Cuddle Cubby™ from Baby Delight®

The Cuddle Cubby™ is a soft absorbent pad that offers a comfortable surface for baby-care before and after bath time. The adorable bear-shaped pad is covered with a removable and washable terry cloth cover for extra absorbency. The gift set includes a fun bear mitt for bathing and a soft towel for drying. The Cuddle Cubby™ is fabulous for grooming, massage, sponge-bathing, and more. Use the Cuddle Cubby™ in kitchens, bathrooms, or anywhere you need a comfortable place to care for your baby. By Baby Delight®.


* Cushioned: Foam pad for extra comfort.
* Absorbent: Terrycloth fabric for softness.

* Washable: Machine-washable for easy care.
* Portable: Travel bag for easy carrying and storage.

Safety Warnings:

Never Leave Baby Unattended. Not Intended For Submerging In Water. Will Not Float. Place only on Floor. Recommended For Use After Bath time For Drying, Diapering, And Clothing Baby.


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Success Through Play™ comments:

Winner of an iParenting Media Award, the Cuddle Cubby™ from Baby Delight® is a versatile product which can be used in so many ways. The Cuddle Cubby™ consists of 3 pieces: an adorable bear shaped soft pad (complete with a removable terry cover), a matching bear shaped mitt and a terry towel.

The Cuddle Cubby™ comes in yellow, which is ideal for a boy or a girl. Before your newborn is ready to take a bath, the Cuddle Cubby™ can be used for sponge baths. Place your newborn on the soft, plush pad and give him a sponge bath! Once your baby's umbilical cord has fallen off and healed and he is ready to take bath and be submerged in water, the Cuddle Cubby™ can be placed next to the tub and is the ideal landing surface for a slippery wet baby, after he comes out of the bath.

Give baby a nightly massage on the cuddle cubby-it's the ideal surface to do this. We always recommend massaging your baby on the floor and the Cuddle Cubby™ will provide a comfortable and supportive surface to massage your baby. The terry cover will absorb any excess oil and can be easily laundered. The Cuddle Cubby™ can also be used for diaper changes, to dress your baby and for basic baby care. For safety, please use only on the floor and supervise at all times.

The pad is easy to clean, dries fast and can be folded in half and stored in the travel bag (included). The Cuddle Cubby™ will make a great baby shower gift!

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Laura said...

I received this at my baby shower and it truly is a versatile product! Fabulous! It makes infant massage easy and fun!

Sarah said...

I am huge fan of Baby Delight-they make the best products and the Cuddle Cubby is no exception!

Trish said...

I used the Cuddle Cubby several times a day! I would love it if Baby Delight offered a larger size one, for older babies!

Jen said...

Wow! One product that can be used this many ways, sounds like a MUST have to me. Thank you for the tip. I will be adding it to my registry! Awesome.

Mia said...

This looks like a really great product. Thank you!