Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing

Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing

It’s play time for baby and rest time for a busy mom. Baby will be supported and soothed in this swing with luxurious fabric, removable head bolster and speed control that automatically maintains speed, even as baby grows. And, it's easy to take on-the-go! This swing folds down for moving from room to room or taking to grandma's house. The gliding toybar allows baby the best view of the two plush toys included, or can be adjusted back when mom needs to reach baby. Five gentle melodies can be adjusted with volume control to provide the perfect mood music for baby, whether rocking to sleep or rocking to the beat.

Product Features:

* Unique two-position recline combines with luxurious fabrics to cradle baby in supreme comfort
* Six speeds utilize patent pending TrueSpeed Controltechnology to automatically maintain specified speed as baby grows
* Cradle shaped seat with removable head support and integrated bolster provide plush support for newborns.
*Five gentle melodies with volume control
* Suitable from newborn up (min 6 pounds). Stop using when baby is able to sit upright unassisted.


Please click here. Available exclusively in the USA

Success Through Play™ comments:

We are very excited to review the new Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing today. The Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing is the ideal swing for your newborn, providing your newborn with vestibular stimulation which will help to calm and soothe him. Babies experience vestibular stimulation while in the womb; they are used to be gently rocked and swung as mom moves about her day and this gentle movement contributes significantly towards the growth and development of the fetus.You can help your baby to make a smoother transition from womb to world by placing him in a swing when he begins to fuss.

The Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing boasts a solid construction and is designed low to the ground thus enhancing its safety and stability. The Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing arrives with a detailed instruction manual and a troubleshooting guide, which really impressed our Prof of Engineering who is one of our Contributing Editors. Parents will be able to follow along in the manual which features both images and text, to assemble the Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing. If parents have any difficultly operating the Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing, they can refer to the Troubleshooting Guide (FAQ) to assist them. We applaud Boppy for including both the manual and the troubleshooting guide, which will no doubt save parents a great deal of time and frustration! The majority of the swings on the international market are bulky, heavy and difficult to operate. The Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing is lightweight and has a compact fold, which makes this swing ideal for tight spaces and travel. The Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing is available in a beautiful neutral color scheme which will blend with any nursery or home decor. The plush padding ensures that the swing lives up to its name and the swing has a 5-point seat restraint for safety and peace of mind. The swing arrives with an optional headrest which attaches to the seat pad, providing additional support for your newborns head. It is important to ensure that your baby's head is well supported, particularly in the initial 3 months of life, while baby is working hard to develop good head and neck control. The Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing has a 2 position recline which parents can select depending on their newborns state (sleepy, alert, reflex etc).

The speed selector ring offers 6 speed options and allows parents to select the appropriate speed for their baby. Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing utilizes TrueSpeed™ Technology. "The TrueSpeed™ Control technology allows the Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing to recognize the weight of your baby and automatically adjust the angle of the swings motion and speed to the selected setting." The TrueSpeed™ Control will continue to do this calculation even as your baby gets heavier. The Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing features a whisper quiet motor which is wonderful. The swing can be set to swing for 8, 15 or 30 minutes at a time. Babies LOVE music! The Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing offers a Melody/Volume Select Button which activates 5 different melodies which both parents and baby will love listening to! The music is soothing and will lull baby into a calm state.

The Toy Bar comes with 2 adorable plush insects - plush bee and a dragonfly. Both insects feature crinkle wings and have rattles built inside, providing baby with auditory stimulation. Parents can take their baby in and out of the swing with ease, without having to remove the toy bar or toys, simply by pivoting the Toy Bar toward or away from the backrest.

We distributed the Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing to parents who had recently welcomed their 3rd baby, Jordan. Jordan's parents had purchased several different types of swings over the years and until now, had not come across such a well designed, lightweight and compact model which takes up such little space and can be folded away when not in use. "This swing is really solid and we feel at ease knowing that it is designed to be so close to the ground, which is clearly a bonus safety feature. Jordan is 4 weeks old and is beginning to show signs of fussiness. When we see that she is beginning to fuss and we have checked the basics (food, diaper, temperature), we place her in the Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing, turn on the lovely music and set the swing to swing for 15 minutes. She is really soothed by the motion of the swing and the music and we love watching her enjoying the motion of the swing! Jordan looks very comfy in the swing and it has already proved to be invaluable for us. Thank you Boppy!"

Success Through Play™ would like to thank Boppy for sending us a sample of the Boppy® Rock in Comfort® Swing for this article. To learn more please visit:


Lisa said...

This swing looks fantastic! I really like how compact and low profile it is. The colors are pretty too.

Heidi said...

Oooooh, I will be adding this to my baby shower registry. We have a small condo and space is limited. Thanks for the review!

Hayden said...

Thank you for this great review. This makes selecting a swing so much easier.

Amira said...

Wow, I really like the look of this swing and it has some neat features. We live in a small apartment in NYC, so a compact swing is a must.

Laura said...

I Love Boppy Products. How wonderful that they are expanding their line. We have a cumbersome swing at the moment that takes up a good deal of the nursery. The Boppy Swing looks like a far better option!