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Transitioning from the Womb to the World is one of the first challenges for a baby. Dr. Harvey Karp named the first 4 months of a newborns life the "4th trimester" indicating that your newborn is in a sense still very immature and will continue to require a womb like environment for the first 4 months of life. The unique and patented design of the Hushamok, provides a womb like environment for your baby, helping to make the transition from womb to world a smoother one.

The Hushamok was developed by Mark and Julie Soboil after the birth of their first child, who had colic. A friend suggested they try a hammock, which has been used for centuries to calm infants. The hammock worked wonders in soothing their restless and unsettled baby. With Mark and Julie’s backgrounds in Environmental Science and interest in using sustainable materials, their journey to design modern comfort solutions began. The Hushamok is a modern take on an old tradition and blends modern design with function beautifully.

The unique design of the hammock provides vestibular and proprioceptive and input to your baby, which is calming and soothing. Contrast that to a huge, empty crib, where a baby may feel insecure, especially after just coming out of the womb in which he was tightly nestled.

The most innovative feature of the Hushamok is the hammock's ability to sway gently and be bounced. Parents can gently rock and bounce baby to sleep and best of all, baby's natural movements will set the hammock into a gentle motion, so that he can self soothe during the night. Babies who are properly positioned in the Hushamok tend to sleep longer than babies in regular cribs, making parents VERY happy. The proprioceptive and vestibular stimulation which the Hushamok provides, helps to calm your fussy/colicky baby and at the same time promotes body awareness and neurological and physical development.

The Hushamok Hammock sits low to the ground, which makes it a safe choice for your baby. Parents can easily reach over without getting out of their bed and check on their baby with ease! This is important for moms who have had Caesarean Sections, those recovering from difficult births and parents with disabilities.

With the Hushamok, there are no dangerous slats to compromise safety, but instead, the Hushamok is made from 100% Turkish Organic Cotton with a Polyethylene Mattress, providing your baby with a non-toxic environment. In addition, The Hushamok is JMPA Certified.

Changing your baby's sheet has never been easier. Forget back breaking manoeuvre that parents with regular cribs have to perform, to change their baby's mattress! The Hushamok is super portable and fits into the sturdy travel bag provided for easy travel.


Easy to setup - Frame assembles quickly and easily. Few (frame, leaf spring and hammock) and unique components to deal with make it easy to understand how things come together, and apart.

Secure stand connections - Double, large sized, heavy duty pins lock in place easily while allowing for adults to assemble and disassemble the frame quickly. The double pins help keep the frame together.

Leaf Spring to Hammock assembly is secure, cant come untied, as the weight of the hammock and child pulls the loops tighter, and the tab on the underside ensures the loops will not come free.

Wide base for outstanding stability, not easy to tip over even with baby swinging side to side

Uses Welded Leaf Spring to frame connecting rod, and immovable hanging hook, not a threaded bolt that might come undone or wear away at the frame or components, dropping metal filings into the hammock and onto the child.

Sturdy hammock materials, will not tare or stretch out and deform over time.

No paint on the frame to chip off, be ingested by the child, and will look great over a long period of time and multiple children.


The Hushamok Baby Hammock is an early development product designed for newborns up to approximately 6 months or 22 pounds. Hushamok recommends using the product when baby is born.

Hushamok MySeat

The perfect accessory to extend the life of your frame! The Hushamok MySeat can be used when babies are approximately 12 weeks of age and comes equipped with a removable neck support, tether and harness system. The beautifully crafted MySeat is made from organic cotton and provides a soft, comfortable yet supportive sitting environment for your child. The MySeat can accommodate children up to 50 pounds. Supervision at all times is required with the MySeat.

We were eager to distribute the Hushamok Dream to our parent panel, who were sleep deprived and VERY cranky due to their colicky babies who had kept them up all night, for weeks on end. Here are some comments from the parent panel:

"I was feeling helpful and very frustrated. My baby's pediatrician informed me that my 6 week old baby has colic. I wouldn't wish colic on my worst enemy. I can't begin to describe how we feel. Malia cries almost non-stop, with increased severity in the early evenings and throughout the night. She had been sleeping in a regular crib, which is enormous for her tiny body. My husband assembled the Hushamok Dream easily and quickly and we anxiously awaited Malia's expression as we gently placed her in the hammock. To our delightful surprise, she started to calm down and we were in awe that we could gently rock her, helping to calm and soothe her. You definitely can't do that with a regular sized crib. Malia took to the hammock very well and we only wish that we had heard about it from the get go, so that we could have placed her in it the moment that we arrived home from the hospital. We really liked the design, which lies low the ground, making it clearly safer than a standard crib. The frame blends in with our modern decor and friends have commented on its cool design. I could easily reach over and check on her, which I really like. My husband was definitely apprehensive at first, because of the Hushamok's unique design, but within minutes he was sold. Now we can all look forward to nap and sleep time. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

"Our baby, Henry, was diagnosed with GERD (reflex) which made sleep and nap times difficult at best. Our pediatrician explained that a regular crib is not the best option for babies with reflux because the baby's head isn't elevated and a crib is stationary. He commented that his patients had experienced great relief with the Hushamok hammock. I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Success Through Play Magazine at the perfect time. The soothing motion of the Hushamok calmed him and lulled him to sleep. Henry experienced significantly less reflux and is much calmer and happier thanks to Hushamok!"


Hushamok offers several options to suit your budget and needs. The Hushamok Dream Package includes an Aluminium Stand, Organic Baby Hammock, Sheet Set, Mattress and Travel Bag.

Tight on space or on a budget? New for 2010, the Hushamok has the added feature of using the Hushamok Hammock without a stand. Click here for more details.

If you love the look of wood, consider the gorgeous Okoa Stand made from European Beech Wood which replaces the Aluminium stand in function.

The Hushamok Organic MySeat will extend the life of your frame and provides a unique sensory experience for your child. The

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Anonymous said...

Excellent review. As a reader, I appreciate that you have taken the time to work with the product as is evident by the pictures. Many other magazines simply use the product companies images and I am left wondering if the magazine even worked with the product. I am 28 weeks along and am very interested in the benefits of the Hushamok. Thank you.

Tessa said...

I have heard about baby hammocks but until reading this article, I never understand why parents don't simply use a crib right away. It appears that the sensory benefits of calming and soothing baby during the "4th Trimester" can make all the difference. Keep the great articles coming!

Gina said...

We are on a tight budget and live in a tiny apartment and didn't think that we could afford to by the Hushamok or would room for it - until now! Kudos to Hushamok for making the hammock available without the stand and with the hardware included.

Jacqui Grey said...

This is very interesting indeed. I am impressed that this hammock is JPMA certified and made from organic cotton. It doesn't hurt that the design is uber-cool.

Sam said...

I love the modern design. My first 2 had colic and I expect my 3rd will as well. I will be ordering one :-)

Samantha said...

I've been researching hammocks and what I found really impressive about the Hushamok was the fact that it has the optional Myseat. It means we can support a sustainable product invention. Thank you Hushamok for developing such thoughtful and eco-friendly products.

Janet said...

What a cool hammock. The contrast between a static crib and a hushamok for the initial months is staggering and I think this product is well worth the investment. I hope to see it available in mainstream stores so that expecting moms can add it to their gift registry.

Success Through Play said...

We haven't heard of this problem before. What kind of diapering system are you currently using? Is it possible that your baby is a heavy soaker and is repeatedly soaking through the fabric of the hammock? What plastic area are you referring to?

Lena said...

Never have had a mold problem! I would recommend hanging the hammock outside in the sun on a regular basis and check to make sure that it is not getting wet.