Original Slumber Bear™ and WashPOD™ by Prince Lionheart®

Prince Lionheart® was started in a garage by Tom and Linda McConnell in 1973 making hand crafted rocking horses. Today the company is known all around the world for having high quality, innovative products.

Success Through Play™ will be highlighting 2 products from Prince Lionheart® today which mimic the womb.

The Original Slumber Bear with Silkie™ (USA)/The Original Tummy Sleep™ (Europe)

Actual sounds recorded INSIDE a mother's womb lull baby to sleep in minutes! Since 1978, Slumber Bear has been helping millions of newborns sleep in maternity hospitals and homes worldwide. Sound box has a 5 minute auto-shutoff timer to save batteries, with sound and motion sensors that reactivate recording when baby cries or the bear is moved.

The Silkie™ is a natural bonding aid that retains parents' scent and reassures Baby of their presence.

The WashPOD

The WashPOD provides a better way to bathe your little one in an environment that emulates that of a mother's womb. The baby in the WashPOD will naturally convert into the fetal position. Because this is such a familiar feeling it will quickly soothe, calm, and relax the baby and allow them to bathe without feeling out of their element.


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Success Through Play™ comments:

We are delighted to kick off our "Products that Mimic the Womb" Segment with 2 unique products from Prince Lionheart®. The first product, The Original Slumber Bear, was invented by a doctor and has been used successfully in maternity hospitals worldwide since 1978! This well designed bear is stimulated by both sound and motion, so if your baby starts crying or kicks the bear, the womb sounds will be reactivated; a feature which sleep deprived parents will truly appreciate. The Original Slumber Bear™ comes with a Silkie™, the natural bonding aid! Mom can place the Silkie inside her clothing for a few hours so that the Silkie™ will absorb her scent. The Silkie™ is essentially a lovey that babies can use to comfort themselves.

We handed over the Original Slumber Bear™ to first time parents who were struggling to soothe their 5 week old baby. These sleep deprived parents were very eager to try this product. The parents observed that their newborn would transition into a calmer state when the Slumber Bear played the intra-uterine sounds. This coupled with other techniques such as rocking, swaddling and singing helped their baby to fall asleep more easily. They felt relieved that they add an additional tool to use, to help calm their baby. The parents were counseled about the importance of establishing a sleep routine and they were taught when it is appropriate to stimulate your baby and when it is not. Dad worked long hours and would come home in the evening and play with the baby and excite the baby to the point where the baby was getting overly tired and cranky. This pattern of stimulation contributed to their baby's colic and fussiness. Dad was shown how to spend quality time with baby while being careful not to overstimulate their. The addition of a clip on night light was given to mom and dad so that when baby needed to be fed or changed during the night, the lights could be kept dim and baby would not become overstimulated. Recognizing that newborns can only stay awake for approximately 45 minutes before getting tired and needing to sleep is helpful in avoiding an overtired baby, which leads to additional fussiness.

The WashPOD™ is recommended by midwives and physicians for babies aged 0-6 months.

Its unique shape is designed to mimic the womb, making bathing less stressful for baby. It is designed to position your newborn in a flexed position similiar to that of being in a womb which should soothe and comfort him. Baby is able to sense the close dimensions of the tub and this provides his body with feedback about his position in space. The flexed position and womb like design of the tub should make bath time a pleasant experience. We distributed this product to a family who have recently welcomed their 2nd child. They started bathing their baby, aged 3 weeks in the WashPOD™ and haven't looked back. "I only wish that I had purchased the WashPOD™ with my first baby". The shape makes so much sense to me now....I forget that he was crunched up in a tight space floating in amniotic fluid for so many months"=. "What I really like is that our baby doesn't thrash around in the WashPOD™ as he had done in a regular tub. He seems at ease in the WashPOD™. We follow his bath time with a soothing massage which he loves and then it's off to bed for the little one".

*Never leave baby unattended during bath time.
*Hold and Support at all Times.

*Gather everything that you will need for bathing your newborn FIRST so that you can give him your undivided attention.
*Turn the phone to voice mail and minimize any further distractions before you give your baby a bath.

We would like to thank Prince Lionheart® for sending us a sample of each product featured for this review. We hope to review additional Prince Lionheart® products during 2008.

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Nikki said...

What a great review. I am unfamiliar with these products. I can see how they can help a baby make an easier transition from the womb to the world.

Lara said...

We received the slumber bear for my baby shower and it has helped my daughter settle down. It's really adorable and so well designed.