Isabooties™: Soft Soled Baby Shoes


* Super-soft, breathable Ultrasuede® fabric
* Non-slip, durable Toughtek® soles
* Machine-washable, machine-dryable
* Pediatrician - recommended soft-soled shoes
* Stain-resistant
* Easy slip-on design doesn't slip off
* 100% animal-free
* Made in the USA
*Isabooties™ work great on many outdoor surfaces, including grass and mulch. Please note that IsaBooties are not recommended for heavy pavement use.


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Success Through Play™ comments

Did you know that only 50% of babies are walking independently by their first birthday? Parents are often concerned when their baby's first birthday arrives and their little one isn't walking independently. About 75% of babies are walking independently by 13.5 months and approximately 90% by 14 months. Pediatricians typically become concerned when a baby isn't walking independently by 18 months. Many factors can influence when you baby learns to walk independently. There are many factors that contribute to late walkers for example, babies who are born prematurely can walk later. Some babies are late walkers and do not have any neurological or other impairment. Our panel of physical and occupational therapist feel that if you child is not walking independently by 15 months of age, further investigation is needed, which is in line with the Pathways Awareness Foundation Milestone Chart.

The Pathways Awareness Foundation offers parents guidelines for typical physical development and signs to watch out for which can be accessed here. If you are concerned, discuss your concerns with your baby's health care provider and take the initiative to request an assessment from the Early Intervention Team (USA) in your area, which is provided at no cost to you. A team of qualified professionals with an evaluation to see if your baby qualifies for State and Federal Funded Early Intervention Services, which are also provided free of charge. Click here for more information.


No-one will argue that barefoot is best when it comes to growing feet! There will be times when you need to protect your baby's feet from the elements, or slippery surfaces and when socks just won't cut it. Enter Isabooties™, the European style soft-soled baby shoe which has won the hearts of celebrity moms including Brooke Shields.

These gorgeous soft-soled shoes feature European ribbon and come in a variety of super cute styles and sizes to complete your baby's look! They are formaldehyde-free and proudly made in the USA with fair labor. Baby won't be able to fling off the shoes (as he does with his socks) because they have a soft elastic-ankle which creates a secure and snug fit. They are designed to "mimic barefoot walking" and boast a flexible non-skid thin sole made from Toughtek®, the same grip fabric used in the booties worn by search and rescue dogs and in high-end mountaineering gear!

For pre-walkers and babies who are learning to walk, experts agree that a soft-soled shoe such as Isabooties™ is the best choice.

From Isabooties™:

"They are made from Ultrasuede®, highly breathable, so your little one’s feet will stay comfy, even in hot weather. And, Ultrasuede® is softer and more flexible than leather products, making it more suitable for baby shoes. Ultrasuede® is even resistant to scuffs, stains and discoloration. Isabooties™ are machine washable and dryable and unlike leather shoes won't fade, shrink or crack. IsaBooties™ are 100% animal-product free and suitable for vegans."

Isabooties™ has a well designed website which is easy to navigate. There you can access the FAQ and sizing chart. Isabooties™ offers complimentary eco-friendly gift wrapping!

Giving Back
*Project Happy Feet is a program that provides soft-soled baby shoes to babies and toddlers of families in need. We applaud Isabooties™ for reaching out and giving back to our community.

For more information about Isabooties™, please visit:


Take your baby to a beach which has smooth sand and allow your baby to walk barefoot on the sand, which will help to build the arches of his feet. Please ensure that you select an appropriate time to do this, when the sand isn't hot! Going bare feet on the grass is also beneficial. In addition, both sand and grass provide baby with some nice tactile input which he can't receive when he is wearing his socks!

Once your baby is proficient at walking, he is ready to move up a more structured shoe, which will provide adequate support in rougher terrain. Find a good shoes store and have your baby's feet measured. Baby's feet grow VERY rapidly and you will find they outgrows their shoes very fast!


Mia said...

ADORABLE. Hadn't heard of this company until now. I LOVE the styles!

Emily said...

I love the ballerina style shoes!

Tracy said...

I have tried them all and Isabooties was the clear winner! They are top quality and look uber cute. I recommend them to all of my friends. I really like the new styles.

Jessica said...

I enjoyed reading the educational article. Thank you for providing the links, which I will be using to monitor my baby's development.

Rina said...

How FUN are BRIGHT are they shoes? I love that they are vegan. Terrific.

Katelyn said...

Beautiful shoes! I didn't even know that such gorgeous vegan baby shoes existed. They are pretty much all made with leather - yuk!