also discovered a simple way of communicating with toddlers (the most difficult age group for parents) to help them be more cooperative and better behaved. Parents using the the DVD report that within a week their kids (9m-5y) are much more patient, cooperative and have 50-90% fewer tantrums...

His key ideas are a surprise to most parents - but they make all the difference in the world; 1) babies are really born 3 months before they are fully ready for the world 2) toddlers are not so much little children as little uncivilized people (almost cavemen)...that changes how you speak to them...especially when they are upset

He is rapidly becoming the most read pediatrician in the US and the NY Times proclaimed his work by saying "Roll over, Dr. Spock!" His work is supported by the leaders of AAP, La Leche League, Lamaze, former surgeon general...and he has had many celebrity patients helped by this including Madonna, Pierce Brosnan and Michelle Pfeiffer.

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Kim and John Paulo said...

Wow, We had heard about swaddling before from family but here appears to be much more information for us to check into. Certainly when our newborn turns into a toddler, we will need the second DVD. Cant wait to get both. Amazon.com is our next stop.
Keep all these great tips and resources coming! We all need them and few people seem to have the info we first time parents really need.

Netty said...

great book & dvds.

I use a Cozy Cocoon to swaddle and calm my little guys. it's all natural (I got organic cotton ones) and doesn't have any of the plastic or velcro the others do.

Success Through Play said...

Thank you for your comments. You won't be disappointed with your purchases. We will be featuring "Products that Mimic the Womb" during the month of December 2007 which will include a variety of innovative swaddling products and other items that mimic the womb. It will be exciting!!!