Pontino Playgym from Selecta Spielzeug

Selecta´s History


*Selecta Spielzeug AG looks back on a long tradition. In 1968 Tilmann Förtsch and Günther Menzel grounded the company with the aim to provide high value, specially chosen toys which promote the development of children. The natural raw material wood is especially suitable for this. The name of the company mirrors the company philosophy: "Selecta" is from the Latin and means something similar to "the chosen".

Selecta today

*Selecta Spielzeug AG has their principal office in Edling, near Wasserburg am Inn in Bavaria, Germany. Out in the country with a wonderful view of the Bavarian alps, the Selecta employees work meticulously on new innovative and high value toys and games.

General terms:


*From our beginnings, we have traditionally manufactured the majority of our products in our own factory so that, with the exception of a very few products, all of our products proudly bear the "Made in Germany" mark. We monitor all of our products from the development stage right through to manufacture so that we can offer our customers the best possible guarantee of quality. During the manufacturing process all components are subject to continuous quality control procedures which is how we are able to guarantee our high quality standards.


*Selecta toys are manufactured in compliance with current European and international standards. Our products are tested in accordance with the European standard for toys, from the earliest development phases through to their introduction to market. Our products are also tested by the T?V Product Service for compliance with European Standard EN71 and are certified with the GS safety mark. Our products are also tested and certified to ensure compliance with US standard ASTM.

Surface finishing

*As a natural material, wood can be safely put into a child's mouth. Selecta only uses environmentally-friendly and totally safe paints and lacquers which comply with EN71 and US safety standard ASTM.

*We were one of the first manufacturers to provide our products with an additional coating of beeswax, which naturally finishes the surface with a very soft, velvety coating.

*Using a special transfer printing process, we are able to print colorful illustrations onto the wood itself. This process enables us to produce very bright and brilliant colors, as well as providing a strong scratch-resistant surface which can withstand saliva.


*We are legally obliged to attach warning notices to our products. The purpose of these is to guarantee that the toy is used properly. They also provide additional information about its use and age-based suitability.

*The intention of the legislature is that this will counteract any risks which could occur by children using the toys incorrectly. We would therefore recommend that you observe these warning notices and retain them for future use.


*Our objective is to sustain and protect our environment and to this end we have already put in place a number of measures and are continuously working to improve these further.

*We primarily work with native woods, especially maple and in order to ensure that we do not fell more trees than are re-planted, we support sustainable forestry by working with PEFC/FSC-certified timber companies. We use the wood chips left over from our production processes to meet our company's entire heating requirement and continuously monitor and improve our production processes to make further energy savings and prevent CO² emissions.

Working conditions

*We have a duty to offer humane working conditions in our own production plants and demand the same from our suppliers. We deal with our employees in a correct and proper manner and offer them a safe and healthy working environment. We monitor our practices on an ongoing basis to ensure that we comply with all regulations relating to working hours, minimum wage and the ban on child labor.

Pontino Babygym

This colorful arch, a new look for the familiar babygym, stimulates the senses as your baby discovers the world from the playmat. The colored rings and the balls hanging from their multi-colored cords move in response to your baby's movements, as do the musical bells.

*25 x 17 1/2 x 18 1/2 inches


Selecta products can be found in over 30 countries. You can find shops near you by clicking here.

Success Through Play™ comments:

Are you looking for an heirloom quality playgym that isn't made from cheap plastic and that will last for years to come? Let us introduce you to the Pontino Playgym from Selecta Spielzeug, a high quality wooden playgym which is proudly made in Germany. This beautiful wooden playgym is very well designed and boasts the most stable frame that we have yet to see. Rest assured that this playgym won't topple over, even with the feistiest of babies. The high quality wood has a very smooth finish and feels wonderful to the touch. The Pontino Playgym features an arch dotted with colorful wooden beads, which resemble a colorful rainbow, which is sure to attract baby's attention and interest. Three colorful toys hang from the arch: a colorful wooden bird in the center, surrounded by 2 round shaped wooden toys with bells on either side. The adorable bird has a bold red body, a bright yellow beak, blue wings and green feet which will capture baby's attention and encourage him to play and learn.

The lead free paint is safe for babies and saliva resistant and the surfaces are coated with beeswax for protection. The Pontino Playgym will stimulate your baby's visual skills, eye-hand coordination, fine motor coordination and provide him with auditory stimulation. Make tummy time more appealing by jiggling the bells to encourage baby to lift his head up. Make supine play (on his back) fun by encouraging baby to reach and swipe (and later grab) the toys! Once baby is able to weight bear in the prone position (on his tummy), he will have lots of fun weight bearing on one hand while using the other hand to reach for the toys. Once baby can sit independently, around 6 months of age, position him in front of the playgym and let him play the 3 toys! By 6 months of age, he will have sufficient fine motor skills to explore the 3 toys on a more advanced level.

The Pontino Playgym will make a beautiful Baby Shower Gift that is top quality and will last for many generations to come. We commend Selecta Spielzeug for producing safe, high quality wooden toys in an ethical factory in Germany and setting a fine example for other toy manufacturers to follow. Their eco-friendly mantra is an inspiration to us all.

We would like to thank Selecta Spielzeug for sending us the Pontino Playgym all the way from Germany. We hope to feature additional toys from Selecta Spielzeug in the future.

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Uma said...

This playgym is beautiful! I am in the market to buy a plastic free wooden playgym that will last! I have found it. Thank you!

Tina said...

I really love how stable it is. The bright rainbow arch is gorgeous!

Ivonne said...

I LOVE Selecta products. High quality, non-toxic German made toys that will last.

Jennifer said...

This playgym looks fantastic! I would rather invest is high quality, non-toxic wooden toys such as this one, then bother with cheap plastic.

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Anonymous said...

I only buy Germany Made Products. The quality is superb and I can trust the engineering.