myPouch® baby carrier

The myPouch® baby carrier was designed by Sanni Diesner.

Sanni Diesner operates her Atelier in the 'City of Angels', specializing in unique bridal gowns. Born in the village of Haiger, central Germany, Sanni was taught to sew at an early age by her mother Lindi who still owns and operates Lindi’s Stoffladen, a fabric store. She instilled in her daughter a sense of style and entrepreneurship. As a teenager, Sanni won many fashion competitions including the prestigious Anne-Burda Preis Award (three times) for excellence in costume and fashion design. She began her professional career designing and creating costumes for theater productions in Munich Germany. Since moving to Los Angeles, California in 1996 she’s worked on dozens of films, commercials, and music videos. Sanni's credo is "Create, meditate, celebrate!" and that's what everything she does is all about. Now Sanni's focus lies in making myPouch® baby carriers and selling them in the States as well as in Germany.

myPouch® FEATURES:

  • Modern, elegant and natural in design
  • Straightforward and secure to use
  • Extra comfortable for parent and baby
  • Can be worn front or back
  • Easy to adjust shoulder and waist straps for all sizes
  • For kids from age 2-3 months up to 50lbs
  • Supports correct sitting position for hip-.pelvis and spine growth
  • Hand-made with love and care
  • reversible and fashionable one-of-a-kind designs is what distinguishes the myPouch® carrier from others on the market


Please visit the following website to purchase your myPouch® baby carrier.

Success Through Play™ comments:

The myPouch® baby carrier by Sanni is a modified Mei Tai Carrier. It boasts an innovative design which makes it very user friendly. Sanni's design background is certainly reflected in the innovative design of the myPouch®. The main advantage of the myPouch® is that you can prepare the straps before placing the carrier on your body. For a front carry you simply prepare the straps according to the directions and slip the myPouch® over your head and slip your arms through. For a back carry you prepare the straps like a backpack and then simply put the carrier on like a backpack. Video instructions are available on the website. When worn as instructed the myPouch® baby carrier will support your baby in an ergonomic position. This carrier will appeal to beginners or those who wish to have a simple easy off and carrier with little to no adjustments each time; perfect for a busy lifestyle. We really applaud Sanni for offering eco-friendly fabric options which can be viewed by visiting their site: Our parent panel raved about the easy on and off feature of the myPouch®. The moms and dads expressed that the myPouch® carrier was super comfortable to wear and very sturdy and supportive. Their baby was very mellow and at ease in the myPouch®. Sanni offers the myPouch is a variety of earthy but fashionable designs which are reversible. Visit to access the myPouch® blog where can read all about Sanni's adventures carrying her baby in her myPouch®. The myPouch® lifestyle is easy and carefree. Highly recommended. Sanni also offers an exquisite clothing line for men, women and children which can be viewed by clicking here.

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Morgane said...

Sanni is an amazing woman and her work shows it. I hope that more people join in the myPouch movement!