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Boppy® Bare Naked Pillow

The Boppy® Feeding and Infant support pillow is America’s favorite baby product, voted #1 by moms for five years in a row. And, now, this beloved product is better than ever for feeding your little one. With our newly engineered Miracle Middle™ stretch panel, this award winner now stretches to fit every waist size. But, some things haven’t changed: this versatile pillow still puts mom or Dad in an ergonomically correct position to support tired arms and neck while feeding baby and is still the best spot for baby while she is lying, playing and learning to sit. You’ve got a busy life ahead, you might as well be comfortable.

The Boppy® Bare Naked pillow begins undressed just like your little one. Dress it up with one of the many stylish Boppy® Slipcovers. In fact, be sure to buy a second slipcover so that while one is in the wash, your Boppy® pillow is never out of commission.

Boppy® Signature Slipcover:

Boppys® are kind of shy. Give them something great to wear. Boppy® Slipcovers are machine-washable and fit every Boppy® pillow.

So it's easy for moms to keep things clean, even with babies new to this whole eating routine who may have a accident or two.

Boppy Luxe Noggin Nest Head® Support:

The Boppy Noggin Nest® head support slightly raises baby's head so that it isn't lying flat against a hard surface. Patented design includes a cut-out hole to relieve pressure from the back of baby's head, helping to maintain the roundness of his head. Use the Boppy Noggin Nest® head support in baby's bouncer, swing or stroller. Available in black minky fabric to comfort baby all over. Please note, Boppy Noggin Nest® is not for use in baby's car seat or crib.


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We would like to thank The Boppy Company for sponsoring this giveaway.

Congratulations Mandy R.

Success Through Play™ comments:

Boppy® Bare Naked Feeding and Infant Support Pillow:
The Award Winning Boppy® Pillow is now available with a Miracle Middle™ stretch panel to fit all waist sizes. Use your Boppy® Pillow to nurse your baby in comfort and with ease. A good quality nursing pillow such as the Boppy® Bare Naked Pillow, is essential for attaining the correct position for nursing; for both mom and baby. Inadequate support and positioning can cause breastfeeding difficulties and leave mom with a sore neck, shoulders and back. The Boppy® Pillow is a high quality pillow which can assist mom in attaining an ergonomic, functional and above all comfortable nursing position which will encourage mom to continue breastfeeding. After feeding, prop baby up on the pillow, to reduce reflux. Encourage your baby to partake in regular supervised tummy time sessions throughout the day by positioning him over the Boppy® Pillow, allowing him to weight bear on his forearms and later his hands. When baby is developing sitting balance, the Boppy® Pillow can be used to provide lateral and posterior support in the sitting position, providing stability and allowing your baby to participate in active play. One pillow that can be used in so many ways makes it an essential buy. The Boppy® Bare Naked Pillow arrives packaged in its own storage bag complete with handles for easy storage and transport. Please follow safety instructions included on the packaging.

Boppy® Signature Slipcover:
This luxurious slipcover is the perfect companion to the Boppy® Bare Naked Pillow. 2 Looks, 1 Slipcover. Available in beautiful prints and patterns which will delight mom and baby. All Boppy® slipcovers fit all Boppy® Pillows and vice versa. All Boppy® Slipcovers are machine washable.

If you are on a budget but still want 2 looks with 1 slipcover, consider the reversible slipcovers and the 2 sided slipcovers.

Stock up on several slipcovers, so that you always have a clean one on hand. For the eco-conscious mom, The Boppy Company offers an Organic Cotton Slipcover, in a beautiful cream shade. We applaud The Boppy Company for offering consumers a "green" option.

Boppy® Luxe Noggin Nest Head Support

This innovative product from The Boppy Company is helping to reduce positional plagiocephaly in babies (flat head syndrome). With the huge selection of containers on the market (swings, bouncers, strollers) it's no wonder that positional plagiocephaly is on the rise. Babies who spend a good majority of their day in a "container" are at greater risk of developing plagiocephaly (flattened head), as the head (which has many soft spots) is resting against a hard, flat surface.

In addition, babies remain very passive in their containers, which limits their opportunity to develop their motor skills. Limit time that your baby spends in his bouncer, swing and stroller and rather focus on carrying your baby in a soft carrier and allowing plenty of supervised tummy time sessions during the day. Purchase the Noggin Nest for your baby's swing, bouncer or stroller (not car seat) to reduce the chances of your baby baby developing positional plagiocephaly. The Noggin Nest, when used correctly and in conjunction with limited time in containers, electing to Babywear instead of strolling during the first year and combined with several supervised tummy time sessions during the day, can help to decrease your baby's risk of developing positional plagiocephaly. The Luxe Noggin Nest features a luxurious minky fabric which is ultra-soft and gentle against baby's sensitive skin. It is solidly constructed with a generous side padding for added comfort. This innovative product is a must have essential for our modern lives.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants be placed on their back to sleep hence the term "Back to Sleep". The keywords here are "BACK TO SLEEP" and "TUMMY AWAKE", meaning place baby on his back to sleep but during his awake hours, ensure that he gets plenty of supervised Tummy Time. This product is NOT for use in a bed, crib, car seat or carrier. This product should only be used in the reclined position for infants. Do not allow baby to lie face down on this product. Only use in a RECLINING bouncer, swing and stroller. Please consult the packaging for details.

If you notice that your baby is developing a flat spot, please consult your baby's health care provider immediately for a full evaluation. Early diagnosis is key to treating plagiocephaly.

Additional Tips:
*Avoid buying the all in one Travel Stroller Systems which utilize a car seat in the stroller. We strongly feel that babies should only be placed in the car seat when in the car. When not in a car, remove baby from car seat and place him in a soft carrier which has a clear advantage.

*Alternate your baby's position so that he gazes to both the left and the right at interesting objects.

The Boppy® Noggin Nest, Boppy Pillows and Slipcovers are fabulous choices for Baby Shower Gifts. Boppy offers a full range of Pillows in beautiful fabric choices, as well as selection of Boppy® Pillows with Designer Slipcovers for the stylish mom-to-be.

To view the full range of Boppy® Products, please visit:


Sandra said...

Wow, great review! I am thrilled about the Organic Cotton Boppy Slipcover.

Amy Green said...

I LOVE my Boppy Pillow and I agree that it's a must have for all new moms. It's so versatile, I have 2 Pillow with several slipcovers!

Maria said...

My daughters pediatrician recommended the Noggin Nest, plus plenty of tummy time and limiting time in "containers". Thank you for spreading the word. I also cringe when I see a baby being carried around the store/library etc in a car seat! Car seats are just for the car people!!!

Benita said...

The slipcovers are SO chic and stylish.

Lauren said...

Thank you for offering this GREAT giveaway!! I am 6 months pregnant and would love to win a Boppy Pillow. My friends recommend it highly and its seems to have so many uses and looks indispensable.

Sara said...

Wow, I had no idea that the Boppy Pillow has won so many awards!!! Totally deserving :-)

Keira said...

An organic cotton cover for my Boppy? I am in eco-heaven.

Claire said...

I received the Noggin Nest for my Baby Shower and we use whenever we place our baby in a "container". It is very well designed and comfy for my baby. Thank you for the info and useful tips.

kate said...

Wow, these slipcovers are stunning!

Dorothy said...

Our Pediatrician also recommended the Noggin Nest for our baby. It is a brilliant invention and provided it is used properly and babies aren't placed in containers for long periods of time, can really help to prevent positional plagiocephaly. The Boppy Pillow is another MUST HAVE in my opinion. Great Article.

Melinda said...

Excellent review. Thank you for offering a giveaway! Boppy Rocks!

Alex said...

You have highlighted 2 great products from Boppy. I recommend these 2 to all my friends.

Emm said...

Thank you for bringing awareness to the growing problem of positional plagiocephaly. I wasn't very informed and placed my baby in containers for hours on end. I was the mom that carted her baby around in her car seat, even when we were not in the car. I didn't encourage tummy time, because my baby protested. My baby developed positional plagiocephaly and we started noticing facial asymmetry. She got diagnosed by an expert and is now having to wear a helmet, which will slowly correct her flat head. It has been a long and difficult process and I wish that I had known that I had since come to discover. All the advice in this article is spot on and completely in line with what all the experts have told me. Great job.

Emily said...

I love the Amy Coe and DwellStudio Collection from Boppy! I didn't know that they were designing for Boppy.

Amy said...

Emm, we are in the same boat so I can definitely relate. If we have another baby in the future, I will be buying the Noggin Nest, limiting time in containers, encouraging regular tummy tummy sessions from the get go and babywearing for at least the first year, instead of using a stroller. I wish that we were told these things in advance in our child prep classes!!!!

Cathy said...

Boppy Rocks! Can't image what I would do without my Boppy. It can be used in so many ways! Buy several covers, because babies can be very messy :-)