Giveaway: Gymboree® - The Parent's Guide to Play

Book Description

170 Gymboree® activities that help parents discover new ways to play with their babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Gymboree -- The Parent's Guide to Play combines the best baby and toddler activities into one book that offers hours of fun for parents and their little ones. These kid-tested activities also provide children with a solid foundation for the skills they will need in preschool.

With activities designed to stimulate imagination, expand vocabulary and build skills, the book features:

* Skill Spotlights, describing each activity's benefits
* Parental Tips and Research Reports, explaining how a child develops
* Tips for using materials at home
* Words and clapping rhythms to songs.

Organized by age, activities range from quiet observation and singing to boisterous climbing games and music-making. From interacting with a newborn, to engaging a toddler, to exploring the world with a preschooler, this book makes excellent use of the experience, wisdom and imagination that have made Gymboree® a famous brand name around the world.

Consulting Editors:

Dr. Wendy S. Masi is a developmental psychologist who has designed programs for preschools. An early childhood professional for 25 years, she is dean of the Mailman Segal Institute at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale.

Dr. Roni Cohen Leiderman is a developmental psychologist with 25 years of experience. She is associate dean of the Mailman Segal Institute at Nova Southeastern University.

Book Info:

*Publisher: Firefly Books
*Pages: 304
*Publication Date: 8/14/2006
*Trim Size: 8 1/4" x 8 1/4" x 1"
*Notes: Paperback color photographs and panels throughout, glossary
*ISBN: 1-55407-205-0
*Price in U.S.: $ 19.95


Available at bookstores, online booksellers, or by calling 1-800-387-5085



Congratulations Wendy S.

Success Through Play™ comments:

Babies, toddlers and children learn through playing and the first three years of your child's life is a critical time for growth and development. All parents want to maximize this unique learning period and the best way to do this is to provide your baby with plenty of opportunities to play. Even seasoned parents may need some ideas for activities that they can play with their baby and we have found the perfect book to do just this. Gymboree -The Parent's Guide to Play weighs in at over 2 pounds and boasts 304 pages! This delightful book is packed with more than 170 baby and toddler activities to maximize your baby/toddler's development during the birth to three years. Consulting Editors include 2 developmental psychologists who offer their unique insights into the developmental benefit that each activity offers. Parental tips offer insider advice from experienced parents who have been there. Brief results of research studies are included, which offer interesting insights into the latest information about child development. A variety of activities are presented including music and movement (lyrics provided) sensory exploration, tactile fun, outdoor activities, imaginative play and many, many more! The activities are presented very clearly and are accompanied by beautiful pictures so that caregivers will easily be able to understand the activity! Each activity is accompanied by a short paragraph called "Skill Spotlight" where caregivers can quickly see at a glance what skills the presented activity is designed to work on, for example: eye-hand coordination or gross motor coordination with a glossary included at the back of the book to explain these terms! Ideas for tummy time activities are well presented along with clear photographs which will ensure success! The authors also provide tips for massaging your baby while explaining the benefits. What is so special about this book is that you won't be required to go and buy a host of expensive "developmental toys" but instead, the activities presented use every day items that you have around your house! Ideas are offered for how you can make your own toys, which we really liked. This book will make a terrific Baby Shower Gift that will empower parents to take an active role in playing with their baby and provide many hours of fun for everyone.

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Amy said...

Wow, this book weighs 2 pounds! I will surely have enough ideas for fun activities.

Tracey said...

Thank you for offering yet another great giveaway.

Kristen said...

This book sounds just what I have been looking for :-) I am on the look out for fun activities to stimulate my baby, but without having to go out and buy expensive toys.