Deluxe Ubi Changing Table

While changing her youngest son's diaper in the spring of 2006, Sue Wong suddenly longed for a way to make the diaper changing process easier. She was tired of holding up the legs of her wiggly toddler with one hand while with the other hand, trying to pull a new diaper out of the tightly packed plastic packaging, unfold it, and slide it under his bottom.

This son was particularly active, which often made the changing process even more frustrating. What she needed was an extra hand. But that wasn't possible. So with her background in mechanical engineering (aerospace and telecommunication industries), she conceptualized a diaper dispenser built into the changing table surface that it automatically fed a new diaper for the next change. She also wanted a surface that had fastener strips to hold the diaper flat while changing the baby. So, she got to work and built the first prototype out of cardboard. Thus, the concept of the Ubi changing table was born. She used this prototype for over 6 months and found it to be indispensable.

Stylish, hip and incredibly quick. Not words one would typically associate with changing diapers, but the Ubi changing table is all that and more. The Ubi changing table is available in a basic and deluxe version. Both the basic and deluxe tables make changing diapers a breeze by always having a fresh diaper laid out ready for the next change, while the retro-mod prints and clean wood lines appeal to today's modern parents.

What makes the Ubi stand out from all other changing tables?

Functional - A built in diaper dispenser makes the process incredibly quick and allows for easy preparation for the next diaper change

Convenient - The compact size makes the table portable and versatile so it can be located in any room of your home

Safe - Low to the ground where baby is safest

Stylish - Modern styling with designer prints and clean wood lines.


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Success Through Play comments:

Did you know that over 2000 babies in the USA land up in the Emergency Room annually as a result of falling off their changing tables? Consider upgrading to the Ubi Changing Table which sits on the floor, making it one of the safest changing tables on the market today.

The Ubi Changing Table is innovative, modern, stylish and super functional. The Ubi changing table is available in 2 models: The Basic and the Deluxe. Both models are available in 2 wood options: cherry and natural and 6 cool fabric choices. Click here for details. The Ubi Changing Table meets US safety standards for changing tables.

Ubi LLC sent us the Deluxe Ubi Changing Table for this review. The Deluxe Ubi Changing Table weighs in at approximately 16 pounds, is superbly designed, sturdy and very well constructed; we couldn't tip this changing table over! The beautiful fabric and clean lines of the Ubi resemble a modern piece of art/furniture and will definitely attract plenty of compliments!

The Deluxe Ubi changing table arrived pre-assembled to accommodate size newborn diapers. The built-in diaper dispenser (only found on the Deluxe model) is one of the most innovative features of this changing table. The diaper dispenser is adjustable for 6 different diaper sizes: size Newborn diapers through to size 5 diapers with a Phillips screwdriver by following the directions in the manual. The changing table will hold a baby up to 30 lbs in weight. A safety belt is included with each changing table, however it is not shown in the pictures. Using the safety restraint system each time you change your baby's diaper ensures his safety. The safety strap adjusts by loosening the base support screws so that you place the belt in the ideal position as your baby grows (usually around his waist/chest). These 2 adjustable features are evidence of this products superb design and a demonstration of Sue Wong's background as a mechanical engineer.

The changing table boasts a padded microbial surface (PVC free) which prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria will make clean up a breeze!

How do I use it?

*The Deluxe Ubi Changing Table will make changing your baby's diaper simple, fast and yes, even pleasurable. This changing table must only to be used on the floor, away from sharp objects. Do NOT place this changing table on top of any other surface such as table, dresser etc. Maximum weight permitted on the changing table is 30 pounds.

Set up:

*The built-in diaper dispenser is designed to hold your baby's diapers: 8-10 Size Newborn Diapers. Simply insert the diapers into the receptacle. Lift up the rear flap of the diaper and unfold the diaper tabs and attach them to the fastener strips.

Changing a Diaper:

*Position baby appropriately on the changing table.
*Secure baby on the changing table using the safety restraint
*Remove the dirty diaper and clean your baby!
*Pull the front flap of the diaper over your baby's waist and fasten the tabs.
*Remove your baby from the table.
*Pull rear flap of next diaper and fasten to table so that you are ready for the next diaper change.

For diagrammatic instructions, please click here.


We all have hectic schedules and finding time for regular tummy time sessions for your baby can be challenging. How about building tummy time sessions into your regular schedule? Let baby clock in some tummy time minutes following each diaper change during the day! This can be very easily accomplished when using the Ubi Changing Table, since you are already down on the floor! Position baby's favorite play mat in close proximity to the Ubi for an easy transition.

We distributed the Deluxe Ubi Changing Table to a mom who was struggling to change her active baby's diapers on her own!

"I used to dread changing diapers before I received the Deluxe Ubi Changing Table. My baby is very squirmy and active and he needed 2 adults to assist with each diaper change! My husband works long hours and this wasn't a viable option so I was left having to struggle on my own which made my feel frustrated and incompetent. When trying to change a squirmy baby, time is of the essence. I was thrilled to receive the Ubi which has literally changed my life. I no longer have to waste time reaching for and unfolding the diaper because it's all ready to go with the built-in dispenser and the fastener strips. It's as if I have a 2nd pair of hands all set up and ready to go, helping me out and I couldn't be more happy. I really like that the Ubi changing table is used on the floor, because it's so much safer this way. Most of my friends have told me horror stories where their babies have tumbled off their regular changing tables which are up high. It's more common than you would think. I really like the padded surface which is not only stylish and chic, but easy to clean and I feel relieved knowing that the surface is anti-microbial. Following each diaper change, I place my baby on his play mat, which is adjacent and he can clock in some tummy time minutes. When I used a regular changing table, which was waist high, I honestly forgot about tummy time and only remembered at the end of each day. With the Ubi, it's super easy to remember, because we are on the floor to start with! I know that we are both benefiting from this wonderful product and I was to thank Ubi!"

We highly recommend buying the Deluxe Model over the Basic Model due to the innovative built-in diaper dispenser which will save you time and frustration! We would like to thank Ubi LLC for sending us the Deluxe Ubi Changing Table for this review.

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Lara said...

WOW, excellent write up. I had no idea that falling off a changing table was so common. This really makes me think about diapering in a different way.

Ruth Kagan said...

Yes, it is actually really common. Being down on the floor is absolutely the safest option, period. This changing table looks fantastic and I am really impressed that a mom who is also a mechanical engineer has designed this.

Molly said...

I LOVE the fabric options. Diapering has never been this stylish :-)

Tara said...

What a brilliant idea! I love this entire concept. Low to the ground, which makes is ultra safe, built-in dispenser which feeds you diapers and the fastener tabs to hold them. Genius engineer!!!

Jennifer said...

I love the different fabrics, they are so modern and chic. The features of the changing table are really innovative and I have always felt more comfortable changing a baby on the ground. This table will make it so much easier and safer to do this. Diaper duty will now be easier and safer. Love it!!!!!

Miriam said...

This product really sounds fantastic. I have pondered the safety of traditional changing tables for a while now. A changing table that sits low to the ground is the perfect solution. The Ubi is so hip and perfect for modern parents who are looking for fashion and function. Thank you for keeping us clued up about the most innovative products on the market.

Rebecca said...

I am usually a lurker and don't post, but when I saw this write-up, I fely compelled to!

I received the Ubi Changing Table as a Baby Shower Gift from a close friend of mine. It has been the best gift that I received (by far), and I can rest assured knowing that it's the safest changing table on the market! It's really beautiful to look at and makes changing diapers fun and easy. I received the Deluxe version and the built-in diaper dispenser is incredible! The fastener strips functional as that "second pair of hands" and I love how sturdy and stable the table feels. It's so simple to wipe clean and the overall quality of this changing table is excellent. I do think that my baby is benefiting from extra tummy time/play time on the floor because of this product. I will admit that once I am down on the floor changing diapers, I tend to want to stay down there a while and my baby gets to play on his play mat and has lots of fun! I would love to see Ubi come out with matching/coordinating play mats (circular in design) to complete the modern look). I would highly recommend this amazing product and truly think that it's a "must have".

Katherine said...

Brilliant invention. My sister-in-law sent me one for my Baby Shower and let me tell you, it will change the way that you think about diapering. Everyone should have won-fabulous product, super well constructed and best of all, very very safe.