Clean Air Odor-Free™ Diaper Disposal by The First Years

The First Years understands what matters most to parents is keeping their children healthy, happy and safe. We listen to parents to help us develop innovative products for every stage of their child’s development.

The Clean Air Odor-Free™ Diaper Disposal is the most advanced diaper disposal system available to parents. Don’t settle for just trapping odors –Clean Air is engineered to eliminate them!

Product Demo
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Key Features:
*Unique carbon filter/fan system traps and neutralizes odors

*Uses standard kitchen trash bags

*Auto-cycle fan is ultra quiet

*Holds up to 40 diapers (newborn)

*First filter included; Requires 4 D-cell batteries, not included (filter and battery life approx. 90

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Success Through Play™ comments:

The Clean Air Odor-Free™ Diaper Disposal from The First Years is an innovative Diaper Disposal which features a carbon filter/fan system which neutralizes odors and will keep your nursery smelling poop free! The fan cycles every 10 minutes and when you open and close the lid and is constantly working hard to trap odors AND eliminate them. Each carbon filter will need to be changed approximately every 90 days and uses 4-D cell batteries.

The Diaper Disposal accepts Tall Kitchen Trash Bags, so there is no need to buy expensive bags with this diaper disposal. No pushing or plunging of a dirty diaper is necessary with the Diaper Disposal which will appeal to all parents (see demo for details!).

The Clean Air Odor-Free™ Diaper Disposal arrives with a detailed instruction manual complete with diagrams, which includes an excellent troubleshooting guide.

Several months ago, we distributed 2 Clean Air Odor Free™ Diaper Disposal to local families in our area who were dissatisfied with other well known Diaper Pails which had failed to do their job.

Parents reported that they were able to assemble the Diaper Disposal with the aid of the instruction manual and they especially appreciated the outstanding "Troubleshooting Guide" which addressed their concerns.

"The Clean Air Odor-Free™ Diaper Disposal has a small learning curve, but after the initial few days we were able to use it with ease. This is our 4th baby and we can tell you from experience that we have tried every other diaper pail on the market and the Clean Air Odor-Free™ Diaper Disposal wins the award for being Odor-Free! We are both very sensitive to smells, particularly poop smells and this Diaper Pail has been a godsend. I was dreading having to deal with diapers, yet again, but this Diaper Pail has genuinely made it a pleasure. A fairly loud noise is generated when you close the lid, but since the system eliminates Diaper Odors, we feel that it's a small sacrifice for having the best smelling nursery in the USA!"

The 2nd family had equally positive remarks:

"I really love how this Diaper Disposal uses regular Tall Kitchen bags, which means that we save moneyh and always have bags readily available. Family and friends walk into our nursery and are amazed at how the nursery doesn't smell! We couldn't be happier. Yes this Diaper Disposal requires batteries and filters, but it really is worth it in the end. To have our home smelling clean and poop free is fantastic."

Success Through Play™ would like to thank Learning Curve for sending us Evaluation Samples for this review.

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Jill said...

I am so pleased to have seen this article. I am fed up with our current diaper disposal which has left our nursery smelling revolting. I am VERY sensitive to smells and the First Year Diaper Disposal sounds like my kind of product. Thank you!

Nicola Smit said...

We received the Clean Air Odor Free Diaper Disposal for my baby shower. It is the best one on the market in my opinion. Use the troubleshooting guide if you have problems with set up. It is designed to be odor free, so double check everything if you start smelling something. My friends are jealous :-) Many of the competitors require you to purchase special bas, but not this one. Just plain old kitchen trash bags...which saves you hundreds of dollars. The filters work out to be very cheap and we use rechargeable batteries. Love It!

Amanda said...

I love the fact that I can just drop the diaper in the disposal and the disposal takes care of it. With the competitors, we would struggle around for hours trying to figure out how to twist the knobs etc. Not with this one. There is a small learning curve but you will soon become a pro at it. This is a must have in my opinion.

Jada said...

Finally- a stink free diaper disposal system...I am SOLD.

Lauri said...

Fantastic, just what we need!

Kat said...

My friend raves about this product. I am adding it to my registry. Thank you.