Giveaway: Organic Baby Bunch

The award-winning Organic Bunch from The Baby Bunch combines a selection of super-soft, organic cotton garments with recycled paper flowers and leaves and wooden flowers for a spectacular floral presentation. The award winning "bouquet" makes a beautiful, yet practical gift for new parents.


The Baby Bunch handles US and Canada orders only.

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Congratulations Jessica M.

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Success Through Play™ comments:

Are you looking for a very special Baby Shower Gift which is not only practical, but beautifully presented? Look no further than The Baby Bunch. A creative husband and wife team designed a bunch of baby clothes. It looks like a stunning floral arrangement, but this arrangement won't wilt, because it actually consists of baby clothes rolled up to resemble flowers and presented with paper flowers and leaves!!! This gift is not only beautiful, but super functional. It's no wonder that this "bouquet" has one an award. One of the co-founders made a recent appearance on the Martha Stewart Show.

Words can't adequately describe how gorgeous The Baby Bunch looks in person, but trust us, this gift will be the center of attention at the Baby Shower! We applaud The Baby Bunch for offering an organic cotton option to eco-friendly moms-to-be. Organic Cotton clothing is perfect for baby's sensitive skin and great for the environment. We challenge you to find a more modern, stylish, eco-friendly baby shower gift on the market.

We sent 2 members of our parent panel an organic baby bunch each, courtesy of The Baby Bunch. The recipients told us that The Baby Bunch was the standout gift of the day at their Baby Shower and it this gift drew all the attention!!!!

"Not only is the floral arrangement simply stunning, but I can enjoy it for weeks before I take it apart to make use of the baby clothing. I hate having to throw flowers away when they wilt, but I won't have this problem this time! The organic clothing clothes are super-soft and luxurious and I can't wait to put them on my baby once he's here. I know that every pregnant woman will LOVE this baby shower gift."

"When I opened the box, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was in awe at the beautiful Baby Bunch. What a brilliant idea!!!!! It is certainly my favorite gift that I received at my Baby Shower."

Non organic Baby Bunches are available as well from the Baby Bunch and are packaged in your choice of a box or a bucket, for the modern mom-to-be. These bunches come in a variety of sizes and are affordably priced.

Also available are bunches for the Kitchen, Garden and Spa, so no-one is left out.

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Rina said...

What a clever idea! I also hate having to throw dead flowers away. What a waste! This product is like giving flowers, only they never die and the petals are really baby clothing. Wow!

Tia said...

I am going to enter this giveaway. I have very stylish and eco-friendly friend who's baby shower is coming up next month. Hold thumbs!

Jessica said...

How beautiful are these "bunches". This will surely make a spectacular baby shower gift!

Paula said...

What an original idea! I LOVE this!

Janet said...

I was lucky enough to receive a baby bunch at my baby shower. They truly are breaktaking!!!!!

Tracey said...

Wish I had thought of this. What a great idea. I love the bucket presentation. Very modern. Will make a superb Baby Shower Gift.