2007 Bumbleride Flyer & Indie

Bumbleride was launched in San Diego, California by a husband and wife team, Matthew and Emily Reichardt, who were less than impressed by the stroller market at the time.

Through design and research, they developed Bumbleride, a brand inspired by the current young and modern family. Here at Bumbleride, we develop products that are young, hip and fresh at a modest price point to appeal to a wide range of families.

Bumbleride's collection of strollers is playful, responsive and fun. We are reshaping baby mobility in a way to flow seamlessly into your modern lifestyle. Our design inspiration comes from you: the young and modern family. We strive to create products that are urban, stylish and functional while remaining sound and durable. Our collection is versatile and multi-faceted and includes a variety of features, vibrant colors and clever accessories.

No matter where you live or where you go, there is a Bumbleride designed for you. Bumbleride design is inspired by you.

Product Descriptions:

Bumbleride Flyer

With an easy reversible handle and a fully reclining backrest, the Bumbleride Flyer can transform from a classic carriage style stroller into a forward facing stroller in seconds. The Bumbleride Flyer is the lightest stroller in Bumbleride's collection (at 19 lbs*.) and offers a compact fold for the ultimate in convenience. The Bumbleride Flyer pairs comfort and versatility to accentuate any urban family's busy lifestyle.

* five point adjustable safety harness
* infant headrest & shoulder pads
* reversible handle so baby can face you or the world
* front & rear wheel locking system
* adjustable handle from 32"-45"
* four position reclining seat
* adjustable footrest
* spacious cargo basket
* zip-off canopy for maximum sun coverage
* NEW 7" lockable swivel wheels
* lightweight anodized aluminum chassis
* easy fold

Technical Specifications

* standing dimensions: 30" L 21" W 40" H
* folded dimensions: 35" L 21 "W 12" H
* total weight: 19lbs*, capacity: 45lbs

*Less the canopy and wheels

Bumbleride Indie

Whether navigating the city sidewalks or cruising the parks and beaches, the Bumbleride Indie allows you and your little one to enjoy a secure and comfortable ride. The Bumbleride Indie is equipped with three 12" air filled tires to smooth out the bumpiest of terrains. An easy front wheel lock converts the Bumbleride Indie from multi terrain stroller to lightweight jogger and the four positioning backrest is easy for you to adjust with one hand. Folding and storing the Bumbleride Indie is a breeze with the lightest weight and most compact fold in its class.

* five point adjustable safety harness
* infant headrest & shoulder pads
* swivel front wheel with front wheel lock
* carry handle
* 12" air inflated tires
* four position reclining backrest
* adjustable handle from 32" - 45"
* spacious cargo basket
* zip-off canopy for maximum sun coverage
* lightweight anodized aluminum frame
* compact fold

Technical Specifications

* standing dimensions: 36"L 24.5"W 34.5"H
* folded dimension: 32"L 24.5"W 15"H
* total weight: 20lbs*, capacity: 45lbs

*Less the canopy and wheels.


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Success Through Play comments:

We are very pleased to feature 2 innovative and well designed strollers from Bumbleride Inc: The 2007 Bumbleride Flyer and the NEW! 2007 Bumbleride Indie. We would like to thank Bumbleride Inc. for their generous donation of each stroller to our parent panel. Our staff have been truly impressed with the superb customer service that we have received from Bumbleride and we feel confident recommending a company with such integrity. We would like to personally thank to Mike Curry for his assistance with this review.

We are fortunate to have an engineering professor (PhD) on our expert panel, who personally assembled each of the 2 strollers. He confirmed that both the "Bumbleride Flyer and the Bumbleride Indie are very well engineered and structurally sound." He added that "the welded frames in both the Bumbleride Flyer and Bumbleride Indie provide strength, stiffness, and long life that riveted frame assemblies do not and that parents can feel confident purchasing these quality strollers". He added: "The secure yet easy to operate locking pins for adjustable components show attention to detail" and gave both strollers 2 thumbs up.

Both the Flyer and Bumbleride are available in 4 different color options: Bamboo (Green), Koa (Brown), Ruby (Red) and Marine (Blue). The fabrics are machine washable which is a great bonus. The ERGONOMIC, fully height adjustable handle bars on both the Bumbleride Flyer and the Indie are truly exceptional...certainly one of the best that we have seen in the industry! Why is a fully height adjustable handle so imperative? Quite simply, if you are not maintaining a good posture when you are pushing a stroller, you may very well find yourself developing back and shoulder pain. Glance in the mirror when you are pushing your stroller and note if your shoulders are relaxed in a neutral position, vs hunched. How does your body feel after you have been pushing the stroller? With 7 adjustment height settings, you are assured that you will find the ideal height for each member of the family. If you suffer from any wrist problems, (carpal tunnel, etc) you can easily find a neutral position for your wrist, which you will find invaluable. This neutral position allows you to steer the stroller as you would hold a steering wheel. The added advantage of having 12 height options will soon become apparent when you need tight maneuverability in crowded places or grocery stores. Both strollers feature a fantastic 5 point padded harness system which will keep your precious one safely in place. Both the Bumbleride and the Indie boast padded handle bars which are comfy to grip. A 4 position backrest incline can be found on both strollers allowing you to customize your child's position, depending on their age, size, postural ability and mood! Both strollers come with an accessory cup holder which adjusts to fit a range of cup widths. Both strollers boast a dual ratcheting canopy which can fold down to the bumper bar to protect your little one from the elements, as well as from sensory overload. The canopy has a peek a boo window which will allow you to observe your child. The rear of the canopy features a pocket for light essentials. An accessory foldable bumper bar, infant headrest and gorgeous foot muff are included with each stroller.

The matching foot muff actually zips in place, thus remaining securely in place and will help to keep your child warm. There is a handy zipper pocket on the foot muff for storing some lightweight basics. Bumbleride strollers have included this range of accessories with the stroller, whereas other stroller companies charge additional fees and make consumers purchase them separately.

2007 Bumbleride Flyer - The Ergonomic, Reversible Handled Stylish Urban stroller!

The 2007 Bumbleride Flyer is truly an ergonomically designed stroller that you can custom to both baby/child and parental needs. Its innovative design enables it to hold several popular car seats (with an adapter) and to convert into a carriage (with simple adjustments of the footrest and removal of the bumper bar).

The fully height adjustable handle bars, 4 position backrest and reversible handle bars make it an outstanding buy. A quality stroller with reversible handle bars is very hard to find in this price range and this feature alone, makes the Flyer an outstanding buy. Why are reversible handles so useful? Well both parents and baby will agree that being able to see each other is reassuring for both and is especially useful to first time parents, babies who are being transitioned from carriers, fussy babies or babies who are experiencing separation anxiety.

Fabric options:

Bumbleride: "For the 2007 collection, we have designed four new shades of ultra modern fabrics for you to dress your Bumbleride in. Both Rocket and Flyer models can be accompanied by multiple accessory fabric sets to completely transform your ride from one hue to another." You can essentially have 4 different looks with your Bumbleride Flyer stroller, which we think is genius and will certainly appeal to the fashion-minded!

We distributed the 2007 Bumbleride Flyer, which weighs in at 22.5 lbs to a family who has a 6 month year old daughter and a 5 year old son. The family had not bought a reversible handle stroller when their son was born and didn't know what they had been missing until now!

"I can't begin to tell you how reassuring it is for me to see baby Jessica anytime I want to. She looks up at me and knows that I am right here. With my son, I had to keep stopping on my walks and walk around to the front of the stroller to check on him!"

Another feature which really impressed this family was how adjustable this stroller really is. Mom is 5"3 and dad 5"10 and with a simple click, they can adjust the stroller to the perfect height. The fully adjustable footrest and 4 position backrest incline enabled the family to turn the Bumbleride stroller into a "carriage" when Jessica needed a nap and when Jessica wanted to see the world, they could easily adjust it in an upright position. The dual ratcheting canopy was a winner with this family who were simply amazed that the canopy could be pulled down to the level of the bumper bar, providing Jessica with full sun cover protection. The family loved the modern look and feel of the stroller, which reminded them of the European strollers that they had seen when they toured Europe. The family noted that the stroller handled itself very well in a variety of situations, whether in the mall, grocery shopping, or strolling to the park, baby was content and happy. Their diaper bag fit in the underneath basket, and they could easily bend down and reach for it when necessary. Both mom and dad found the stroller easy to fold (folded dimensions: 35" L 21 "W 12" H).

When it started to sprinkle, dad pulled the rain cover over the Flyer (purchased separately) and found that it protected Jessica from the rain and kept her nice and dry.

NEW! 2007 Bumbleride Indie - The Ultimate, Ergonomic, light weight all terrain stroller!

The NEW! Indie is the hottest three-wheeler, all terrain stroller on the market. It is very solid and has a low center of gravity which provides a stable platform. This translates to an all terrain stroller that is much less likely to tip over. Geniusly designed, the front wheel has the option of fixed or swivel which adds to the versatility of the stroller and can pivot a full 360 degrees. The Lockable front swivel wheel will allow you to maneuver over rougher terrain and with the simple flick of a switch, will convert to a swivel wheel, which enables the Indie to navigate tight corners!

We distributed the Indie to a single mom of a 1 year old boy, Gregory. Mom was really surprised and delighted with the Indie's weight, which is 23lbs, one of the lightest all terrain strollers around. Mom found the Indie to be very stable and secure and commented that it "handled grass, sidewalks, and rougher terrain very well". In the past, Mom had bought a cheaper all terrain stroller, but ended up not using it because, it simply wasn't stable and tended to tip over, a common feature of cheaper, poorly made strollers. Mom loved the window, which is built into the canopy and enables an adult to peek through the plastic window to check on the child! "This saved me from having to stop the stroller each time I wanted to check on him!". Mom stored Gregory's diaper bag in the basket underneath, and commented that she really appreciated the little zips and pockets located throughout the stroller to store her lightweight items! The accessory cup holder was a hit with mom, who was delighted that it could hold her favorite Synergy Kombucha Fruit Drink! Mom admitted that there is a small learning curve for folding the Indie, however once she grasped the concept, she became quite the expert and was pleased with how compact the fold was for an all-terrain stroller (Folded Indie Dimensions: 32"L x 24.5"W x 15"H). An added bonus is the padded foam carry strap which makes lifting the stroller in and out of the car a breeze! The compact fold combined with it's light weight made it the idea all terrain stroller for her to take when on the go.

"Most of the other all terrain strollers that my friends have are SO heavy that they are limited by it, this is not the case with my Indie, which is now envied by my friends!". Gregory loved his new Indie and mom was pleased with the plush seating which provided a comfy ride for her precious cargo!"

Mom loved the breaks on the Indie, which she could engage at the flick of her ankle. Success Through Play™ thinks that the Indie will soon be a common name in every American household and we applaud Bumbleride for this innovative, stylish and solid all terrain stroller.

To see the full collection, and learn more please visit:


Tim said...

Wow, the New Indie looks incredible. Great review!

Uma T said...

I love this company and I can vouch for their outstanding customer service. Parents know how to create amazing strollers!

Paula Greenberg said...

I have the flyer and LOVE the reversible handle bars. My little one needs to see me when we are out strolling and without this feature, I don't know how I would have survived. There are extremely few brands that offer this feature at this price range. My friends are envious of my flyer!!!

Hayden said...

Wow, great write up. The Indie sounds like it will be ideal for our family....our streets aren't paved and we live in a rural setting. I have back problems, so the Ergonomic aspect combined with the lightweight factor sound ideal to me.

Sarah said...

Excellent Review! I love my Bumbleride Flyer! Bumbleride's strollers are top notch-the quality is superb. Do you happen to know if Bumbleride plans to come out with a compact, lightweight stroller, perhaps a high end umbrella stroller with height adjustable handles in the future?

mia said...

I recently purchased the Indie - it's really terrific. It handles all terrains beautifully and am really pleased that I can get in a good walk with my toddlers stays nice and comfy. Thank you for a great review!

Kathy said...

They call me the "stroller addict" and yes, I will admit that I have owned MANY strollers :-) Bumbleride strollers really stand out for me. The are extremely well made and very durable. The "extra" features really won my husband and I over and we found that we constantly reached for our Bumbleride stroller time and time again. Having height adjustable handles is key to being able to share strollers with my husband and have us both be comfy. Bumbleride has the nicest staff working for them and we have always received excellent customer service. I would also like to see them come out with a compact, lightweight version!!! I will be the first in line to buy it :-)

Caryn said...

The indie twin looks really great. With bumblerides solid reputation, I am sure that it will be a real hit.

Success Through Play said...

Sarah and Kathy,

Thank you for your comments. We have contacted Bumbleride and expect to hear from them soon.

Thank you,
The Success Through Play Team.

Success Through Play said...

Bumbleride has informed us that there is a lightweight model in the works for 2009 and there should be more details released sometime in September of this year!

Sarah said...

Thank you for following up. I am really excited about the new lightweight stroller and can hardly wait to find out more....

Anonymous said...


Did you test how effective this stroller is as a jogger? It's marketed as a jogger, but a sales associate told me that she doesn't recommend using it to jog/run if you're a serious runner. I would like to buy an all-in-one stroller, and other than that comment, this stroller seems ideal.

Thanks for your feedback,

Success Through Play said...

Hi Molly,

Thank you for your question. The Bumbleride Indie is a FABULOUS stroller!!! Yes, it can be used as a light jogger (slow jogging, short distances) but in our opinion, it is best suited as an all-terrain stroller for walking including power walking. Due to it lacking some key features of a true jogging stroller (see below), we can't recommend it exclusively for heavy running (fast jogging).

We definitely understand the need to buy an all-in-one stroller, but unfortunately we haven't come across any one stroller that can be used effectively in so many ways. The majority of parents own 3 strollers. A full size stroller which is ideal when baby is younger. An all-terrain stroller which is great for power walks, walks around town, the park, etc. Lastly a lightweight stroller for the toddler years and beyond which is great to pack in your trunk, and travel with.

If you jog on a regular basis, we would definitely recommend that you invest in a jogging stroller that is designed exclusively for jogging. A true jogging stroller will have features including:

*Large 16" and/or 20" plus wheels
*A safety wrist strap
*Front wheel break handle on the handlebar
*A fixed wheel which provides extra stability
*No storage behind the rear axle for a good stride.

We would also recommend waiting until your baby is at least 1 year old before jogging with him as a general precaution to protect him from the jarring movements. Pay special attention to the strollers dimensions, including the seat width and height to ensure that your toddler won't outgrow it too quickly.

We should be reviewing a few jogging strollers next year, so please stay tuned!

Please feel free to email at info[AT}SuccessThroughPlay[DOT]com with your specific jogging needs (your height, any special needs, age of your baby, how often do you jog/run, speed, distance, terrain etc) and we will do our best to assist you.

Thank you,
The Success Through Play Team.

Anonymous said...

Bumbleride is a super awsome company! The bar that holds the storage basket on my stroller had recentley broke. I love my Bumbleride Flyer and the fabric but i didnt have an aditional $360 to spend on another stroller. I contacted the company and sent picture of the the problem. No questions asked they backed there product 100% and are sending me a new frame. No way would graco ever do that. Bumbleride is the way to go!!