The sling is available in 2 versions which are identical in design but differ only in the way of price and fabric options.:

The Over the Shoulder Baby Holder baby sling is sewn from printed 100% cotton or cotton blended fabrics that are printed on a press like virtually all of the clothing you might buy in a typical clothing store.

The Extravagant Love Slings are made from either, 100% color grown organic cotton material, or they are hand tie dyed, or they are hand batiked (in a batik [bah-teek] fabric wax is applied to the fabric, then the fabric is dyed, then the wax is removed, then the fabric is re-dyed and finally hand painted and/or hand block printed with beautiful earth sensitive dyes), or, they are a name designer fabric, or, they could be any other painstaking process used to make extravagant and expensive fabrics.

Both types of fabrics do an excellent job of holding your baby close to your body in an exact recreation of the way you naturally hold your baby with your arms, but your arms are free in a way that will make your sling indispensable.


Over the Shoulder Baby Holder (OTSBH) has submitted the following information:

  • We believe the OTSBH fits better than any other sling because as the pioneer of sling manufacturers, we had to do over 600 weekly retail "shows" to make a living; thus it has been personally fitted on well over 20,000 parents and babies of every size and body type and "chalk-marked" and re-sewn and refined to perfection.
  • Since we were the first company to manufacture the sling, and we were fitting it on thousands of parents and baby experts from every discipline. Sewing them ourselves, we made constant adjustments and alterations per their feedback until the OTSBH was the most comfortable baby carrier possible. When we see a new "twist" on some of the great slings that are out now, we can usually say, been there, done that.
  • The consensus of opinion from these thousands of baby wearers and baby experts was that to properly support a newborn and comfortably carry a toddler for long periods of time, the sling needed padding in key areas. We have had hospital personnel put 3-pound preemies in our sling, as well as having physical therapists put 6-year-old cerebral palsied children in the sling for shorter periods of time. Thankfully, with the right size baby, and for the convenience of packing the sling very small, many of our competitor's unpadded slings can be great options too.

  • Rather than just being a rectangle of fabric with rings attached at one end, the OTSBH is contoured from one end to the other to fit your baby in every position exactly as your arms naturally hold your baby, plus positions on your back.
  • We use the two-ring adjustment system rather than any other adjustment (or a wrap that does not adjust) because it is faster and better fitting than any other; you can instantly adjust it a few inches bigger to more easily get the baby in the sling, and then tighten it to just exactly where your arms would hold your baby. Other advantages are, it can fit both parents and can be adjusted as the baby grows. An experienced sling wearer can easily put the OTSBH on and put their newborn or toddler in that perfectly fitting position in less than 10 seconds.
  • Of course, you can breastfeed your lovie discreetly, and take the OTSBH off in just seconds without waking them.
  • Early on we occasionally saw a large person wearing a sling that was too small for them with the end of the tail barely threaded through the rings and saw this as a potential safety problem. We began making slings in S, M, L, XL, X XL & X X XL, AND, we began putting a stop on the end of the tail so that even if used incorrectly the tail could not slip through the rings.
  • Every OTSBH sling comes with a detailed 20 minute instructional DVD to make sure the purchaser wears it correctly and can take advantage of the multitude of natural positions that are available.


  • The National Parenting Center, seal of approval for our superb design



Please visit this link to purchase the slings. In addition, a range of breastfeeding products are also available to purchase.

If you live within the USA, you can place an order by telephone: (800) 637-9426

Outside USA (949) 361-1089

Success Through Play™ Comments:

Bill and Dee-Dee Devin, owners of The Over the Shoulder Baby Holder™ were kind enough to send us a sample of their Extravagant Love Sling. Our sample is made from color grown organic cotton fabric. We applaud Bill and Dee-Dee for offering fabrics that are made from color grown and organic cotton and in a variety of sizes including plus sizes which will encourage and empower women and men to carry their baby in a sling, regardless of their size. Upon inspection of the sling, our engineer was very impressed with the design and construction of the components of sling. Our engineer had been informed by Bill of the lengthly and detailed process that the nylon rings have gone through to ensure their safety and was impressed with the rings "impeccable track record".

We assembled our test panel of new parents who were sleep deprived but eager to learn about the new product that they would be testing. We played the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder™ DVD which is included with every sling purchase. Our panel really enjoyed the brief introduction which highlighted the fact that many cultures around the world have been carrying their babies in slings for some time now and beautiful images were shown to illustrate this point. Dee-Dee Devin provides detailed and very easy to follow instructions of how to wear the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder™ in a variety of positions, with suggestions for when each position may be most appropriate for you and your baby. Dee-Dee offers insightful tips for new parents or parents who are new to sling wearing and her experience and knowledge of raising and carrying 4 babies in slings is clearly evident. Dee-Dee demonstrates each position with a variety of babies and toddlers. The panel really liked Dee-Dee's tip where she encourages parents to think about how they would naturally carry/hold their baby (given baby's current age and and stage of development) and then to use the sling to replicate this position. Our parent panel were most impressed when Dee-Dee was able to simple lift the sling safely off her body and transfer it to her husband, Bill, with a sleeping baby in it and without disturbing the baby. Armed with the instructions our test panel were ready to "test drive the sling".

Our test panel found the sling very easy to use and listed this as a key feature. They commented that the padded fabric made the sling feel "supportive and cozy". They loved the fact that when their baby was fussing and crying that they could simply slip the sling on, and pop the baby in. Baby settled immediately and the parents commented that "the sling works like a charm to calm their baby". The baby receives vestibular input from the parents natural movement as well as proprioceptive and tactile input from the swaddling effort of the sling itself. This combined with the baby being able to hear mom/dads heart beat, smell, hear and touch mom and dad all contribute to the calming effort of the Extravagant Love Sling. We recommend alternating the sides that you wear the sling, prefably each time (one time over the left shoulder, the next over the right), to reduce the chances of developing neck or shoulder discomfort.

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Highly recommended.


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