Heart Thrive: Nutritious Meals to Go

Heart Thrives are convenient, delicious, wholesome meals-to-go. Fresh-baked, and with no GMO ingredients or preservatives, these vegan oat bars are a low-fat, no cholesterol alternative to pastries and processed energy bars. They come in 6 fruit flavors, plus the ever-popular Chocolate Chip! Each satisfying 4 oz. package contains 30% of the recommended daily protein, fiber,and calcium. They're doctor-recommended and diabetic-friendly.


Heart Thrives are available at most Whole Foods and Wild Oats Markets, as well as most independent natural food stores and hundreds of coffee shops, gyms, and convenience stores across the US. Heart Thrives are available online at or toll-free at 1-800-830-0309. Get 6 free with your first order!

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Success Through Play™ comments:

Looking for a delicious AND healthy snack? We have found the perfect snack for you: Heart Thrives-a vegan, oat based snack that is cholesterol free, high in protein, fiber and calcium. These delicious heart-shaped whole grain snacks are dense, satisfying, oh-so-delicious and heart healthy! From the airplane, to the office to the gym-reach for these trans fat free, nutritious snacks when you are on the go and need a low glycemic healthy snack. Check out the impressive nutritional information here.

We received a box of Heart Thrives from The Healthy Baking Company containing each of the 7 flavors! Two 2 ounce snacks are included in every package. Here is a summary from our testers feedback:

Apple Flavor:
Warmed in the microwave for a few seconds, the Apple flavored Heart Thrives tasted like a fresh, rich and satisfying Apple Pie. Enjoy it without any guilt!

Chocolate Chip Flavor:
Studded with chocolate chips, this flavor will appeal to chocolate lovers! The combination of oats and chocolate go very well together and paired with a glass of almond/soymilk, is the perfect post workout/afternoon snack.

Apricot Flavor:
The fruity apricot flavor is so tasty and makes a perfect breakfast on the run. A panel favorite.

Sweet, fruity and chewy-yummy!

If you like sweet treats-this is the Heart Thrive flavor for you.

Poppy Seed:
Light and refreshing-the perfect afternoon snack.

In addition to offering Heart Thrives, The Healthy Baking Company offers another snack called Suncakes.

For further information about Heart Thrives and Suncakes, please visit:


Anya said...

These sound delicious! We have been searching for ages for a truly healthy "energy bar" and now it seems that we can have one! It is outrageous how most energy bars are really junk food in disguise. Heart Thrives are recommended by health professionals, so I am really impressed. Thank you for find the BEST products for us.

Sarah said...

I have never heard of these, but you bet I will be hunting them down on my next shopping trip to Whole Foods. They sound so yummy!

Heather said...

The nutritional info is extremely impressive. How refreshing to find a healthy, filling snack. I think that these will be the perfect afternoon snack for me! I am leaning towards the Chocolate Chip, but want to try each flavor! Thank you!

Jennifer said...

I was really excited to see this company being featured. I have been a huge fan of their products for a while now. They can be hard to find in the stores, but I order through their site, which is quick and hassle free. I love all of the flavors! They really keep my full for a long time and I can enjoy them without any guilt.

Greg said...

Thank you for highlighting this product. I have been told to drastically reduce me cholesterol and this snack sounds ideal for me!

Yvonne said...

As a vegan, I have always had difficulty finding vegan snacks while on my travels. The Heart Thrives sound great and I can now enjoy a great vegan snack no matter where I travel to! Thank you!

Rick said...

These look great!

Lilith Silvermane said...

Those look amazing. I'd love to purchase some of these for my kids so we can take them on trips around town, or even just for school snacks. It's a great way to introduce them to things they've always heard us talk about!

Keira said...

I LOVE Suncakes. I haven't heard about Heart Thrives, but I do like their shape and the flavors sound great! Thanks guys!

Nina said...

These are my FAVORITE snack! So filling and nutritious and great tasting. They enable you to snack healthy while on the go! I also love the Apricot flavor!