Cozy Cocoon®

The one piece baby body sock for swaddling newborns.

The beauty of the Cozy Cocoon® is its ease! You simply slip it on like a sock! Scrunch it up in your hands & stretch it up over the legs and body of the baby. Gently tuck the hands inside, then carefully fold the arms over the chest while guiding the Cozy Cocoon® up to the neck.

The Cozy Cocoon® is currently available in 4 styles:

Baby Bunting, Sweet Pea, Snug Bug and Rock a Bye.

The Organic Collection
Swaddling your newborn in comfort and beauty with a Cozy Cocoon®, encourages healthy development of the senses and nurtures the child's adjustment out of the womb and into the world. When babies are tucked into the Cozy Cocoon® there is no jerking, startling movement, and no skin-irritating synthetic fabrics to startle them out of their dreamy reverie and into the rollicking world. Our soft, natural organic fabric into which baby is completely tucked and held, is the most natural progression from out of the womb and into the arms of the caregiver.

*No ties,
*No Snaps,
*No Buttons
*No Straps
*Slips onto baby like a sock!

Swaddled babies make happy babies and happy babies make a wonderful world!

Descriptions Provided by Cozy Cocoon®.

Organic Rock A Bye

*Soft and stylish, new moms swear by its ability to settle baby for nursing and holding, midwives recommend them for their new parents, babies find quiet repose in style. Comfy two-tone, double-layer of rich organic cotton, for extra snugness and warmth. Inner layer is a close snug fit while the outer layer hugs tight.

90% organic cotton, 10% lycra

Organic Sweet Pea Cocoon

*Constructed of heavy, thick organic cotton. Baby snuggles happily inside this extra long Cozy Cocoon®. Extra fabric is added at the bottom to keep those new toes comfy and warm. Stretchy cotton hugs tight and allows for room to grow. The opening at the bottom allows for ease in buckling baby in her car seat. Simply roll up the bottom to close the seat belt.

90% organic cotton, 10% lycra *


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Australia and New Zealand:
Darcy and Brigitte Watson
P O Box 20-125
Te Rapa
Hamilton, 3241
New Zealand
0064 7 849 6429*

Success Through Play™ comments:

The Cozy Cocoon® is a new concept in swaddling fussy babies and is unlike any other swaddling product that we have seen on the international market. Patricia DeLisa, founder of Cozy Cocoon®, is a multi-talented designer, artist and entrepreneur. The simple design of the Cozy Cocoon® will allow parents, grandparents, caregivers etc to swaddle a colicky baby with ease, without the need to understand complicated instructions. You simply roll the Cozy Cocoon® up over your baby and that's it! We applaud Cozy Cocoon® for offering a beautiful organic cotton range which will appeal to eco-minded parents, and parents who have baby's with sensitive skins. The Cozy Cocoon® is an excellent example of a product that mimics the womb! It is essentially a body sock for babies which provides wonderful proprioceptive input to your baby's body, which in turns helps to calm him.

We distributed the 2 samples to 2 sets of parents who have young babies with colic. Both parents are second timers and thought that their experience would come in hand. "Nothing quite prepares you for a baby who has colic." We explained the concept and design of the Cozy Cocoons® and then followed up a few weeks later.

Parent feedback was fantastic: "The Cozy Cocoon® design is a great example of a simple but brilliant idea. When you baby is screaming and you are desperate to calm him you want something simple and easy to have on hand. The Cozy Cocoon® is SO easy to put on and soothes and calms our baby. Swaddling him in the Cozy Cocoon® and then holding him in our arms helps to reduce his colic quite substantially. Thank you Cozy Cocoon®."

We would like to thank Cozy Cocoon® for sending us a sample of their Sweet Pea and Rock a Bye Cozy Cocoons®.

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Jennifer said...

Okay, I don't usually comment on websites, but I have to say that the Cozy Cocoon looks really unique and well designed. I wish I would have thought of it! The Organic Cotton Collection looks beautiful. My sister-in-law has a very colicky baby and I will buy a few of these for her!

Amy said...

Hello, this is Amy here in the UK. I had never heard of the Cozy Cocoon until now. It looks brilliant and unlike any swaddling product that I have ever seen. What a great design team!

Amelia Hayes said...

What beautiful images. Patricia should publish a book with all of her photographs...I would buy it!

Nikki Sloane said...

What a genius and totally unique design. It looks as if the fabric hugs the baby evenly. Fantastic

Onat said...

The Cozy Cocoon looks so comfy. Can't they make these for adults! Perfect after a hard day at work!