Success Through Play™ has chosen to highlight the BabyBriefcase®, from Organized from the Start.

Tamar Shay is the founder and President of Organized From The Start, Inc. Joyous occasions and life events generate beautiful memories and stacks of paperwork. Organized From The Start believes that it's possible to be organized and have a sense of humor. Organized From The Start products are based on rigorous research and carry a signature cartoon. BabyBriefcase® is a cute and practical baby paperwork organizer. The greatest gift to a new mom is a peace of mind. Tamar says: "If I can help a new mom be more organized and conquer chaotic "daze" of new motherhood, then I have made a tiny contribution to the world". Shay holds a Bachelor's degree with honors from Harvard University. Shay speaks several languages including Mandarin, Russian, Hebrew, Spanish, Cantonese and French. A self-confessed life-long organizer, she also has ten years of experience in software and consulting sales. As President of Shay & Tannas, a boutique career and résumé advisory service, BusinessWeek singled her out as one of the nation's top consultants for de-cluttering executive résumés. Shay is also co-creator of JobChase®, a cartoon series dedicated to comic relief from job search angst. All Organized From The Start products have signature cartoon logos, because Shay believes that it's possible to be both organized and to have a sense of humor.

BabyBriefcase® FEATURES:

BabyBriefcase® is a document organizer designed specifically for parents and their babies and toddlers, particularly useful and important for health-related documents. Stylish and charming, the mom-invented BabyBriefcase® stores all the documents and information relating to a new baby in a way that makes everything easily accessible whether at a hospital, doctor's office, on vacation or anywhere else. Every document that deals with the new baby has a special place for it in the BabyBriefcase® so that if an emergency arises, parents don't have to sort through to find what they need.


  • 2005 iParenting Award Winner


BabyBriefcase® can be purchased online at or at retail stores throughout North America.

Success Through Play™ Comments:

We received 2 Babybriefcase® samples for our parent panel! The Babybriefcase® is stylish and well designed. The folder system is well organized and arrives with 6 folders pre-labeled with essential categories and 9 blank folders for parents to customize. Useful suggestions for customizing your folders can be found on the rear of the Babybriefcase®. The designer has paid careful attention to the little details which add a special touch to the Babybriefcase® which include a handy pen slot, baby's info wallet cards, comfy handle to carry your briefcase and an oval snap which ensures that the Babybriefcase® stays closed but can open with just a click!

There is a photo pocket on the front of the Babybriefcase® which allows you to place a picture of your precious little one in it!

The thank you note tracker included in the Babybriefcase® arrives with a handy list of tips which will save you time and keep you on top of sending out your thank you notes! We distributed the BabyBriefcase® to 2 sets of parents. The first set welcomed their second child into the world and the second set of parents were first timers! The first set of parents were delighted with the Babybriefcase® and commented that they had never seen anything like this before! They had packed the Babybriefcase® into their hospital bag and were very proud to whip it out once the hospital paperwork started flooding in. "What a lifesaver this has been for us, with our previous baby, our paperwork was scattered all over the place and we honestly had a difficult time finding important documents when we needed them. With the Babybriefcase®, it's been a cinch; we simply filed the paperwork in the cute briefcase as that was it! We only wish that we had access to the Babybriefcase® when our first baby was born". The second set of parents (first time parents) were quite stunned at the huge pile of paperwork that was sent there way! They were so grateful for their Babybriefcase® and wondered how they would have managed without it! "Having a place to store all of our baby's paperwork allowed us to relax, and focus on bonding with our first born! The design and color will appeal to all parents and yes, even dad won't feel embarrassed about toting this case around in public!"

The Babybriefcase® is a fine example of a product that makes our life easier and is sure to become one of the most helpful items that you can pack in your hospital bag that will take you from the hospital room and beyond.

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