Plan Creations Co. Ltd, founded in 1981 is the manufacturer and distributor of educational wooden toys under the brand ‘PlanToys’. Our company creates toys that inspire imagination along with being environmentally responsible and maintaining good values. With PlanToys’ innovation and quality, our toys have been welcomed into the hearts of many children around the world. We do our best to make a positive impact on all areas such as the nature or the working environment. In every stage of production, from selecting materials to making the toys, we aim to satisfy all parties rather than targeting only business gains.

PlanToys selects environmentally-friendly materials:

* Preservative-Free Rubber wood

PlanToys is the first and only manufacturer to use chemical-free wood taken from rubber trees that no longer provides latex. Most of the rubber trees that stop producing latex are 25 years old and would be cut down and burnt to make weak quality coal that is ecologically harmful. PlanToys has raised the value of rubber wood to its highest and helped sustain a healthy ecosystem.

* E0 (Non-Formaldehyde Glue)

PlanToys realizes the harm of Formaldehyde glue often found in wooden toys. We are the first to come up with special materials and process to remove the glue from our wood. This is for the safety of all children which is PlanToy’s top concern.

* Water Based Color

PlanToys uses non-toxic and environmentally-friendly colors that are safe for children of all ages, including those under 3 years old.

* Recyclable Package

The increasing waste level around the world is damaging the environment and deteriorating ours and the future generation’s quality of life. That is why PlanToys chooses to use recyclable packages that can be re-used to help reduce waste.

PlanToys’ products are produced under environmentally responsible conditions:
PlanToys received ISO 9001 (Quality Management) in every of our production stage simply because we care–from choosing chemical-free preservatives to maintain the wood to wood conversion, detailing, erasing edges, and assembling products according to the required standards. We apply non-toxic colors that are harmless to children’s health and wellbeing. Before the production is complete, all PlanToys pass quality standard check before being packaged and delivered.PlanToys has recently been certified with ISO 14001 (Environmental Management). This reflects the company’s determination in managing safe and ecologically-aware productions and activities. PlanToys recognizes the importance of our employees and our society.

Social Contribution

PlanToys is encouraging the building of a supportive environment by establishing institutions and organizations that promote learning and the development of children.

Success Through Play™ will be featuring the following 4 PlanToys today:

Product Descriptions provided by PlanToys:

Geo Beads:

Arrange the brightly colored geometric beads into various figures and forms. One set includes 9 wooden beads in different shapes and colors. Marked safe for ages 2 and up.

Balancing Monkeys:

Try to hang the monkeys on the branches but watch out, balance needs to be established and maintained on both sides! This toy helps to develop a child's mathematical skills by getting them to calculate the correct distance required in order to keep the monkeys balanced. Marked safe for ages 3 and up.

Percussion Set:

The percussion set is designed on the round wooden base. It consists of a guiro, maracas, tambourine and a drum. Children will learn a variety of sounds from different instruments. It helps children develop eye-hand coordination and learn to play with other children creating their own musical band. Marked safe for ages 2 and up.

Nuts & Bolts:

Create forms & imaginary figures by assembling and reassembling the nuts and bolts into various mixes & matches. Safe for ages 2 and up.



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Success Through Play™ comments:
We would like to thank PlanToys for sending us toys for this review. In addition, to Diana Ukalovic for her assistance with this article.

We give PlanToys a standing ovation for their commitment to eco-friendly wooden toys that are developmentally stimulating and fun to play with.

The children in our test panel loved playing with each of the toys featured her and the parents commented "how refreshing it was to see wooden toys Vs plastic ones!".

Geo Beads:

This set includes 9 wooden beads which boast a variety of different shapes and colors! Your child will have so much fun threading the wooden beads. Threading beads will help your child work on integrating the 2 sides of his body together (bilateral coordination). This is an important skill to practice because most activities in the classroom require excellent bilateral hand skills (cutting skills, gluing etc). Threading beads provides your child with an opportunity to practice his eye hand coordination, which will later enable him to successfully copy from the blackboard and play a variety of sports! The Geo Beads feature an innovative wooden peg which functions as the "threading needle" and is easy for a child to grasp. Your child will be able to practice a variety of grasp patterns (key grip, tripod grasp, pincer grasp) by picking up the different shapes in their hands and threading them on the string. A tip we can offer is to encourage your child to practice threading the beads both on and off the string. When taking the beads "off", have your child take each shape off separately and "cheat" to maximize fine motor practice! Overall, this is a fantastic toy for improving upper extremity coordination and will enable to them to develop their fine motor skills while having fun!

Balance Monkeys:

This remarkable toy is a true standout and we applaud the PlanToys Design Team for developing such a creative and innovative toy. This toy is marked safe for child aged 3 and up, but will grow with your child and assist her when it's time to practice addition and multiplication skills. We haven't come across a toy that has such a long life span, which makes this toy truly exceptional. Young children will enjoy playing with the 6 wooden monkeys in "pretend play" and once their fine motor skills improve, they will challenge themselves by attempting to "hang" the monkeys on the "trees". This task will help your child practice eye hand coordination skills, as well as improve upper extremity strength and coordination. Picking up the monkeys by the "hooks" will encourage your child to refine his pincer grasp! Older children will learn how to "balance" the tree scale by doing multiplication and addition problems! Read the insert which will explain this in detail. Highly recommended.

Percussion Set:

This fabulous percussion set will encourage your child to appreciate music and sounds and will provide him with an opportunity to develop rhythm, upper extremity coordination and have lots of fun playing a musical instrument. This set includes 4 colorful instruments which at first glance look identical but if you look closer you will find the guiro, maracas, tambourine and a drum, plus a stand to store them in. Young children will love exploring each of the musical instruments and will be rewarded with a wonderful sound for auditory feedback and reinforcement. Each musical instrument offers something unique! Play some background music, distribute the instruments and gather a group of children and let the "band" play their music.

Nuts and Bolts:

This colorful Nuts and Bolts sets (2 in total) will allow your child an opportunity to work on many fine motor skills (muscle strength, eye hand coordination, motor planning, supination and pronation of the wrist, etc) and have plenty of fun while doing this. Suitable for a girl or boy, your child will really enjoy the challenge of taking apart the Nuts and Bolts and re-assembling them. The Geo Beads are compatible with this set, plus 3 additional items from PlanToys (Fun Stacker, Matching Animals and the Fraction Play) so your child will be able to mix and match from these sets for additional fun and variety!

We will be featuring several more PlanToy Products in the months to come, so please stay tuned!

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Bridget Lawrence said...

I have never heard of "PlanToys" before, but their toys look outstanding and sound very eco-friendly. I am going to check them out. Thank you for sharing this!

Gia said...

I was recently introduced to Plan Toys by my eco-friendly sister-in-law! I was delighted to learn that they are non-toxic, very well made and the kids LOVE them. They are also very affordable.....Highly Recommended!