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The Happi Tummi™ is a 100% Natural External Herbal Remedy. It is a fabric waistband with a removable herbal pouch specially formulated for infants with colic and gas. It also relieves stomach aches and constipation. The combination of the heat and aromatherapy of these herbs soothes and calms the infant and caregiver too.

The Happi Tummi™ is cost effective, since it is re usable. It is good for up to 45 uses. It is all natural so there are no drugs or messy drops. It is also great when the baby is restless. It helps babies fall asleep. The Happi Tummi™ is Pediatrician Recommended and also recommended by other health professionals, such as lactation consultants, doulas, midwives, chiropractors and pediatric nurses throughout the country.

Invented by Nanette Meneses:

"My daughter was extremely colicky at 24 hours born. She would cry inconsolably for hours. The pediatrician and other doctors and specialists, such as our family doctor, nutritionist, herbalists and lactation consultant told me I would have to just ride it out. It would go away in hopefully 4 months. I refused to believe I had to helplessly watch my infant suffer for so many months. Many remedies were suggested that were not effective. From messy drops and drugs to changing my diet. I took an old Latin family remedy, of binding the stomach, combined with the heat that was suggested by the lactation consultants and nurses and the natural herbs, from the herbalists, combined together and it was like MAGIC! Within moments my baby stopped crying. And it kept working. She was able to sleep for hours and she no longer had the serious bouts of cries. Now, I had found a solution for my baby."

How to use:

The herbal pouch is heated in the microwave for 15 to 20 seconds until warm.

Please note:
microwaves may vary in power, so it is important that a parent checks the pouch to make sure that it is not too warm. The herbal pouch is then inserted into the Happi Tummi™ waistband, and wrapped around the infant's abdomen. Cuddle the baby and watch the Happi Tummi™ take effect!


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Success Through Play™ comments:

The Happi Tummi™ is an innovative designed to soothe and calm colicky babies. Winners of the iParenting HOT Award, iParenting Media Award and the Preemie Magazine Cool Stuff Award. If you have a colicky baby and your baby's doctor has ruled out any medical problems/illness, consider the Happi Tummi™. With it's multi sensory features, it is sure to help settle your colicky baby:

*Olfactory/aromatherapy: Herbal Pouch

*Gentle warmth: Heatable Herbal Pouch

*Tactile/proprioceptive: Adjustable Waistband

The herbal pouch insert contains a blend of lavender, chamomile, lemon grass, peppermint, spearmint, wheat and flax seed and smells wonderful. The Happi Tummi™ waistband is super soft to the touch and can be washed in cold water (remove herbal pouch first, as this is not washable!). A percentage of Happi Tummi™ proceeds are donated to child abuse prevention programs so you can feel good about your purchase.

We distributed 2 Happi Tummis™ to 2 sets of parents with colicky babies. The babies pediatricians had ruled out any illness or medical cause for their colic.

"We love the Happi Tummi™, which is designed so well and very easy to use. When Dylan, our 6 week year old son is having a colicky episode, we reach for the Happi Tummi™, which instantly soothes him with its warmth and unique secret herbal ingredients. His crying has reduced considerably and we love being able to have something completely natural on hand, which helps to calm him down so quickly. The herbal pouch smells divine and is very calming for adults as well. Perhaps the manufacturers can make one just for new moms and dads, who could surely use an aromatherapy pack in the early days of parenting."

"Thank you for sending us the Happi Tummi™. Our 10 week old daughter, Emily, has colic and it has been so frustrating to not be able to soothe and calm here-until now. The Happi Tummi is a fantastic product which helps to reduce Emily's fussiness and crying when we place it on her. the gentle warmth and aromatherapy help to lull her to sleep and we are finally being able to get in some zzz's ourselves. We recommend the Happi Tummi™ to all infants who have been diagnosed with colic."

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Alexandra said...

The Happi Tummi looks like a very interesting product. I really like the idea of combining gentle compression, aromatherapy and gentle warmth. 3 in 1 feature sounds promising.

Heidi said...

My colicky baby could DEFINITELY use this. What a great name: Happi Tummi.

Anna said...

What a great idea! This product looks very unique. My grandson is quite colicky and I am sure that he could benefit from this product.