After representing many different Baby Carriers in Europe, Patapum™ realized the need for a "Soft pack" baby carrier with a different design criteria. The Patapum™ Baby Carrier was designed in Italy. Patapum™ design criteria is based around 3 simple concepts: FREEDOM (Functional), STYLE & COMFORT. Patapum™ distribution structure is based on WAHM's (work at home mum's) from around the world.

We asked Corinne from Patapum™ what do you think distinguishes Patapum™ carriers from other carriers on the market?

Our Baby Carrier has undergone numerous design modifications and vigorous testing before releasing the product. Some exclusive design characteristics: ( Functional, comfortable and stylish...)

  • TUCK-AWAY HIP BELT SYSTEM. The carrier can be worn around your waist when not in use.
  • REMOVABLE HEAD REST TUCKED AWAY. Out of the way, so Mom doesn't have to worry about loosing it or getting the straps dangle with a near by object.
  • The design is liked by moms as well as dads.
  • The Baby model can be used with babies, around 5 months old, up to 40Lbs (18-20 Kgs) who can sit up alone and are strong enough to support their head.
  • The Toddler Model is designed for heavier babies around 18 months old and up to 62 Lbs. (28 Kgs.)

FEATURES (according to Patapum)

Quality Features:

  • Clean stylish design
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Can be worn front and back
  • Easy to wear and adjust
  • Adjustable waist up to 140 cm ( 55'')
  • Soft, removable, sleeping hood
  • Strap inside breathable synthetic material
  • 100% cotton canvas shell
  • Machine washable ( cold water)
  • Patapum waist pouch included

Comfort Features

  • The inside of the padding areas ( waist and shoulder straps) are made of lightweight, non absorbent, breathable synthetic material
  • Elastic loops on the head hood to be able to tuck ( roll) the hood when not in use
  • Elastic loops at the end of all the straps
  • Pressure buttons on the outside of the waist belt that allows you to wear the waist bell with the carrier tucked away
  • Chest ( sternum) belt with elastic straps to improve comfort
  • The length of the straps and in particular the toddler carriers straps have been increased to assure enough length for all sizes
  • Waist belt buckle adjustable from both sizes, eliminating the need of the waist extension

Safety Features:

  • Baby's sitting position, with support for the thighs and back, allows for healthy growth of the hips, pelvis and spine.
  • Baby's weight is distributed to the wearer's waist and across both shoulders.
  • Baby's held close to wearer's centre of gravity, allowing for natural movement while walking and working.
  • Heavy-duty buckles prevent unexpected opening.
  • Large leg openings avoid chafing baby's legs.
  • No metal frames that can bump baby's head or frame joints that can pinch baby's fingers.


  • Included with every carrier
  • Size 7x 5x 2 / 17.5 x 12.5x 5 cm
  • Easy access main compartment
  • Detachable key holder
  • 100 % Polyester
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Easy to wear and adjust
  • Can be worn as your Patapum™ carrier waist pack or as a shoulder bag
  • Shoulder strap adjusts to carry bag long or short, waist strap or hand strap.

  • Inside seams web bound to avoid broken seams and enhance durability. Our fabrics are made of non-toxic materials and are environmentally friendly. Fabrics and materials are AZO-Free and Cadmium-Free.

  • Jan-Feb 2007 Mothering Magazine "Baby-Carrier Special" Selected as Favorite (among other two carriers) in it's class.


Success Through Play Comments

Patapum™ sent us the Patapum™ Baby Carrier to review. The Patapum™ Baby Carrier is designed for babies aged 5 months and older (typically developing baby). The Patapum™ Baby Carrier can be worn as a front pack or a back pack and the design is suitable for men or women. It is compact and can be folded to fit nicely into a diaper bag making it easily transportable. The design is sturdy without being bulky and is well made. The waist panel is very supportive and comfortable and the straps are padded and offer the right amount of support. The Success Through Play™ Parent Panel were very impressed with how easy the Patapum™ Baby Carrier was to put on and take off. The tuck away hip belt system won rave reviews from the panel who found it very convenient to be able to tuck the carrier out of the way, but still leave it fastened on their body while baby was being changed or participated in a tummy time session. When it was time to place baby in the carrier again, it was very easy to simple unravel the carrier and place baby in the carrier securely. Baby seemed at ease in the carrier and when placed in the carrier correctly, was well supported in an ergonomic position. The detachable hood came in handy when protecting baby from the wind and when baby needed to take a nap. Our parent test panel loved loved the fact that a handy waist pouch is included with the purchase of every carrier. The waist pouch is very stylish for either a man or a woman to wear. We hope to see Patapum™ come out with an organic cotton range or use materials that are Oeko-Tex certified in the future. Highly Recommended.



Heather said...

This carrier looks sleek and elegant and easy to put on and take off. I hadn't heard of Patapum until today! Wow, definitely worth looking into to!

Karen said...

Hi there! I actually bought the Patapum Baby Carrier for my 6 months year old son after reading this article. I am SO HAPPY with it. It's the best carrier that I have used (I have tried many). Thank you for writing such fantastic reviews. I recommend this carrier to all our friends!

Olivia said...

Highly comfy for mom, dad and baby. I love the convenience of going shopping with it and running errands. Plus it looks really stylish and isn't bulky at all!