Success Through Play™ had the pleasure to speak with Mele Ainuu, of New Native® Inc.

Can you tell us about New Native® Inc?

We are a business dedicated to healthy families, social responsibility, and a clean environment. The owner of New Native®, Inc. is Nancy Main. She is a mother of 3 children, ages 16 to 22 years old, and stepmother of 6 children, ages 14 to 23 years old. Nancy inherited her mother’s passion for health through diet and lifestyle. As a young adult, Nancy worked as a cook and a jewelry maker. After starting her family, she became a stay-at-home mom. She is now married to Bill Main. Nancy Main developed a design that worked well for her and her third child. She wanted to be able to hold her securely while hoeing in the garden and while doing other things that require two hands. Nancy found that having an easier way to wear her baby created a relationship of greater ease. Her daughter, Angela, was, and remains at the age of 16, a happy easy-going person with high self-esteem. This ease translates into greater harmony. Nancy feels that if we humans start out with greater harmony, we will have an easier time solving the world’s problems in a peaceful manner. Initially, the name of the business was “World Family Baby Slings.” That name was too long and awkward. The name “New Native” starts off with the assumption that each of us is a native of this earth. A new native is one who values all humans as equally valuable and who realizes that we must take care of this earth, without which we could not remain alive. We hope that all humans will strive to become new natives and to eventually feel that wearing babies is a positive step in helping this process. We have made a good deal of progress toward popularizing baby wearing. Our hope is that we are helping at least a small number of people to create a world where all people can have happiness, harmony and prosperity.

What do you think distinguishes your carrier from others on the market?

The New Native® Baby Carrier is recommended by doctors, birth educators, midwives, chiropractors, doulas, lactation consultants, and parents themselves. Its simple design makes it more versatile than others, making it possible to wear a baby in many different positions. It does not dig into the shoulder of the wearer because of the 10-inch wide strap and because there are no buckles or rings. The high quality fabric and construction of the New Native Baby Carrier will last through many babies. Years of experience have allowed us to work out problems with fabric or design for a time-tested product that you can trust.Our baby carrier has become so successful that by the years 2004-2005, a large number of companies had tried to copy our design. This shows how well-liked this design has become. We have found that while many have copied our design, none have been able to reproduce our quality and durability. Our product is uniquely constructed to last through many babies. We think this kind of assurance is important since these carriers are intended for such precious cargo.

Please can you comment on your development of the "Infant Support Pillow" and the importance of it?

We made the Infant Support Pillow at the request of our customers. We worked with our representative in Australia , Jenna Leigh Jones – who is an avid babywearer – to develop the size and shape. We also advise that a folded rolled towel can serve the same purpose, since we do not want the price to stop someone from keeping their baby safe. The pillow or towel raises the baby up in the carrier so that s/he is not lost down in the fabric. It also creates a straight surface that keeps the baby from curling up and potentially restricting his/her airflow. It is important, especially with preemies or very young babies, that the airway remains unobstructed for proper oxygenation. Our instructions provide further helpful information. Outside of the New Native Baby Carrier, our Infant Support Pillow can also be used as a prop for nursing.

Please can you tell us about the features of your carrier, infant support pillow and instructional DVD?

FEATURES OF THE NEW NATIVE® CARRIER (according to New Native® Inc)

  • Features a built-in curved pouch that keeps your baby secure without you holding on.
  • Has a 10-inch shoulder strap that distributes weight across the shoulder, back, and hip.
  • Because it comes in parent sizes, there is no extra fabric to make you and baby hot and there are no buckles, rings,or snaps that may slip or wear out over time.
  • Its simple design makes it quite versatile; it can be worn in front, side, or back.
  • Great for discreet nursing.


  • Can be used with the New Native Baby Carrier while your baby is Newborn to 4 months old.
  • Sets small babies up higher in the carrier so they can peek out.
  • Protects against positional asphyxia by straightening very young babies out in the carrier so that their airways do not become obstructed while in the carrier.
  • Highly recommended for preemies (consult your baby's health care team first).


  • Demonstrates how to put your baby in and out of the New Native® Baby Carrier at different ages.
  • Shows the different positions that can be used with the carrier.
  • Illustrates the varied uses for the New Native® Baby Carrier.
  • Demonstrates how to nurse discreetly in the carrier.
  • Shows how to make sure you’ve got the right size carrier.
  • How to transfer from parent to parent.
  • How to wear twins.
  • How to use the Infant Support Pillow properly.


You can order directly from New Native® Inc by visiting their online store.

By phone: 1800-646-1682

Please visit the New Native® Inc website to find a retail out in your country.

Success Through Play™ Comments:

New Native® Inc
donated an organic cotton carrier, organic cotton infant support pillow and an instructional DVD to us. We applaud New Native® for offering a full line of organic cotton carriers. We assembled our parent panel and let them view the New Native® Instructional DVD. The presenter explains how to place your baby in the New Native® Carrier and adds tips to help you avoid any discomfort while wearing the carrier. The presenter demonstrates how to carry your baby in an ergonomic manner while using the carrier and emphasizes "knees above bottom" which we really commend. We have been informed that effective August 1, 2007, an instructional DVD will be included with every carrier order. We commend this decision! Our parent panel were delighted to test drive the organic cotton carrier. Comments such as "very well made" and "very supportive for baby" were heard. The parent panel felt confident knowing that the Infant Support Pillow was placing their baby in an "optimal position" and that it is made from organic cotton. This "optimal position" can also be accomplished by using a folded up receiving blanket instead. The panel really loved the design of the carrier and commented that it was "super easy to use" and great for beginners. Baby felt snug and comfortable in the carrier and the parent panel were impressed with how easily baby was soothed. The New Native® Carrier is essentially a pouch and is not adjustable. It is imperative that you select the correct size for your body shape and height, in order to ensure that the carrier falls at the correct position on your body. If a carrier falls too low, you will be more likely to experience back pain etc. New Native® Inc has a generous return policy and Mele tells us that "we encourage our customers to call us for sizing questions, and we have an exchange policy with no time limit to make sure people have every opportunity to get the size that works best for them. New Native® Inc offers clearance items which can be purchased by clicking here

The New Native® Inc website contains very interesting articles and tips. To read the FAQ, please click here . Breastfeeding tips from New Native® Inc can be accessed click here. To obtain instructions for wearing your New Native® Carrier and to access other important info please click here.

New Native® Inc has launched a range of organic cotton items for babies which we hope to be able to feature in the months to come. Stay tuned!

Highly recommended.


Margaret said...

I received a New Native Carrier at my Baby Shower. It gets my vote as the "most useful Baby Shower Gift". I used it for many months to carry my baby. I love the fact that they offer organic cotton options, which are just so much healthier for mom, dad and baby.

Great article, the pictures are fabulous!

Heather Woods said...

What a great post. It was so interesting to read that New Native has been around for so long.....I didn't know this.

I have 2 New Native Carriers and Irecommend them to all of my friends and family. They are so well made and the company is super nice about exchanging the carrier for the correct size.

Georgia H. said...

What a wonderful post! I am pregnant and currently looking into carriers. The New Native sounds really easy to use which is important to me as I am new to Babywearing. I am going to check out the site right now! Thanks for always keeping us in the loop :-)

wendy hannan gates said...

I used one with the birth of my third child. I wish I would have known about this product with my other two children. A woman stopped me when she saw me struggling with my other two kids and my newborn. She told me about New Native Baby. I ordered one immediately. I used it until she was two (she is now 5). I used it at the pool, store, to do house work, to nurse, etc. I swear people constantly stopped me to ask about my baby sling. Even Childrens Hospital asked about it when I had my daughter in with a concussion and I walked the halls with her in it! This is the ONLY baby product I have saved. My sis in law is about to have her first child and I hope she lets us get her one for our new niece!! This is a MUST HAVE!!!!! What other baby product washes, can fit into a purse, and doesn't make ya look dorky!

Kim said...

Great article-love the pictures. I have experienced the best customer service from New Native. They seem to be very caring and generally interested in helping new moms. That type of experience will make me a repeat shopper! I recommend their pouches to everyone I see on the street who stops me!

Lara said...

New Native have really expanded and are now offering beautiful eco-fabric choices that are oh-so-stylish. I am thrilled to see that they are keeping up with customers demands for hip, stylish carriers. My new native pouch was the most used product that I received at my baby shower and I highly recommend these pouches!

Mia said...

Yes, I love how compact this carrier is. Rolls up into my diaper bag and is so lightweight yet durable and strong.