IKEA®: Baby Shower Gifts

"The IKEA® vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. We make this possible by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them."

IKEA® has stores in 37 countries around the world and offers Swedish designed products at bargain prices.

Success Through Play™ will be highlighting the following 2 IKEA® products that are sure to make great Baby Shower Gifts, without breaking the bank.

LEKA Baby gym

Key features:

*Movement and sharp contrasts stimulate the baby's eyesight.
*Can be used as a baby care mat on the floor if the arches are removed.
*Designed by Francis Cayouette
*Recommended for all ages.
*Product dimensions
*Base diameter: 36 "
*Base diameter: 92 cm
*This product requires assembly


Key features:

*Musical soft toy.
*Stimulates a baby's sight, hearing and sense of touch.
*Recommended for all ages.
*Designed by Eva Lundgreen


IKEA® stores are available worldwide. To find an IKEA® in your country, please visit:


On the IKEA® website, you will be able to check the stock availability in the store nearest you, which will save you a great deal of time and frustration.

Success Through Play™ comments:

The LEKA Baby Gym from IKEA® is uniquely designed and very affordable. While most baby gyms on the market are overloaded with details which can easily push baby into sensory overload, the LEKA baby gym is simply designed to stimulate but not overwhelm baby. Your baby can clock in some tummy time hours playing on the baby gym, while mom and dad encourage baby to exercise his head, neck and back muscles. After tummy time, flip baby over onto his back so that he can play with the hanging toys! First baby will swat at the toys as then as his coordination improves over time, he will be able to reach, grasp and finally explore the toys!

The arch features 5 removable toys which dangle from the blue cross arch, which velcros onto the base. Each toy offers something special for baby to grab, shake and look at:

*A bright yellow sun with a friendly orange face. The yellow rays of the sun crinkle when touched, providing baby with tactile and auditory feedback which will encourage him to explore the sun!

*A vibrantly colored red helicopter with a yellow and white face will make a lovely rattle sound when baby shakes it. Baby will enjoy playing with the wings of the helicopter!

*A bright red airplane will capture baby's attention and will squeak when baby squeezes it, encouraging him to strengthen his hand muscles. The top of the airplane features raised dots which will provide baby with tactile input.

*The red, green and blue hot air balloon has a built-in rattle to delight baby!

*The 5th toy is large, colorful and striped and will provide baby with visual stimulation

This baby gym will require assembly, but at this price point, it's worth the extra effort and time to put it together! This is the baby gym that you will reach for on a lovely Spring/Summer Day. It is durable enough to handle the outdoors and baby will be content playing in the shade on his LEKA baby gym. Once baby is sitting up, Mom and Dad can remove the arch and use the base as a circular changing mat. Overall a great buy!

The BARNSLIG FÅGEL musical soft toy is a great buy! This adorable bird is well made, and boasts a beautiful design with vibrant colors and patterns to attract and hold baby's interest. Sewn eyes for safety add to the quality feel of this soft toy. Stretch out the bird's neck to activate the soothing and calming musical tune which will lull baby to sleep. This plush toy has the feel of a high quality European Plush Toy and will not disappoint!

Both the BARNSLIG FÅGEL muscial soft toy and the LEKA baby gym will make terrific affordably priced baby shower gifts. We would like to thank IKEA® for sending us evaluation samples for this review.

To view the full IKEA® Catalog, please visit: www.ikea.com


Hayden said...

What great picks. The bird is SO adorable and the baby gym is lovely as well. I LOVE IKEA. You can't beat the great designs at rock bottom prices.

Margie said...

LOVE IKEA. The children's department is fantastic. Thank you for highlighting these baby shower gifts. The baby gym is a great deal. I agree that most baby gym are far too detailed, especially for young infants who can't handle much stimulation. Great review!

Nicole said...

I have been looking for a simple, durable play gym and this one looks great and yes, you definitely can't beat the price!!! I think it's very clever that the arch can removed and one can use the base as a changing pad! Babies move around ALOT and the circular design is brilliant! I occasionally visit IKEA, but I am now inspired to shop there more regularly.

Julia said...

We recently bought the LEKA Baby Gym. It's fantastic. Our baby loves it and I am really looking forward to using the base as a changing pad in a few months time-thank you for highlighting this feature, I had no idea!!!