Your Amazing Newborn (A Merloyd Lawrence Book)

Your Amazing Newborn by Marshall Klaus, Phyllis Klaus

Jan 19, 2000
US $20.00
CAN $24.00
UK £13.99
ISBN: 9780738201887
ISBN-10: 073820188X
Published by Da Capo Press


Your Amazing Newborn celebrates a baby's extraordinary abilities in the first hours and days of life. Marshall and Phyllis Klaus take parents and all those who care for new families into this freshly charted world, one they have been exploring for decades. The results of their fascinating research are illuminated by over 120 exquisite photographs, all of babies less than two weeks old. Your Amazing Newborn begins before birth with images of fetuses actually comforting themselves in the womb. We then see newborns less than one hour old crawling unassisted to the breast, recognizing the voices of their parents, and shutting our unwanted sights and sounds. Parents will learn how to discover an infant's clear preferences for certain shapes, smells, tastes, and tones of voice. They will be delighted by the ways babies seem to be able to ensure their own survival, and they will be amazed that within days after birth, newborns can engage in an intimate and reciprocal choreography, and nestle into a parent's embrace as though they had practiced for years. Your Amazing Newborn is a must for parents-to-be, grandparents, siblings, and caregivers; through its stunning photographs we see the first reach, the first mutual gaze-and most wonderful of all-the first spark of recognition that ignites a lifetime bond.


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Success Through Play™ comments:

We would like to thank Lissa Warren from Da Capo Press for sending us a review copy. Your Amazing Newborn will teach parents how truly remarkable and intelligent your newborn baby is. Parents will develop insight into a newborns abilities (which will surely surprise you) and learn to read their infants cues and respond appropriately. This remarkable book is based on extensive research and newborn observations and features over 120 extraordinary photographs of newborns (babies are less than 2 weeks of age) which will fascinate and impress the reader. Of particular note is the authors explanation of the 6 states of consciousness of the newborn, which are very well illustrated. The reader will learn how to observe their newborn and identify which state their newborn is in and respond accordingly. This book will equip you with the skills to learn when to play with your baby, when to put him down to sleep, etc which will undoubtedly be life changing for parents. Infants communicate with you through their behaviors and body language and learning how to read these cues is really key to understanding your newborn. There is a noteworthy chapter for parents who adopt a newborn. Parents will learn how to bond with their adopted baby and ensure a smooth transition into the family unit. The Success Through Play™ team were literally unable to put this book down and we read it from cover to cover. We honestly had no idea that newborns were capable of demonstrating such intelligence and remarkable abilities demonstrated in the photographs and we know that you will be equally impressed by the content of the book as we have been!

Your Amazing Newborn is THE essential book for understanding your newborns behavior and will appeal to parents, grandparents, caregivers, educators and professionals. This book will equip the reader with the knowledge necessary to foster a deep appreciation for a newborns unique abilities and thus empower and enable adults to respond to newborns in an appropriate manner which will foster love, bonding and a successful happy relationship. This one of kind book is nothing short of extraordinary and is a true treasure. Highly recommended.


Marcia said...

This book sounds extraordinary. Thank you for this review.

Tracey Luhr said...

This book is LIFE CHANGING. I was fortunate enough to receive it at my baby shower (by far the best gift a mom-to-be could ever ask for) and it enabled me to understand how truly capable my newborn is and helped me to bond with him. The pictures are fascinating. I highly recommend this book.