Giveaway: Sassy Earth Brights Six Piece Gift Set


Sassy introduces Earth Brights, a new line of infant development toys offering babies from birth to 24 months the warmth, comfort and pleasure of wooden toys with brightly colored and textured fabrics to see and touch, soothing scents to smell and soft sounds to hear. The multi-sensory appeal of wood naturally intrigues infants, encouraging them to use all of their senses to explore, wonder, think and discover the world. Sassy Earth Brights offers baby a unique play experience that involves all of her senses.


The Sassy Earth Brights six-piece gift set offers your baby a unique play experience. Each toy combines the warmth, comfort and pleasure of wood with brightly colored, textured fabrics to see and touch and soft sounds to hear. All Sassy Earth Bright toys are handcrafted using select hardwoods, brightly colored fabrics and water-based finishes. Because of their unique developmental properties, Sassy Earth Brights wooden toys will remain a special keepsake, long after your baby has grown.


• Wooden Dove (0 + months)

This peaceful little bird has a smooth, flat wooden body with a wing-shaped cutout that makes the toy easy for baby to grasp. Multi-textured fabric tail feathers crinkle to the touch. Colorful, knotted cords offer pleasing plumage for exploration by fingers and mouth. Shiny feet crinkle and tempt teething, too! Weighs approximately 2oz.

• See-Me Star (0 + months)

Twinkle, twinkle little star. Look baby, there you are! This textured fleece star holds a large, shatterproof mirror surrounded by soft yellow fabric. A flourish of ribbons dangles from the star and a bunch of knotty cords encourages exploration and touching. A smooth wooden ring provides the perfect handle. A soft little chime sounds with movement. Weighs approximately 2.7oz

• Mushroom Clutch Rattle (0 + months)

Made from two contrasting rich woods, this smooth mushroom-shaped rattle has a carved button top and a smooth wide stem for clutching. Wooden leaves slide back and forth across the button top and a fabric feature adds extra texture and interest. A soothing vanilla scent inspires baby’s sense of smell. Weights approximately 3.3oz

• Simply Natural Rattle (0 + months)

A softly curved wooden rattle offers a multitude of play features. Brightly colored soft fabric plumes on both ends of the rattle encourage touching and grasping. Some crinkle to the touch, others spring back when pulled. Listen to three vivid wooden beads clack together when the toy is shaken. Weighs approximately 3.1oz

• Wooden Trio (0 + months)

Three rings, three sides each – this is a triple treat for baby! Three
triangles – each painted in a different shade of water-based pigment – are held together by a flexible, twistable, turn-able, pull-able cord. Three leaves slide back and forth on one triangle, a ring spins inside another, while the third holds fabric shapes to explore by touch and sight. Weighs approximately 4.3oz

• Hexagon Rattle (0 + months)

This wooden six-sided rattle offers fun from every angle. The smooth hollowed out ring is easy to grasp and shake. Wooden rings on a center cord slide to make a pleasant clacking sound. Baby can bat at or use a tiny finger to spin the beads and slide them on the bar. A bright-colored fabric strip knotted around the rattle is great for grasping and shaking. The attachable rattle has a loop to keep it in place for on-the-go fun. Weighs approximately 3.1oz


Earth Brights from Sassy are available at Babies “R” Us and toy specialty stores. For a store near you, visit us online at or call 1-800-323-6336.

Giveaway: Sassy Earth Brights 6-piece gift set

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Success Through Play™ comments:

The 6-piece Earth Brights gift set from Sassy Baby is an affordable Baby Shower Gift that offers exceptional value! Each toy is presented beautifully on an earth friendly, recycled paperboard. Each toy is designed to inspire a particular skill, for example: "inspires grasping" or "inspired touch." and you can glance at the top right hand corner of the paperboard, to view the skill for that particular toy. The paperboard has a tree printed on it and the leaves of the tree offer toy highlights such as "shake for clickety-clack sound" thus parents can see the features at a glance. The Sassy Earth Brights Collection is"inspired by nature" and we applaud Sassy baby for creating this beautiful, eco-friendly line of toys which are non-plastic and will inspire creativity.

Play with me!
Each toy comes with a set of suggestions for how parents may want to incorporate that particular toy into play. This will particularly come in hand for new parents! You won't see any plastic, but in it's place, beautiful quality hardwoods which are smoothly sanded and delightful to the touch, paired with colorful textured fabrics. The 6-piece gift set includes a variety of toys which will encourage grasping skills, tactile, visual and auditory stimulation. Brightly colored water based finishes will attract and hold baby's interest. The textured fabrics include smooth satin, fluffy, corduroy stripes, terry cloth, felt which offer baby a variety of tactile stimulation. Some of the toys include crinkly fabrics which will encourage baby to practice grasping skills while receiving auditory feedback. Some toys in this collection have cords which baby can pull on! The full collection offers baby a multi-sensory learning experience and plenty of fun!

At about 6 months of age, when your baby an sit up independently, will he really begin to explore these toys to their fullest. Please note that each toy in this collection ranges in weight from 2.0oz to 4.3oz, so we would suggest saving the heavier toys for when baby can sit up independently and has sufficient strength and coordination to play with them.

Parents tend to throw a bunch of toys in front of baby, which can easily overwhelm him. Introduce one toy at a time, to help your baby to develop attention skills. Try placing baby in a variety of positions when playing with a toy, to encourage gross motor skills. When baby is young, try side-lying when she is awake, which will draw both her arms together, helping her to explore toys. Encourage tummy time by reserving her favorite Earth Brights toy for this special time, so that baby is motivate to play and hold her head up when she is on her tummy. Get down on the floor and encourage baby to explore these toys, while moving his body!

The 6 piece Earth Brights Gift Set will make a fantastic Baby Shower Gift which will last for years to come! A 4-piece gift set is also available. Toys may also be purchased individually.


Anonymous said...

I bought this exact gift set for a friend recently. They toys are heirloom quality and very well made. They cost a fraction of what competitors are charging. All in all a GREAT buy!

Stacey said...

Wow! These look fantastic. I am so SICK of plastic toys and these are a welcome change. I loved hearing how they come with suggestions for use. As a soon to be new parents, I will need all the help that I can get. Great article!

Britney Kent said...

The wooden dove looks so cute. I wish that quality wooden toys were available in my generation. I come from the plastic toys generation.

Keira said...

I love the combination of Wood and Textured Fabric. This allows the baby to experience a wide range of textures which is great for their sensory development. I am looking forward to seeing the Earth Brights Collection Expand!

Ryan said...

Wonderful-another giveaway. I LOVE February and hope to win. Thank you Sassy Baby.