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Sound Beginning, LLC provides prenatal music therapy and music therapy-assisted childbirth services in the metro Phoenix area. Along with providing personalized prenatal music programs and doula services for clients, our mission also includes developing products to motivate and encourage positive and healthy families. About 5 years ago, we recognized the need for pregnancy support beyond typical medical care. Our clients believed our programs of music and visualizations enhanced their pregnancy and birth preparation.

Sally Niles, MT-BC has 25 years experience working as a Board Certified Music Therapist in the Phoenix area. She has worked with children, adults, and families providing music therapy / education and wellness programs. Sally is qualified in Pre- and Perinatal Music Therapy-Assisted Childbirth, in addition to being a Birth Doula. She has been a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University since 1995. Sally and her husband have been married for over 23 years and have three children.

Stephanie Bianchi, MT-BC is a teacher, composer, and Board-Certified Music Therapist. She has worked with a variety of clientele in Phoenix for over 10 years. Her extensive background in music and radio includes composing music for television, film, and video projects, and providing voice over talent for local and national commercials, children's educational programs, and two radio shows. Stephanie resides in Scottsdale.


Heartstrings: Visualizations for Pregnancy contains a series of guided visualizations set to music as well as non-musical positive affirmations. Based on researched and proven music therapy methods, the CD can help mothers

*Develop first connections of love and trust with unborn baby
*Relax and reduce stress during pregnancy
*Align and strengthen the mind-body connection
*Build courage, confidence, and strength
*Change reaction to pain during labor and delivery


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Success Through Play™ comments:

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life-filled with joy, happiness and excitement. Along with joy will inevitably come some anxiety about pregnancy and birth and this is where Heartstrings: Visualizations for Pregnancy can help. This special CD features soothing background music to relax your body and mind. Visualizations and affirmations guide you into a calm state where you can feel free of anxiety and worry. The mom-to-be can strengthen her bond with her baby and create positive thoughts by listening to the CD on a regular basis.

We sent this CD out to several pregnant women around the world for feedback.

"I am 32 weeks along and am starting to get anxious thinking about the birth. I was eager to try the Heartstrings CD and am so thankful that I did. I set aside a few minutes in the morning, when I wake up and a few minutes in the evening, before I fall asleep to listen to the CD. This CD helps me to have a positive attitude throughout the day and fall asleep quickly at night. I really like the soothing background music and powerful affirmations which I repeat to myself throughout the day. I am feeling empowered and am now excited about the birth. Thank you!"

"I am 12 weeks along and have many concerns about this pregnancy, especially since it's my first. I have never tried visualizations before and was interested to begin. The instructor has a wonderful tone of voice; I am able to follow the visualizations with ease and I am amazed and how relaxed my entire body feels after completing them. I am starting to really bond with my baby as a result of hearing the beautiful affirmations in the CD. I will recommend this CD to all of my friends."

"I listened to the Heartstrings CD during the last few weeks of my pregnancy and throughout my labor. I was able to labor and give birth without any medication and I believe that the Heartstrings CD played a part in this. I also credit my birth ball and my waterbirth! I listened to the CD diligently throughout labor and I was able to relax my body, just like I did during the last few weeks of pregnancy. I would recommend this CD to all pregnant women."

Success Through Play™ would like to thank Sound Beginning, LLC for sending us several CD's for this review.


Meryl said...

This CD sounds wonderful. Studies have linked the emotional state of a pregnant woman with her infants well being. I am always looking for ways to reduce the stress in my life. My job is hectic and this CD sounds like a perfect way to de-stress both before and after work. Thank you!

Paula said...

Affirmations can be so healing. I am looking forward to listening to this CD. Amazon reviews are VERY positive.