Bumkins: New Grande Diaper Bag

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Bumkins Finer Baby Products was founded by Jakki Liberman, who through necessity, developed the original Bumkins products to assist her in caring for her four children. Bumkins has grown to offer an ever-expanding line of premium baby apparel and accessory products with a strong focus on function and design.



*15"W x 12"H x 6"D
*Metal ring for easy stroller, cell phone or key attachment
*Changing pad included
*Reversible fabric
*Vinyl, phthalate, PVC and lead-free

How safe is your diaper bag?

"Phthalates (pronounced THA-lates), are a family of chemicals that are commonly used in children’s products for their ability to soften many types of plastics. They are often recognized as giving vehicles their distinctive new-car smell. Bumkins feels that babies should smell of lavender fields and lemongrass, not new cars. Studies show that high levels of phthalates have proven to cause challenges with reproductive development in children. Other studies, reported by CNN, have lead researchers to believe childhood exposure to lead can cause learning problems, reduced intelligence, hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder. The good news is researchers agree high levels of lead are directly related to an individual’s environment. Therefore parents can greatly decrease their child’s exposure by choosing products with low levels of chemicals. Bumkins' New Grande Diaper Bag is Vinyl, phthalate, PVC and lead-free."


The Grande Diaper bag is available in your choice of Blue Circles of Pink Circles, both reversing to a cool chocolate brown, making it the ideal Diaper Bag for Moms and Dads! Click here for purchasing details.

Success Through Play™ comments:

Are you looking for a fun, stylish diaper bag which won't break the bank? We have found the perfect diaper for you: The NEW Grande Diaper Bag from Bumkins. The grande diaper bag is lightweight, which is an added advantage. Seasoned parents know that the contents of a diaper quickly add up in weight, so starting with a lightweight diaper bag can really help! The fabulous water resistant fabric is both stain and odor resistant. Best of all, the fabric is vinyl, phthalate and lead free, so parents can breathe a sigh a relief. Bumkins is certainly leading the way by selecting safer fabrics for their products and we want to applaud them for their dedication and commitment for offering parents safer products which happen to be super stylish and innovative at the same time. The Grand Diaper Bag is fully reversible thus offering parents one bag with 2 looks: Solid or Print. Dads won't feel self-conscious carrying this Diaper Bag around town.

Lets talk about storage. This well designed bag offers 8 well positioned pockets plus a large roomy interior to accommodate all of mom/dad and baby's items. We like the multi-purpose metal rings, 2 on either side, which will hold a cellphone or keys so that mom/dad don't need to search inside!

This will save parents plenty of frustration and time and help them to stay well organized. Included is a matching changing pad which folds up for easy storage and travel.

This high quality changing pad is very durable and easy to clean. The diaper bag features a tie closure to keep items safely inside. Bumkins has paid great attention to quality and durability, which is evident in the well reinforced straps, quality materials and sturdy base. Once your diapering days are over, this bag can be used as a gym or laptop bag, making it super versatile.

All this for under $40, you bet!

Bumkins offers a full line of coordinating accessories including bibs and other items which are a perfect compliment to your Diaper Bag.

We distributed 2 Grande Diaper Bags to our parent panel. Here are some of their comments:

"Having recently welcomed my 2nd baby, I was looking for a cute, well priced, diaper bag with lots of storage. Most diaper bags in this price range contain PVC, which I was looking to avoid. I was thrilled with the New Grande Diaper Bag's water-resistant fabric, which is super easy and clean and best of all, PVC, phthalate and lead free. The circles print is so fashionable and I was stopped numerous times around town, and asked about my "designer bag". I really like the 8 storage pockets which stored my essentials and the spacious interior! I really like the metal ring feature which I use to hang my keys from. I no longer have to search for my keys, because they are always there when I need them. My husband was fascinated with this bag's ability to turn inside out to reveal a solid brown design and proudly announced that when he's on diaper duty and watching the kids, he would feel cool being seen in public with it :-) Thank you Bumkins!"

"I will admit that I have been a tad stressed shopping for a diaper bag. I couldn't believe that most high quality diaper bags are in the $200 price range, which is simply not in my budget. I was thrilled to receive the NEW Grande Diaper Bag from Bumkins and pleasantly shocked and surprised that this bag retails for under $40. What a steal!!!! I don't have to sacrifice style, function, safety or go into debt because with this bag, I have it all! I love the circles design which is very trendy-I have received many compliments and I find myself admiring this fun print all the time! The changing pad is fantastic! Durable, well designed and folds easily! The bag is super easy to clean: I wipe it clean with warm water and mild detergent. I am recommending this bag to all of my friends!"

The NEW Grande Diaper Bag from Bumkins offers terrific value for money and will make a wonderful Baby Shower Gift. We would like to thank Bumkins for sending us 2 samples for this review.

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Ruth said...

I LOVE the circles design! I can't get over how reasonably priced these bags are! Awesome.

Sarah said...

Wow, a reversible diaper bag. I am speechless. Now my husband can be in charge of diaper duty (for a change), because he won't have any excuses now!

Jennifer said...

What a bargain! Can't believe how well priced these lovely bags are. They look super durable too! Thank you for finding the greatest stuff!

Fran said...

I really like the matching bibs!