Speesees Organic Cotton Kimono Top

Our mission at speesees is to be fun, fair and organic in the products we make, the way we conduct business, and the baby steps we take towards creating a more sustainable future for the animal, plant and human speesees on our children's planet.

Rachel Pearson, founder of speesees:

"I was inspired to create speesees when my friends began having children & i realized there was a shortage of high quality and cute baby clothing on the market. The word s-p-e-e-s-e-e-s is the way baby might spell species if baby could spell."

"Flooded with natural light and surrounded by an organic garden, our factory in India is the quintessential work environment; everyone receives a fair working wage & our manufacturers give money to the local village school & orphanage. we recently built a playground at the orphanage, called 'ananya playground' (named after our manufacturer's daughter, ananya)."


This kimono is perfect for pregnancy, post-pregnancy or no pregnancy at all! Designed for simple breastfeeding, this kimono top is soft, stylish & a nice addition to any wardrobe. Double layed for extra-protection. 24 rib & contrast stitching. Made from 100% organic interlock cotton with a long cut, tapered arms and featuring coconut adjusting buttons. Available is sizes: S, M, L, XL

Success Through Play™ comments:

We commend speesees for their commitment to producing stylish organic cotton clothing under ethical working conditions. This beautiful Organic Cotton Kimono from speesees is flattering on all figures and is ideal for Spring. The Kimono's design is superb. We love the adjusting buttons which allow for weight gain or weight loss, making it ideal for pregnancy, post partum/transitional wear and even stylish non-pregnant women. The coconut buttons below the bust resemble wood and coordinate beautifully with this top. The Kimono Top is available in 4 sizes and 3 colors: neutral earth, vibrant raspberry and beautiful redwood.

We would like to thank speesees for sending us 3 Kimono Tops for this review. We distributed the first to Jennifer, who is pregnant with her first child and is in her second trimester. The second top was sent to Anna, a Nursing Mom and the third top was distributed to Gina, a college student (not pregnant!).

Jennifer: "This kimono top is beautiful and very flattering on my growing bump. The organic cotton fabric is ultra-soft and non-irritating on my sensitive skin. The kimono coordinates well with my maternity jeans, capris and skirts. I will be able to get lots of wear out of this top and once my band size increases as my pregnancy progresses, I will be able to simply let out the top by fastening the button on the wider setting. What a clever idea! Thank you Speesees."

Anna: "This Kimono Top is ideal for nursing with its simple design that makes nursing a snap. Nursing is enough of a challenge without having to struggle with complicated openings and intricate designs. I really appreciate the adjusting buttons because I am still carrying some extra weight. Once my band size has decreased, I will be able to fasten the buttons on the narrower setting, so that the top continues to fit me well. The quality of this top is excellent. "

Gina: "As a college student living in Portland, Oregon, I have become very eco-conscious and am committed to having the least possible environmental footprint on our planet. I try to buy organic food and now recently, have begun to buy organic cotton clothing. Going green doesn't mean having to sacrifice your style; quite the contrary. This Kimono Top from speesees is definitely in style! I love the organic cotton fabric which is super soft to touch and very comfortable to wear Organic cotton clothing is healthier for both the consumer and the environment so it is a win-win situation. I love pairing this top with denims or leggings for a comfy, pulled together look. I have received many compliments and all of my friends one want as well!"

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Keira said...

Stunning Top! What a genius design.

Jill said...

speesees is one of my favorite brands. The quality is outstanding and the designs to hip and cool!

Jessica said...

Wow, this is one top that does it all! Fantastic design. I love the colors.

Karen said...

I love pieces that can grow and change with you, making them well worth the price and very versatile. There aren't too many organic cotton clothing options for pregnant and nursing mums, so thank you for introducing this company to us. Hope to see more "grown-up" clothing from speesess in the future :-)