JeJe Teether by Baby Vibe LLC™

Baby Vibe LLC™ is owned by two close childhood friends Livio Scagliotti Jr. and Mario A Gonzalez who is a quadriplegic.

We spoke with Mario to find out what was the inspiration behind the creation of the JeJe™ Therapeutic Teether.

The inspiration behind the teether was Livio's four month old teething baby. For Scagliotti, necessity was indeed the mother of invention. In the mid 1990's desperate to relieve his infant son's teething pain, Scagliotti set his pager to vibrate, turned it on, and gave it to his son to gum on. It worked like a charm, but Scagliotti thought nothing of it until he encountered a woman in his local Home Depot store on the verge of tears while her teething baby cried inconsolably. Scaliotti suggested the pager trick and the mother agreed to try, once again the pager brought her babies cries to an immediate stop. Scagliotti realized that he had stumbled on to something big. When he would come home from work he would hand the pager to his son on vibrate mode to keep him entertained. When he took his son to the doctor’s the doctor said he was cutting teeth really fast. That is when Livio realized that the vibration from the pager was massaging his son’s teeth and was the cause of his son cutting teeth so fast.

FEATURES of the Je Je™ Baby Vibe Teether (according to Baby Vibe LLC™):

The Teether is a round device made of soft rubber and has three spokes and a center hub that houses the battery operated motor. There is a button in the center which activates the vibrations function for 7 minutes at a time, and the battery can be replaced once depleted, dramatically increasing the life of The Je Je™ Therapeutic Teether versus some of our competitors. Made from durable, colorful plastics, that are completely child safe, The Je Je™ Theraputic Teether will offer relief during all of the babies teething stages. The teether is sold with one battery, which last up to four months depending on usage, and replaceable batteries are available on our website. Baby Vibe LLC™holds two patents on this product which are the mechanical patent and the design patent.

The teether is based on the concept that "Massaging Helps to Breakdown Gum Tissue slowly to relieve teething discomfort".

  • Doctor recommended
  • FDA cleared
  • Patent Design
  • Designed for babies to hold easily
  • Made from a soft rubber that is child safe and latex free
  • Easy to clean
  • Push "on" button located on center vibrates for 7 mins & automatically turns off.
  • Vibrating massaging sensation to relieve painful gums!
  • Offers relief for babies and their parents for a lifetime.
  • Available in 2 color choices
  • Proudly made in the USA

To learn more about the Je Je™ Therapeutic Teether visit:


As with all products featured on this site, please follow the product instructions. Do not submerge the teether in water. Wipe clean. Do not heat or freeze. You may place the teether in the refrigerator for up to 1 hour for an added cooling sensation.

  • Winners of the National Parenting Center's 2005 Seal of Approval


This product is presently only available to USA customers. Plans to make this product available on the international market are underway.

To purchase, please visit this link:

Success Through Play™ Comments:

According to Baby Vibe LLC™, the symptoms of teething may vary from baby to baby. Because of these different experiences, parents and physicians often disagree as to the symptoms of teething and how painful it is. The list below shows symptoms that a baby may experience.

* Irritability
* Drooling
* Cheek rubbing
* Diarrhea
* Low grade fever
* Chin rash
* Disturbed sleeping patterns
* Loss of appetite

If your baby is showing these symptoms, We recommend first consulting your baby's pediatrician to rule out any serious illnesses. To learn more about teething, please visit this link:

Baby Vibe LLC™ was kind enough to send us several samples of the Je Je™ Therapeutic Teether for our test panel. The samples were sent to us promptly and we were most impressed with the professionalism of the company. The teether is available in 2 different color choices, with each one offering a bright constrasting color scheme which is bound to peek baby's interest. The teether encourages bilateral hand coordination (round design) and baby will love holding onto it! In addition to breaking massaging baby's gums, the vibration of the teether offers sensory input to baby's mouth and hands and can "wake these areas up". Our parent panel fell in love with this teether! They were having a difficult time soothing their baby's who were teething and felt helpless until they tried this teether! "It works like magic", exclaimed one parent. Another parent commented that their baby's crying and fussy episodes had decreased significantly since their had introduced the teether and their pediatrician was impressed! The price for a teether is very affordable and will make this accessible to all.

This teether certainly qualifies as a product that makes our babies and our lives easier and is the first product that we have chosen to debut this month!

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