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Ecobaby Organics was created by Ginny Turner, now mom of 4. She had a vision while pregnant with her first child, of creating products that protect babies, children, and entire families from the harmful effects of too many chemicals. Thus the creation of organic clothing, mattresses, diapers, toys, bath and bedding for the whole family. From this dream, Ginny started manufacturing organic items and retailing in 1993. After many years she made the organics all available wholesale and for drop shipping in order to provide easy, risk free work for moms who wished to also stay at home with their own children while making a good living. Now the full line includes over 1600 products for babies, children, and everything for the bedroom. Every item in your bedroom, and near your baby can be chemical free. It is all here at Ecobaby Organics.

We will be featuring the following items today from Ecobaby:

Rattle Ring

The rattle rings are made from 100% organic cotton. The brown color is grown in that color so no dyes ever enter your baby's mouth. The rattle can be soaked and frozen for teething babies and the little knots are great for new chewers to relieve discomfort.

Ball Set (2)

These organic cotton balls are stuffed here in U.S with our organic wool. This makes it light and dust mite resistant. Balls are a great way to interact with babies 6m and up. Best first game: Sit across from baby at table and roll ball gently to her. She will roll it back. Also can do on floor. Next step, throwing ball in air. The squishability (my word) of the ball makes it easier to grasp as youngsters will grasp with fingers.

Organic Nursing/Play Pillow

This play pillow is useful for so many things. Made with organic cotton and stuffed with Pure chemical-free Eco Wool. Use first for supporting your little one while nursing. Then you can place on floor and prop baby on it either face down or up for play and exercise.

Organic Cotton Pillowcase

Our pillowcase is made for many styles of nursing pillows so you can have a soft organic cotton barrier between your baby and anything synthetic you may be using. Or better yet, use with our organic pillow as a protection against grease and spittle. Looks pretty too.


Please visit for baby items and for adult bedding and bath. Worldwide shipping is available.

Success Through Play™ Comments:

We are very proud to feature Ecobaby today. Ecobaby is a company committed to providing safe chemical free products for your baby and family. You may be surprised to learn that many chemicals lurk in baby/toddler/child clothing and products and it is for this reason that Ecobaby decided to offer consumers a safe, chemical free range of products. We were really pleased to learn that there are currently 400 work at home moms selling their products which allows them to earn income while taking care of their children. We applaud them for empowering stay at home moms! The Ecobaby website is well designed and makes searching for baby items a breeze! You can even sign up for the all occasion gift registry on their site! We thank Ecobaby for sending us samples of their products for this review!

Teething Play Toy

Babies learn by mouthing objects around them. For this very reason, it's imperative to surround baby with safe items to mouth. Safety in terms of the object not posing a choking hazard and safety in terms of chemical free toys. This adorable organic cotton rattle is beautifully made! Rest easy knowing that baby is mouthing/sucking/exploring a toy made from organic cotton fabric and all natural untreated wood. There is no paint in site to worry about! Baby will enjoy the different textures of the "hat" vs the body. A highlight of the rattle is the natural wooden ring which baby will love grasping, allowing him an opportunity to practice grasp patterns. This toy makes a very faint rattle sound when shaken. Don't be surprised if this rattle becomes your baby's favorite take along toy!

Ball set (2)

The high quality Ecobaby pastel balls will provide hours of fun and entertainment for your baby/toddler/child. They are a dream to touch! Rolling, throwing and catching balls provide your child with an opportunity to develop his eye hand coordination skills, build upper extremity strength and endurance and refine bilateral hand skills.

Organic Nursing/Play Pillow

This top quality multi-functional organic cotton pillow is beautifully designed and will appeal to both mom and baby alike! It features a beautiful pattern on it (ours was a leaf pattern). The pillow is supportive for breastfeeding and feels beautiful against the skin! Let baby practice supervised tummy time by placing him over the pillow, which will provide him with upper body support to begin to life his head and neck. When baby is starting to sit on his own for a few seconds, place him in a seated position in the middle of the pillow, which will provide him with bilateral support and assist him to sit up! You will reach for this pillow time and time again. Makes an ideal gift!

Ecobaby offers beautiful organic cotton pillow cases which coordinate with the pillows. We hope to be able to feature additional items from Ecobaby during 2008.

To view the full catalog range, please visit:


Keira said...

Wow, the play/nursing pillow looks like an organic Boppy pillow. Awesome! We are really trying to outfit our nursery with organic cotton items and these would be an ideal addition.

Jennifer said...

Ecobaby makes very high quality eco-friendly items for the family. The have a huge range of products and you are sure to find what you need. A friend introduced me to them and I haven't looked back!