Giraffe Stacker & Blankie Gift Set

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A giggle exclusive! We love this interactive stacking toy not only for the motor skills it helps develop, but for the fact that it's made out of healthy organic cotton. The giraffe's long neck serves as a base for stacking the soft, plush rings, and the head attaches with sewn-in magnets to top the whole thing off. It also comes with a coordinating blanket and gift bag, making it perfect for gift giving!

*giraffe: 10.5" h x 7.5" w
*blanket: 13" x 13"

*organic cotton

*Includes a stacking toy, knitted blankie, and gift bag

*6 months and up


*In store (CA, CT, NY): www.giggle.com

*Online from the giggle store.
or call 800.495.8577


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Success Through Play™ comments:

The Giraffe Stacker & Blankie Gift Set available exclusively from giggle, arrived beautifully presented in tissue paper. Stacking rings promote eye hand coordination, grasping and motor planning skills! What sets this plush gift set apart is that it is made from Organic Cotton making it a safe choice for babies. In addition, the plush giraffe stacker has built-in magnets which helps to build confidence in babies who are just starting to acquire fine motor skills, and preventing the stacker set from toppling over and providing more stability. The giraffe's head is oh so cute and is sure to capture your little ones heart. The giraffe's head has a gentle sounding rattle built in an baby will have lots of fun shaking the head to elicit this sound, which will provide auditory feedback. The rings are well padded providing a firm surface for baby to grasp. The colorful stacking rings are well made and come in a shade of pleasing colors. Organic cotton toys in the past have been mono-tone and we appreciate the range of colors in this gift set. The giraffe's arms and legs make a delightful crinkly sound when touched, providing additional auditory feedback.

The reversible blankie is of superb quality and is buttery soft on one side, with a textured surface on the other, providing wonderful tactile stimulation. A lovely drawstring bag to store both items is included for easy storage. This exceptional eco-friendly organic cotton gift set will delight and engage baby!

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Jen said...

Great article. This is why I LOVE reading your online magazine. You don't just list the product, like print magazines; you explain the developmental benefits of the toy and educate us. I really appreciate this info and like all parents, want to provide toys to help stimulate by baby's development. I really like your eco centric focus as well. Keep up the good work.

Anne said...

Jen, totally agree with your comment. It is SO helpful to know more about a product, especially from the developmental aspect. I love how Success Through Play picks the toys and products really carefully and avoids plastic toys! Hooray!!

Sarah said...

Yes, it's so refreshing to come to this site and not have to hear about celebrities etc. Just great info. I am in the process of choosing a gift registry and hadn't heard of giggle until now. I love the giggle criteria. Perfect for a type A mama to be like myself, who needs to research everything before buying. What will I do with my time now :-)