Founded in 2005, 4moms™ develops innovative juvenile products based upon low cost electronics that make routine parenting tasks easier for parents and safer for children. The company's name comes from the first focus group of four moms who were at the center of the company's decision to pursue this market.

How did your company come to develop of the Spout Cover and Infant Tub?

The results from market research led to the development of these products..For the Spout Cover, we observed moms using their wrist, arm or elbow area to check the water temperature throughout bath time. They did this multiple times as many a 8-10 times per bath in some cases. Our product eliminates that task because moms can now see the temperature at a glance on the screen.Additionally, the soft, cushy cover protects even the most active child.Overall, the product makes bath time easier and safer. For the Infant Tub, moms told us they wanted clean, warm water. We observed them using washcloths to cover their babies and keep them warm. We also saw them improvise ways to dump the dirty water and fill the tub with fresh water,while the baby was still in the tub. Our product makes it easy to bathe babies in clean, warm water because the unique design continuously refreshes the water. The built-in digital thermometer also makes it easy to see the water temperature.

FEATURES - Spout Cover with Digital Thermometer

  • Color changing backlit display with Comfort Zone indicator
  • Built-in digital thermometer
  • Audible high temperature alerts
  • Soft, cushy cover
  • Access to diverter
  • On button with auto shut-off
  • Water and mildew resistant


Watch a video to learn more about this product by clicking here

FEATURES - Cleanwater Infant Bath Tub with Digital Thermometer.

  • Color changing backlit display with Comfort Zone indicator
  • Built-in digital thermometer
  • Audible high temperature alerts
  • Fresh water reservoir
  • Two sidewall drain holes
  • On button with auto shut-off
  • Water resistant electronics
  • Contoured bottom for use in single- and double-basin sinks

Watch a video to learn more about this product by clicking here.

What do you think distinguishes your Spout Cover and Infant Bath Tub from others on the market ?

Our Spout Cover offers the safety of foam impact protection plus the convenience of digital temperature display in an elegantly designed product that will complement any décor and fit most bath faucets. Our Infant Tub brings a fresh approach to infant bathing through its unique design that refreshes the water continuously and display sand monitors the temperature of the water to provide a safer, cleaner and more enjoyable bathing experience.


Spout Cover:
  • The National Parenting Center¹s 2006 Seal of Approval

Infant Tub:
  • The National Parenting Center¹s 2007 Seal of Approval
  • The 2007 iParenting Media Award


The 4moms™ line of products are currently only available in the USA and Canada.

To purchase please visit:, Babies R Us,,, buybuyBaby, USA Baby or Baby Depot.

Success Through Play™ Comments:

4moms™ sent us our samples of the Cleanwater Infant Tub with Thermometer and the Spout Cover with Thermometer within days of requesting them. They were quick to answer any of our questions and were very professional. Our engineer was really impressed with the overall design and quality of both products which clearly make bath time safer for every member of the household. The "infant bath tub" is designed to be used in unison with running water vs a stand alone tub. The dirty water is continually replaced with clean water with this clever tub design so baby receives a nice flow of warm clean water throughout his bath! The product has drain holes to prevent the water from reaching a unsafe level. The thermometer display allows parents to see the temperature of the water that is flowing into the tub. The Cleanwater Infant Bath Tub with Thermometer and the Spout Cover with Thermometer from 4moms™ are truly innovative and unique products that meet the needs of parents. Our parents couldn't stop praising the Infant Tub "finally...I can now bath my baby in clean warm water". Another exclaimed: "This is fantastic, I don't have to guess the temperature of the water, it is displayed for me". The spout cover won equal praise with our parent panel who thought that it was a brilliant idea and worked well on their tub spouts. "This solves many of our prior problems and makes bathing an enjoyable experience for our entire family. Our son can easily see when the water is the correct temperature (green color is displayed) and this product has truly motivated my son to take a bath without putting up any fights". 4moms™ line of products make our lives easier and safer and we applaud them for their revolutionary products.

What can we expect from 4moms™ in the future?

Later in the year they will be unveiling the Digital Shower Monitor and Digital Sink Thermometer. The soon to be released products are particularly useful to people who have suffered a stroke or have a range of neurological impairments which prevent them from sensing temperature accurately. These products have a great potential to be helpful for a very wide range of people of all ages and we hope to feature them on our site. Stay Tuned!

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