Snug & Tug™ Swaddling Blanket

Go Mama Go Designs has created Snug & Tug™ Swaddling Blanket. Its patented, unmatched design has the combination of three special features which creates the feeling of being completely embraced in the snug, warm, and familiar environment of the womb. The full-body pouch, which is sized to grow with your baby, allows your baby to kick and wiggle all night long without escaping. A small opening on the left side, allows you to easily wrap both sides of the blanket around the baby. Strategically placed Velcro strips provide adjustability and ensures that the blanket stays in place.

Snug & Tug™ is offered in 2 sizes, as one size blankets usually do not “fit all” or last too long. The small blanket fits 0-3 months, birth to 16 lbs and up to 25”, the large blanket fits 3-6 months, 14 to 22 lbs and up to 28”. Snug & Tug™ is made with high quality, breathable, super soft cotton and available in 5 cool fabric choices. The packaging is truly original and its adorable design makes it the perfect gift for parents of colicky babies.


Snug & Tug™ is available in stores all across the USA and in addition is available in the UK. Online purchasing is available from

Important Warning:

Attach velcro securely to prevent risk of fabric covering mouth or nose. Do not leave baby in loosely wrapped blanket. Do not allow baby to sleep on stomach while swaddled.

Instructional Video
Please click here.

Success Through Play™ comments:

The Snug & Tug™ is a well made, high quality, super soft swaddling product which will appeal to parents who have babies with colic. Always confirm with your baby's pediatrician/GP that the cause of excessive fussiness and/or crying is as a result of colic. It is imperative to have a medical professional rule out any problems before assuming that it is colic. In addition, please consult your baby's doctor before using any swaddling product to make sure that your infant is a suitable candidate.

The practice of swaddling a fussy baby mimics the womb in that swaddling provides babies with tactile and proprioceptive input similiar to what a baby experiences in utero. In May 2005, a study was published in the Journal of Pediatrics (The Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics), which demonstrated that babies who are swaddled sleep longer compared with babies who are not swaddled because swaddling inhibits a number of reflexes, including the hunger reflex. The full pdf can be read here. Since swaddling is most effective in the first 3-4 months, parents should be particularly conscious of how often they are feeding their newborn, to ensure that their baby doesn't go for long stretches without eating, particularly if they are swaddled. For this reason, we recommend that swaddling be reserved for babies who are very fussy and whose doctors have confirmed that they indeed have colic and have approved the use of a swaddling product. Swaddling should be used for limited periods only and as a final resort after trying to console your baby. Hold your swaddled baby as much as possible to add an important element of touch and bonding.

We would like to thank Go Mama Go Designs for sending us 2 Snug & Tug™ Swaddling Blankets for the review. The Snug & Tug™ Blankets were presented beautifully in a box which will impress any parents with colicky babies.

We distributed the two samples to 2 sets of parents with colicky babies. Up until now, they had both been using receiving blankets to swaddle their colicky babies, however their wiggly babies had wiggled out of the swaddle and the receiving blankets were thus ineffective to be used for swaddling.

We sent the parents a link to the instructional video and followed up a few weeks later.

"The Snug & Tug™ is beautiful; the patterns are really colorful and vibrant and the fabric is super soft. The Snug & Tug™ is very well made and stitched beautifully. You can really feel that lots of love went into making these."

More favorable remarks:

"The Snug & Tug™ is something that I would definitely recommend to a friend. It is very secure vs. a regular blanket swaddled that baby can break out of easily. It takes time to master a good swaddle with a regular blanket but the Snug and Tug™ makes you a swaddling pro within a few tries. This is something I myself would purchase as a gift for parents who have a baby with colic."

We wanted to find out about the families experience of using the Snug & Tug™.

"The instructions on the package were easy to follow. However, I found it even easier to view the online demonstration. A visual is so nice! I was not confused when trying to use the Snug & Tug™. My son is a feisty one and has been swaddled since birth. While the Snug & Tug™ did not easily calm him immediately, it was a combination of the Snug& Tug™ and some other "tricks of the trade" that helps calm my high maintenance baby. Without a swaddle, my son would only calm for short periods of time."

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