Giveaway: Moby™ Wrap with UV Protection

The Moby™ Wrap Baby Carrier was created by two mothers with a passion for babywearing. Your Moby™ Wrap comes with a full-color instructional guide featuring various wrapping techniques, carrying positions and handy babywearing tips.


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The Moby Wrap with UV Protection.

This Moby™ Wrap is treated with the Rayosan™ Process, which blocks harmful UV Rays, increasing the protection of the fabric dramatically. The patented Rayosan™ technology by Clariant increases the Sun Protection Factor of fabric without changing the appearance, handle, and "breathability" of it. Rayosan™ acts like a mirror and will deflect the harmful UVA and UVB rays off the fabric. These rays are bounced back and prevented from going through the fabric and harming baby’s delicate skin. Although it is a chemical process, it was tested and passed the Oeko-Tex 100 certification process, which ensures us that it was tested for harmful substances - and passed. The Rayosan™ coated fabric’s UPF value ranges from 44-48.

*Currently available in 2 colors: sand and turquoise.

Giveaway: Moby™ Wrap with UV Protection
*Congratulations to Jolene S.


Wraps can be found in stores across the US and internationally in 19 countries around the world.
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Project Moby™:
Moby™ Wrap sponsors educational events at baby expos and in addition to programs and facilities which assists mothers who are being released from prison and mothers who are residential facilities, overcoming difficulties.

"Parent education has always been a core value of Moby™ Wrap," says company President, Gillian Beerman."

Moby™ Wrap is committed to helping incarcerated mothers nationwide, who are enrolled in a program known as the Mother's Re-entry Program. The program provides physical and emotional support for women who have been released from prison. Moby™ Wrap regularly donates wraps to moms in this program, and provides them with attachment parenting education and tools. Women in this program are the highest risk for detachment from their babies. Moby™ reaches out to moms who are in residential substance abuse recovery program.

"Project Moby fulfills a great need for the participants in re-entry programs. Many of the mothers residing at facilities such as the Haven House do not have personal experience with a caring family environment. Moby™ Wrap can help these mothers learn how to develop a nurturing relationship with their babies as they go through a very difficult process," explains Simone Sprague, Director of Marketing for Moby Wrap.

We applaud Moby Wrap™ for taking the initiative to reach out to these mothers. The Moby™ Wrap is being used as a tool to facilitate bonding between mom and baby and we wish these new moms the best of luck!

Be Sun Smart!

Babies have very sensitive and fragile skin. Try and stay in the shade whenever possible. Avoid taking your baby out during peak intensity hours: 10am-4pm. The Moby™ Wrap with UV Protection is the perfect wrap for summer! There are many advantages of carrying your baby in a carrier, particularly in the summer. You can easily monitor how your baby is coping with the temperature, vs in a stroller, when you are disconnected.

Video Demo:
*Click here to view the Moby™ Wrap baby Carrier Demonstration

Moby™ Wrap offers additional tips for learning how to use your wrap in the booklet, which is included with the purchase of every Moby™ Wrap. It is recommended to practice in front of a mirror with either a doll or large stuffed animal. It usually takes 3-5 tries before you will feel comfortable but you will soon be a pro! The video above demonstrates a mom using a "granny knot" but our engineer, who has a strong background in the Navy, recommends using a "square knot" which is a safer choice.

Wraps are the ideal choice particularly in the initial few months of an infants life. A stretchy wrap such as this Moby Wrap, is the perfect example of a product that mimics the womb! Forget the fancy and expensive mechanical contraptions, this wrap will provide your baby with proprioceptive and tactile input from all directions that will help to calm and settle him. This will make the transition from womb to world much easier.

Wraps fit a wide range of people, so dad, grandma, grandpa and any additional caregivers will be able to use it as well! With a wrap, you are able to get a "custom fit" which means greater comfort for mom and baby. The Moby™ Wrap is positioned over your entire back and BOTH your shoulders, which means that the weight of the baby is well distributed, to reduce discomfort. It doesn't have any snaps, buckles or fasteners which can be potential pressure points or irritate skin. The Moby™ Wrap with UV Protection is easy to wash. It can be rolled up and kept in the storage bag provided for on-the-go travel.

A highlight of the booklet included with the wrap is the section titled "Moby™ Exercises" which will teach you how to perform some simple exercises while wearing your baby in the Moby™ Wrap. Moms can tone and strengthen their body with their baby's strapped to them. Now there is NO excuse not to keep fit! Powering walks and jogging are not appropriate with wraps, but gentle walks are fine, as long as you have positioned your baby properly in the carrier and he is well supported. Moms will also learn how to maintain a good posture while wearing the Moby™ Wrap.

The Moby™ Wrap Website is well designed and easy to navigate. You can access the FAQ and learn more the carrying positions here.

For more information, please visit:


Emily said...

Just entered the giveaway. Hope that I win! We live in Florida which is sunny all year round and the Moby Wrap with UV Protection makes so much sense. I love that it isn't toxic like many other sun safe products!

David said...

Many carriers are very feminine and as a guy I just won't wear them. This carrier looks very unisex and I am excited to have found out about it. I really like that it will fit my wife and I, plus the grandparents with ease. This will save us plenty of $$$

Angie said...

Thank you for posting a link to the demo video. Up until now, I had been really afraid of wraps and thought that were SO difficult to use. After watching the video, I see how simple it is! I am now a Wrap Convert. Moby Wraps have beautiful styles to pick from. WOW!!!!

Nikki said...

Project Moby sounds AWESOME. I feel really great buying from a company with such integrity. Once again, thanks for highlighting aspects of companies and products that no-one else focuses on. I really appreciate reading articles of substance. You guys ROCK!!!!!

Lorraine said...

I LOVE my Moby Wraps!!!!! I have the organic cotton ones which are fabulous. This UV one looks like the perfect choice for us for the summer months! I was really touched to read about Project Moby. WOW. It brought tears to my eyes. I used to work in a residential treatment facility and understand first hand how high risk these moms are. The Moby Wrap will surely help these moms and babies.

Wynne said...

Although my pediatrician has told us that we can now put some amounts of sunscreen on our baby who is less than 6 months old, I would really prefer not to. Her skin is sensitive and I certainly don't want to be bombarding her system with chemicals. Avoiding peak sun, staying in the shade and arming myself with this Moby Wrap with UV Protection seems like the best chemical free choice. I am really excited and now I can look forward to our summer vacation in Hawaii! Thank you!

Tasha said...

Crossing my fingers that I win this giveaway! Thanks!

Jennifer said...

WOW! The Summer Gift Basket Giveaway looks incredible. I will be entering :-)

Jane said...

The Summer Gift Basket sounds awesome! What a great contest :-)