Cuddle n' Cover™ Towel Apron and Bath Set

Success Through Play™ spoke with Erica Aquart , President of Marlo's Inspirations, Inc who invented the Cuddle n' Cover® Towel Apron and Bath Set: A multi functional towel which allows parents to more efficiently bathe their baby or toddler without the fluster of reaching for a towel or bath time products. Erica is a former model and beauty queen. She owns 2 other service and management related businesses. She has always wanted a large family- she has 3 kids, 2 boys (Stefan-13, and Zachary-6), and her daughter, Marlo is now 3.

We wanted to know what was the inspiration behind the creation of the Cuddle n' Cover Towel Apron and Bath Set?

My daughter, Marlo, was my inspiration to create the Cuddle 'n Cover Towel Apron. I was always a nervous wreck at baby bath time because I was afraid of lifting my wet, slippery baby out of the tub. I use to have to stretch across to the towel rack to grab the towel at the same time keeping my eyes on my daughter. I would get soaking wet at the same time, so that's when I created a much easier way to dry your baby and stay dry yourself- all in one step.


  • baby bath towel that easily snaps around your neck and ties securely around your waist, protecting your clothes from getting wet.
  • storage pockets on the front of towel apron so you can put your bath time products such as shampoo, lotion or cotton balls. Designed so you will have all the products you may need at bath time on hand.


  • Best Products for Parents 2005, featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show- Moms with Brilliant Ideas, Twice interviewed on
  • CNBC-The Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch, several media and press publications.


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Success Through Play™ Comments

Marlo's Inspirations Inc. sent us a sample of their Cuddle n' Cover™ Towel Apron and Bath Set. We were most impressed with this company's ability to answer all our questions in a timely manner and display professionalism throughout our contact with them. We distributed the sample to a set of parents who were eager to give it a try. Marlo's Inspirations offers recommendations for using this product which can be accessed here. They had seen the product featured on Oprah and were impressed. The parents reported that the apron was very easy to put on and super comfy. They felt that using the Cuddle N' Cover™ set helped them feel less anxious about bathing their baby as they no longer have to reach for bath products and towels now that they have this product! They loved the towel cap which keeps their baby's head warm after they have washed her hair! The gloves helped them obtain a better grip on their wet and slippery baby which made them feel more confident.

They really appreciated the pouches which allows them to place their baby's feet inside while wrapping the outer towel piece around their baby to cuddle and dry them. The parents added that for the first time ever, their own clothing remained dry throughout the bathing process which really impressed them. We would love to see this product offered in a bamboo and or organic cotton fabric option!

This innovative product is very well designed and truly multi-functional and certainly qualifies as a product that makes our life easier. To learn more about this product please visit

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