Giveaway: Boob® Designer Nursing Apparel

Boob® Maternity & Nursing Wear from Sweden features innovative designs and stylish silhouettes for moms and moms-to-be. The garments are made with soft, comfortable fabrics with a hint of Lycra to allow for a perfect fit. With an exceptional fit and stylish design, Boob® Maternity & Nursing Wear will take you from a small bump to a big belly, and back again!

All Boob® Nursing tops and dresses feature a double layer of fabric over the bust so that an overlapping opening is formed. The opening is simply pushed aside with one hand, making nursing comfortable and discreet.

From the current line of Boob® Nursing Apparel:

Nursing Top long sleeve - this best-selling top is made of cotton and a touch of Lycra for a smooth fit. It is a great basic that goes perfectly with jeans, chinos, or layered under a blazer or cardigan.

Nursing Top short sleeve
- another great-seller, this top will go with everything in your closet, and comes in several colors.

B Warmer
- this long sleeve top is designed to keep the breasts warm. The outer layer has a lining of warming fleece.

Nursing Tunic V Neck
- With a flattering v-neck and slight rouching detail at the shoulders this pretty top will keep you in style while still being able to nurse your baby.


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Success Through Play™ comments:

Boob is the new designer line of Nursing Apparel from Sweden that will change the way that you think of nursing clothing forever. Gone are the bulky, uncomfortable and frumpish nursing outfits that are difficult to access and scream to the world that you are nursing. Boob® boasts a gorgeous line of designer apparel that just happen to be nursing wear!

The biggest draw is that the Boob® Nursing wear features a patented design which is unlike any other breastfeeding line that we have seen before. The unique design allows moms to simply push apart the overlapping fabric for discreet nursing, without having to bare their tummy or any other body part to the harsh elements or the world! In fact, Boob® was created by Mia Seipel, after witnessing her sister nurse in a park in Stockholm on a freezing cold day, while having to bare her tummy to the cold.

Mia Seipel, founder of Boob.

The Boob® Nursing line is designed to fit snug; to skim the body. We sent several different styles of the current Boob® Nursing Line to our international parent panel.

Diana, a nursing mom in South Africa, fell in the love with the short sleeve nursing tops immediately. "Here, it's summer now and I have battled to find summer T's that can accommodate nursing. We are so limited here in South Africa with nursing wear: most of the brands are frumpy and several decades behind. Boob® apparel are stunning! I am so pleased that I don't have to sacrifice my sense of fashion, just because I am nursing. My friends couldn't believe that my short sleeve T's were nursing T's. They are slim and fitting and not at all bulky. They are a cinch to nurse in, trendy and well cut and I am in love with them. Thank you, Boob®."

Next we heard from Lara in the UK. Lara was braving the harsh winter and tested out the B Warmer Long Sleeved Top. Up until now, Lara admitted that she hadn't attempted to nurse in public- she didn't feel confident enough. When Lara saw the patented Boob® nursing flap, she was impressed. "The B Warmer Nursing Top gave me so much confidence. It doesn't look like a nursing top and looks great on me. I nursed my baby discreetly and no-one was the wiser. I loved how I stayed warm while nursing. Thank you Boob for giving me the confidence to get out of the house again."

Our parent panel in the USA were equally enthusiastic.

Megan in California, tested the Nursing Tunic V-Neck and wore it to a friend's son's birthday party. "The Tunic is modern, and very elegant and paired with jeans and accessories, makes a great outfit. I received compliments on the tunic and everyone was shocked to find out that it was indeed a nursing top! I was able to nurse my baby with ease, during the party and felt beautiful in my designer nursing top. Boob has certainly added style to my nursing wardrobe."

A second tester in the USA hails from Michigan and is an experienced nursing mom. This mom tested the Long Sleeve Nursing Top and offered these insightful comments:

Success Through Play™ Parent Panel Participant wearing a Long Sleeve Nursing Top by Boob®. This nursing mom is wearing a gorgeous Mommy and Me Necklace.

"The biggest benefit is definitely how their Boob® design creates less bulk when nursing. Almost all nursing shirts I have are like wearing two shirts. Then when you go to nurse, you have this huge clump of shirt under your armpit. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can actually lead to clogged milk ducts. That is why I tend to shy away from bulky nursing wear now. The material of the Boob® top is nice- soft and stretchy. It is definitely comfortable. Since the boob line is very slim fitting and has a high lycra content, your nursing pads may show through. Some advice I would give to mamas who need to wear nursing pads is to use a slightly padded nursing bra with your pads underneath. I found the quality of the Boob® top to be great and it washes well. This is the best nursing top I personally have ever worn!"

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Fran said...

I LOVE all Swedish Designer products. These nursing tops look stunning. I have had trouble non bulky nursing tops, Boob seems to be the answer. I had never heard of them until now.

Georgia Hay said...

I am a huge Boob Design fan. Their Nursing Tops are revolutionary. They make nursing a breeze. My mum says: "If boob nursing tops had been around back in the day, maybe I would have breastfed for longer."

Keira said...

The B Warmer Top looks perfect for the harsh weather we are experiencing back East here in the USA. I also love Swedish products :-)

Fiona said...

Thank you for introducing me to this gorgeous line of nursing wear. I had my first nearly 10 years ago and am pregnant with my 2nd now. I am amazed with this stylish line.

Olivia said...

Another European mommy here. I really like the Boob Nursing Line. It's unlike any other on the market. The Swedish are known for their simple, clean lines and this nursing line won't disappoint.

Mary said...

I couldn't find any stylish nursing wear when I was nursing my 1st baby 3 years ago. I am due in a few weeks with my 2nd and am thrilled to have found out about Boob. I remember feeling like a milk machine and being frustrated that I couldn't wear any stylish clothing while nursing. It really affected my self-esteem. Boob has come to the rescue. I can't wait to try on some styles. Thank you!

Success Through Play said...

Thank you for leaving comments! Don't forget about our Giveaway which boob is kindly sponsoring. Good luck!

Ina said...

I am in LOVE with Boob Maternity Wear. The fabrics are stunning and very flattering on my ample belly. You can view their maternity designs on their site!

Aisha said...

Ooh, I do hope that I win this giveaway!!! I believe in extended breastfeeding, so I will need plenty of nursing wear :-)

Sara said...

Another Huge Fan of the Boob Maternity Line. Simple, clean lines which translate to a flattering silhouette. Their designer clothes make me feel beautiful.