BébéSounds® is a division of Unisar Inc., a manufacturer and importer of consumer electronics founded in 1991. The BébéSounds® division was created in 1997 and is dedicated to juvenile products and identifying and creating unique and innovative products for you as a mother-to-be or a new mother.

NasalClear® Aspirator

*Clear stuffy noses FAST!
*Battery operation lets you control the suction-you maintain the suction or release it as needed

*Helps baby breathe more easily

*Soft flexible, silicone tips make it gentle, comfortable, and safe enough for even a newborn

*Two different shaped silicone tips accommodate different nostril shapes and types of congestion

*Clear plastic collection cup helps you evaluate your baby's level of congestion
*Plays 12 children's tunes to help distract your baby
*Comes apart for easy and thorough cleaning (dishwasher safe)


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Success Through Play™ comments:

A baby is unable to blow his nose when he has a cold or is congested. There are times when mom and dad may need to help clear mucous from his nose and thus the bulb syringe was invented. BebeSounds® has invented a high tech, modern day automatic Nasal Aspirator called the NasalClear®, which boasts several innovative features that many parents feel offer an improvement over the traditional bulb syringe. The NasalClear® Nasal Aspirator includes 2 different shaped silicone tips, 1 aspirator based, a storage bag and an instruction manual. It requires 2 AA Alkaline Batteries. When your baby has a cold or has nasal congestion, gently and safely removing the mucous can help your baby to breathe, sleep and feed more easily. Your baby's doctor may recommend using saline drops prior to using this or any other device for removing nasal mucous, which can help to loosen the mucous and make suctioning more effective.

The NasalClear® Nasal Aspirator is different from a traditional bulb syringe in 2 ways. First it's battery operated and all a parent needs to do it position the device correctly, hit a button and the mucous is gently extracted from your baby's nose. Secondly, you have the option to play music, which serves to distract your baby from the task at hand. This product may be particularly useful for caregivers who have arthritis, multiple sclerosis or have reduced dexterity, because it simply involves holding the device (built up handle) and pushing a button vs a traditional bulb syringe which involves a more complicated series of coordinated motions.

We sent the NasalClear® Nasal Aspirator to Jennifer, a 2nd time mom of a 8 week old baby, Roman. Roman had caught a cold from his older sister who had joined a new playgroup and mom and dad wanted to help baby Roman to feel more comfortable. Up until now, Jennifer and her husband had been using a standard bulb syringe to remove mucous from Roman's nose, as needed.

"Roman puts up a huge fight when we do use the Bulb Syringe. He seems very fearful of it. Now that my older daughter has joined a playgroup, she is inevitably picking up colds from the other kids. Thus, I was eager to try something different. I was impressed with the appearance of the NasalClear® and very excited to read in the manual that the device can play 12 tunes to distract your baby. As it turned out, Roman was very congested the week that I received the sample. My husband and I placed Saline Drops (per our doc's recommendation) prior to using the device. We then activated the music and Roman started smiling as he listened to the tunes. We positioned him correctly and gently inserted the silicone tip and hit a button and in an instant, his mucous was gone! We couldn't believe how simple it was. Roman was so focused on the lovely music, that he didn't seem to notice the device and didn't resist at all. This is great product to have and for the first time I can honestly say that I won't be dreading the inevitable colds that are certain to fall upon Roman, because I will be armed with the NasalClear® should he need it. Thank you BebeSounds®!"

Please be cautious when using this or any other device with your baby. Read the instructional manual carefully and use as directed. If you baby's cold/congestion does not clear up and if she presents with other symptoms including a fever, please consult a doctor immediately.


Alison said...

I have a friend who has recently had her first baby. She has MS and she could really use this. Thank you for thinking of ALL people.

Grandma Jo said...

I am a proud grandmother and have advanced arthritis in my hands. Thank you for writing this article! I take care of my grandson twice a week and he has a cold right now and trying to use the bulb syringe has been a challenge that I have been unable to conquer.

Nicole said...

I am a clumsy mom and can never seem to get the bulb syringe to work properly. My baby hates it and starts crying when he sees it. Now I know that there is an easier way. Thank you!!!!!!!