aden + anais Australian muslin baby wraps

Aden + anais was founded in 2004 by Claudia Schwartz and Raegan Jones, Australian natives who relocated to the U.S. in 1998. After becoming mothers, they were concerned by the lack of large muslin cotton fabric baby wraps traditionally used “down under.” They decided to make their own version of these safe and breathable swaddles by creating aden + anais. Response from nurses, pediatricians, obstetricians, celebrities, industry experts, lactation consultants and other mothers has been overwhelming.

Aden + anais are recipients of the Creative Child Magazine 2007 Seal of Excellence and several prestigious iParenting media awards.

Product Features:

*All aden + anais baby products feature 100% breathable muslin cotton

*All aden + anais baby products feature fun and contemporary designs and colors

*Muslin wraps and blankets are safe, affordable and stylish

*Original baby wraps can be used for swaddling, covers, and more

*Special muslin cotton provides warmth without overheating


Aden + anais Australian muslin baby wraps are available in packs of 2 and 4 and will make a wonderful baby shower gift. To locate a store near you, please click here.

Alternatively, you can shop at the companies online store.

Success Through Play™ comments:
Muslin wraps are widely used by Australian parents. Muslin wraps date back to late 17th century England and were coveted for their properties of having a light weave, which promotes good air flow. When Claudia Schwartz and Raegan Jones, both Australian natives, relocated to the USA they weren't able to find muslin wraps and decided to make their own and thus aden + anais was born.

The wraps are available in beautiful prints and designs, with choices for baby girls, boys and even neutral designs.

Aden + anais muslin wraps are well sized at 47" X 47", making them ideal for swaddling. In addition to swaddling, the muslin wraps can be used for tummy time, as a burp cloth, as a nursing cover, on the floor for tummy time and even draped over your stroller for additional protection against the elements. The versatility of the muslin wraps sets it apart from many other swaddling products on the market which have limited use beyond swaddling.

aden + anais products are packaged in a translucent bag which is 100% recyclable. We applaud the company for encouraging parents to "re-use the bags to accommodate your baby's change table/stroller accessories (for wipes and diapers)."

Instructions on how to swaddle are included in the package.

Parent panel feedback was very positive: "After I washed the Muslin Wraps, I found them to be soft, lightweight yet very strong. I had success using them for swaddling and found them ideal to use as a burp cloth."

In addition: "The colors and designs are gorgeous. My colicky baby settled when I swaddled him in the Muslin Wraps. He likes the feeling of the wrap against his skin and I found the texture and material to be very unique and of a high quality. I will be recommending the Muslin Wraps to parents who have summer babies."

If you are expecting a winter baby, consider the New Winter Warmths from aden + anais.

We would like to thank aden + anais for sending us 2 samples of their muslin wraps for this review. To view the full aden + anais product line, please visit:


Jill said...

These Muslin Wraps are fantastic. We mums in Aussie use them routinely! Now US mums can use them too.

Trista said...

I received a set of 4 Muslin Wraps for my baby shower. We had a summer baby and the aden + anais muslin wraps were awesome. I really like how multi-functional they are, vs other swaddling products which have to be tossed after 3/4 months. They may seem costly at first, but you will be using them for so many things!

Eve said...

How wonderful that they are now offering Winter Warmths. Stunning designs!

Mia said...

These muslin wraps were invaluable during the initial months! They really are mult-functional and ultra soft. We also had a summer baby and we loved how airy the wraps were!

Nikki said...

What beautiful patterns. I love how Aussie moms are coming to the USA and bring their local products to our market. Thank you Aussie Moms!

çiçekçi said...

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