We spoke with Hopi and David Hopi Moore-Sargent from Weego® to find out more about the Weego® Baby Carrier.

"My Mom invented the Snugli in the 60's. When my sisters and I began having children in the late 90's my Mom pulled out original Snugli carriers for us to use. Everywhere I would go people would come up to me and say" oh my gosh, is that a Snugli, I carried my children in one years ago, where did you get it?" My family decided to start the company again because there was no carrier on the market like it and it was such a fantastic product. We called it Weego® because of being able to go anywhere with a little one. "

FEATURES (according to Weego®):

  • Original design of top selling carrier on the market in the 1960's 70's and 80's.
  • Comfortable for caregiver and baby.
  • The Weego® easily adjusts for growing baby and to fit different people carrying the baby.
  • Safest carrier on the market (according to Weego®)
  • You can carry your baby in the Weego® from its first day through two years.
  • Everything is easier with your baby in the Weego®: shopping, housework, hikes and walks, visits to the zoo and travelling.
  • Even nursing/breastfeeding is possible with the Weego®. With only few adjustments, your baby is in the perfect nursing position.
  • The Weego® is machine washable at 30°C and can be tumble dried at low temperature.
  • Each Weego® comes with three cotton bibs that can be washed separately.

To access the interactive Weego® Carrier diagram which illustrates the features, please click here


  • In Germany the Weego® recently received highest marks for comfort, design and safety (Eltern Germany Magazine)


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Success Through Play™ comments:

The Weego® Baby Carrier is currently available in 3 styles: the Original Weego, the Weego® Preemie for Premature Infants (consult your baby's pediatrician first) and the NEW Weego® for Twins . Weego® sent us the original Weego® in a Seersucker design to "test drive". Our engineer was impressed with the unique design of the Weego® which "has many layers of safety built into it and adjusts as baby grows". The Weego's ability to adjust as baby grows allows parents to adjust the carrier according to the weight, size and height of the baby. Our test panel commented that the Weego® was "easy to put on and take off". The test panel found the Weego's® design to be unlike any other carrier on the market and commented that it was very comfortable to wear and baby was easily lulled to sleep and well supported in the carrier. The Weego's outer pouch was a stand out feature. The Weego® that we tested features a very lightweight waffle fabric and can be folded up and placed into a diaper bag when on the go.

To ensure safety, please read the instructions that are included with the carrier and follow the directions very carefully when placing a young infant in the carrier. To learn more about the Weego® Baby Carrier, please visit the Weego website at To access the FAQ for the Weego® Carrier please click here. Highly recommended.

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