Giveaway: Nature's Purest™ Hug Me Collection Soothing Comfort Bouncer

We here at Summer Infant™ are passionate about delivering great products for moms, dads, and caregivers. We are solely motivated by our company's mission of “delivering the best for you and your baby” and that emotional connection you have with your child. Our focus is on building a trust with our customers so that they know we are giving them nothing but the best. Summer continues to lead in categories such as bath, gates, bed rails, monitors, infant health and more. Not only do we live it here and in our own homes, but we also listen to you – thereby making our products nothing more and nothing less than exactly what you need.

The Nature’s Purest™ Hug Me Collection offers a full range of organically grown and naturally colored cotton nursery products. The goals of Nature’s Purest are simple and true, to be: Good for Baby and Good for the Earth. This collection represents the absolutely best products for baby, as well as being environmentally friendly; representing two very important factors for today’s discerning parents.

Organically grown cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides, chemicals, or dyes. Naturally colored means that the cotton seed is selected and planted so that the cotton bolls grow naturally in three different colors: cream, brown, and green. The method is similar to how a flower grower would cultivate different color roses. Since the cotton fiber is already colored, no bleaching or dyeing is necessary. The colored fibers are then spun into yarn and woven into the fabric without the need of chemical processing – thus creating an ideal, non-irritating fabric for a baby’s delicate skin. Additionally, chemical processing weakens conventional cotton fibers and makes it harsher during processing. So Natural Colored Cotton is both stronger and safer.

Nature's Purest™ Hug Me Collection Soothing Comfort Bouncer – Bouncer

Part of our Hug Me Collection.

* Pure comfort for baby with natural and organic seat pad, toy bar covering and toys
* Features soothing vibration
* 3 Musical lullabies, 2 nature sounds, and 1 womb sound
* Soft toy bar includes 3 soft toys that crinkle, squeak, and rattle
* Comfortable seat pad is both removable and machine-washable
*Age/weight grade: From birth until baby can sit up unassisted or 25 lbs.
* Requires 4 “C” batteries not included

Please note, as with all other products on the market with the exception of a crib, constant Adult Supervision is required. Never leave baby unattended. Use only on floor. Never use the toybar to lift and carry bouncer while baby is in it. Please consult the instruction manual for full details.


*Available from Babies R Us.
*UK - Click here.


Summer Infant™, the exclusive distributors of Natures Purest Products, is giving away a Nature's Purest™ Hug Me Collection Soothing Comfort Bouncer to one lucky reader who resides within the USA.

Congratulations Suzanne B.

Success Through Play™ comments:

In a world of toxic and harmful chemicals, it is so refreshing to find a product that uses color grown organic cotton! What makes this type of cotton so unique is that NO DYES are used to produce the beautiful neutral colored hues.

Transitioning from Womb to World can be an uncertain and fussy period for a newborn. Movement, gentle vibration and soothing music can play an integral roll in calming a fussing baby. The Nature's Purest™ Hug Me Collection Soothing Comfort Bouncer, exclusively distributed by Summer Infant, meets all 3 criteria. This bouncer is JMPA Certified. It features a restraining belt over baby's lap, to keep him snug and secure. The plush naturally colored cotton seat pad is ultra soft and ideal against baby's sensitive skin. The pad features beautiful embroidery that is sure to attract many compliments!

The three bears which hang from the toy bar are the ideal size for baby to swat at initially and later on, grasp and explore. The bears can be removed from the toy bar for independent play. Two of the adorable bears feature a built-in rattle, which provide your baby with auditory stimulation. The third bear has a crinkle body, which will delight baby with its unique texture and sound! The toy bar is adjustable and removable. Position it towards baby for play and away from baby when he is resting. Parents can rest assured knowing that the bears are non-toxic and safe for their baby. Parents have the option of selecting 3 different melodies, two nature sounds or a womb sound to calm and soothe baby.

We distributed the bouncer to a family with a 10 week old baby, Daniel. Baby Daniel was diagnosed with colic and his parents were having a difficult time calming him down:

"The bouncer is really beautiful. The naturally colored cotton seat pad is wonderfully luxurious, ultra soft to the touch and looks exquisite with its beautiful embroidery. We were really impressed to hear that it is dye free! We had no idea that farmer can grow colored organic cotton! We were eager to let Daniel test out the bouncer. Parents of colicky babies can surely sympathize with our plight! Daniel instantly took to the bouncer and loved listening to the soothing music. The gentle vibration calmed him instantly and the 3 bears were a delightful distraction. We were able to cook dinner together while Daniel mellowed out on the bouncer! This was a first and a welcome change. The plus fabric is easy to clean, which is a huge plus for us. I would recommend this bouncer to all parents looking for an eco-friendly bouncer which keeps its promise: the soothe and comfort your baby."

This bouncer will make a fantastic eco-friendly Baby Shower Gift. We would like to thank Summer Infant™ for sending us the Nature's Purest™ Hug Me Collection Soothing Comfort Bouncer for this review.

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Emily said...

Just beautiful. I LOVE the embroidery. Color grown organic cotton is the highest grade-premuim quality. Outstanding to find it on a bouncer!

Gina said...

I received this bouncer as a Baby Shower Gift. It proved to be invaluable for our family. The organic cotton seat pad is SO luxurious!

Nina said...

Fantastic! Must be the most eco-friendly bouncer on the market. I hope I win it :-)

Talya said...

The Nature's Purest range looks awesome. So thrilled that one can buy online from Babies R Us!!!!

Michelle said...

An organic cotton bouncer - WOW. This is very exciting news.

Kate said...

This bouncer looks great!!!!!!

Katelyn said...

I didn't think an organic cotton bouncer existed. I am really pleased that companies are taking note that parents are committed to eco-friendly products. The bears look really cute!

Cathy said...

Beautiful! The fabric sounds wonderful and I can't think of a safer fabric to put my baby on. Thank you for bringing us the BEST products!!!!