ERGO Baby Carrier

The ERGObaby Carrier has taken the world by storm! We wanted to find out more about this innovative soft baby carrier so we sat down with Sydney from ERGObaby Carrier, inc to find out the following information:

What was the inspiration behind creating your company and how did you come up with the name, Ergobaby Carrier?

The ERGObaby Carrier, inc is a company that originated in 2003 out of the need of its founder, Karin Frost, to create a better way to transport and bond with her newborn son. She was committed to the attachment parenting model pioneered by Jean Leidloff in her book, "The Continuum Concept". The word ERGO is used because the carrier is ergonomically designed to support a correct sitting position for the baby's hip, pelvis and spinal growth.

Can you tell us about Kãrin Frost, the designer of the Ergobaby Carrier?

Karin Frost is the President and Designer of the ERGObaby Carrier. She has a Danish background and grew up loving the Danish sense of style and design. She graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1984 with an MA in Design from the Department of Design and Apparel. After graduation she designed and created several Limited Edition lines of clothing and produced many high-end commission pieces. Two years after moving to Maui, Hawaii, in 1999, she met her husband and a year later her son Keala Jaj was born. She was convinced that carrying her baby was the best way to usher him into our world.

What does your company think are the main benefits of "Wearing your Baby"?

We support Attachment Parenting International's Ideals of Baby Wearing:

  • Babywearing helps satisfy the baby's need for closeness, touch and affection.
  • Babywearing promotes and strengthens parent's emotional bond with their baby.
  • The movement that naturally results from carrying your baby stimulates their neurological development.
  • Babies cry less when worn or held.
  • Holding helps regulate their temperature and heart rate.
  • Baby feels more secure.
  • Babywearing facilitates easy outings and travel.

How long have you been in business for?

In May 2007, we embark on our fifth year of business since the initial carrier that was sewn on Karin's own machine. The ERGO is now distributed worldwide and the response has been remarkable. It is the customer that has expanded its popularity to become the most sought after soft baby carrier on the market.

What do you attribute the success of your company to?

We entered the soft baby carrier market in the midst of a babywearing revolution in which parents feel the need for products that will secure their baby and keep it close, at the same time allowing freedom of movement while promoting parent-child bonding. The ERGO is unique in that it enables parents to purchase one carrier for all their needs from infant to toddler and it can be worn on the front, back and hip positions. Our outstanding, dedicated Customer Service and the Quality of our product have helped to assure our success.


  • The ERGO supports a correct sitting position for the baby's hip, pelvis and spine. It disperses most of the baby's weight between the hips and thighs, and helps to eliminate compression of the spine when hanging by the crotch that most other designs require.

  • The ERGO balances the baby's weight to parents' hips and shoulders and alleviates physical stress for the parent. It distributes the baby's weight evenly over the parent's body because it has two well- padded adjustable shoulder straps and a very supportive waist belt. This keeps the parent's body aligned so you can carry your baby longer without discomfort.

  • The ERGO leaves both hands free and is great for hiking, gardening, housework, shopping, traveling and giving active parents the freedom to go with their baby safely attached.

  • ERGObaby is a growing line of baby gear that includes accessories such as front pouch, back pack, waist extensions, tote bag, diaper bag, baby bibs and Infant Insert

  • The Infant Insert (purchased separately) is a specially padded and shaped cushion that fits into the front of the ERGO and supports newborn/infant's head and cushions their body. It makes nursing easily accessible from newborn to 4 - 5 months. The insert can be taken out with the baby can be used as a padded cushion.

  • The hood of the ergo is fully adjustable and can be used to support the baby's head if it is sleeping and acts as a sunshade.

What do you think distinguishes your carrier from others on the market?

  • The ERGO is different from baby slings or over the shoulder baby holders because slings hang off of one shoulder and tend to throw the wearers' body out of alignment. A baby sling is a pouch that the baby hangs in to one side. The ERGO has a wide, sturdy waist belt that puts most of the baby's weight on your hips and takes the pressure off the shoulders.

  • It is easy to put on and provides complete freedom of movement; just one carrier will meet all your needs through all the stages of your baby's development.

  • A mom designed it after trying many baby slings, baby backpacks and various baby carriers only to find that many elements were missing. With the help of many moms, their own experiences, and feedback about their needs, the design was developed. It was designed in hopes that the ERGO can serve parents and their babies as soon as you would like the assistance of a carrier.

  • The ERGO is successful at fitting both husband and wife. The general range is between women slightly over 5' and man up to 6'4". The carrier adjusts at the waist, shoulder straps and chest strap that allows for many size options. The waist belt can either be worn around the true waist or a little lower around the hips. This is mainly a personal preference but the general rule of thumb is shorter people do best wearing it around their hips and taller people around their waist.


· Parenting MOM-TESTED Seal awarded since 2005

· 7th Edition of Baby Bargains book Top Recommendation (published in 2007)

· Parenting Magazine's May 2007 Anniversary issue "20 best products, 20 years of our best advice" named the ERGO as One of the Top 20 products of the last 20 years.

· In connection with Parenting Magazine's 20th anniversary promotions, the ERGO appeared on a short segment of the Today Show April 24.

· Oeko-Tex 100 certification for our Organic Line of carriers. "Confidence in Textiles, Tested for harmful substances"


You can shop online at the ERGO online store via this link

To locate a retailer in your country, please click here.

Success Through Play™ comments:

The ERGObaby Carrier is true to it's name. It offers three different positions: Front-Tummy to Tummy, Back and Hip which will support both baby and mom/dad in an ergonomic position. It is lighter than a backpack and was designed with safety in mind. Correctly worn, the Ergo will support baby in an ergonomic position by placing baby in a seated position with abduction of the hips (knees apart) with the weight off the spine with hip flexion greater than 90 degrees (baby's bottom is lower than knees). This position looks similar to a "squatting position" which toddlers assume throughout the day! For the adult, the well padded wide shoulder straps and the supportive waist band (to be worn on the hip for shorter people) help to distribute baby's weight evenly, thus, minimizing shoulder and back pain. As ERGO notes, even the most well designed and constructed carrier must be worn correctly, to reap the benefits. Our veteran engineer commented that the ERGObaby Carrier is superbly designed and constructed, is streamlined in design and offers quality finishes and components. The carrier is built for safety and features additional safety components not found on other structured carriers. The back position requires some practice to hoist baby onto your baby, but can be easily mastered by having a spotter, bed and mirror close by for the initial few times. The ERGObaby Carrier Inc, is committed to fair trade practices in their factory and we commend them for this.

Ergobaby Carrier Inc, was kind enough to send us an organic cotton Ergobaby Carrier for this review and we thank them. Our test panel reported that the carrier felt extremely comfortable to wear throughout their day and made grocery shopping a breeze. One parent reported that when wearing baby in the back position, they noticed an improvement in their own posture! In addition, baby fell asleep immediately and when it was time to set her down, they were able to transition her from carrier to crib without her waking. Careful thought, skill and planning has gone into creating this very unique design. Please click here to see the video clip of the features being demonstrated, for a visual. The infant insert which we will be highlighting in the coming months, is designed to support a newborn in the ERGO. See a demo of the insert by clicking here. The hood is ideal for discrete breastfeeding and will fold away when not in use.

The ERGO features a handy pocket with a zip to store your wallet or keys. Each ERGObaby carrier arrives with a card which welcomes you to the ERGO family. In addition, you will receive a few info cards that you can store in the ERGO's pocket which will come in handy when you are stopped on the street and asked all about your innovative carrier!

In the 7th Edition of the book: Baby Bargains (which we will be reviewing in the coming months!), the authors crown the ERGObaby Carrier as the top pick in the carrier section!

The Ergo website is very well designed and has many useful links. The professionally produces Ergo Instructional DVD is now available online; click here to access it. The DVD is professionally produced and features easy to follow directions which will teach you everything that you need to know to wear your baby safely in the front, back and hip carry positions as well as instructions for the infant insert (purchased separately). In addition, you can download pdf files of the instructions to print and refer to as needed. We recommend viewing the ERGObaby Carrier Frequently asked Questions section which can be accessed by clicking here. You will find the answers to all of your ERGO questions.

Please click here to view the limited edition ERGO'S which have colorful linings and are simply stunning!


Keep up to date on the latest ERGO news by visiting the Ergo News Room.


You can create a wish list and gift registry by clicking here!

We hope to see ERGO expand their organic cotton line in the future! Highly recommended.


Julia said...

I LOVE my ERGO. I am prone to back aches and shoulder pain, largely due to my mild scoliosis. With the ERGO I can wear my baby close to me and not sacrifice my health. The ERGO really does distribute the baby's weight evenly and I can wear it for hours with no pain ANYWHERE. It's been a godsend. Thank you for bringing attention to this truly remarkable product. I recommend it to everyone.

Hayden said...

Wow! What a gr8 article. The limited edition ERGO's are really fashionable and stylish. I appreciate a company who can take a structured carrier and make it hip and trendy....not an easy task but they have accomplished it. Fantastic!

Jacqueline Marek said...

I am looking into purchasing two shouldered structured carrier and the ERGO definitely seems to fit the bill. I haven't been able to carry my 7 month year old comfortably thus far but then again, I have only tried single shoulder carrier. Thank you for this extensive article. You clearly take the time to research your articles and we the reader really appreciate this. You don't charge us to access this info, that is amazing! Keep up the great are helping so many people worldwide.