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Choosing to protect the environment’s natural resources for future generations is just as important as a new mother’s choice to breastfeed her baby. Eco-friendly choices are not just about recycling anymore. To sustain our environment ecologically responsible choices must be made in every aspect of our lives. Naturally by Leading Lady® is made from 100% certified organic cotton that is as safe for the environment as it is for mother and baby. Our cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers and manufactured in environmentally safe and socially aware production facilities. Only safe, environmentally-friendly dyes are used, when necessary.

There are so many products on the market that could be misleading to the consumer about what is truly organic. Leading Lady® wanted the entire process from land – to plants – to finished product to be certified organic so that the customer would be assured that the products were the best and purest that could be produced.

“Leading Lady® has been researching the organic process for a number of years, trying to find the very best way to bring awareness of the sustainable environment to the forefront of products for the nursing mother” says Haidee Johnstone, Senior Vice President and Director of Design.

“We feel that Naturally by Leading Lady® nursing products do just that.”

Leading Lady® has developed practices within our organization that are good for the environment – and good for business.

At Leading Lady® we conscientiously:

* Recycle all paper
* Recycle plastics, glass, aluminum and steel
* Recycle computer hardware, cell phones and office equipment
* Use recycled, biodegradable, compostable products whenever possible
* Encourage our suppliers to use recycled, biodegradable, compostable, organic materials whenever possible
* Donate discontinued products to local organizations
* Work towards a paper-less environment
* Encourage our employees to follow eco-friendly practices at home


*Naturally by Leading Lady® is available at Macy's West

*Online: select styles at JCPenney, Target

Success Through Play™ comments:

We are excited to inform our readers that Leading Lady® has launched an organic cotton line of nursing apparel. We applaud Leading Lady® for their initiative and commitment to the environment. The cotton is certified organic by USDA accredited third party certifying organizations, which means that customers can be certain that they are buying the real thing! Please click here for further details.

The line consists of the Organic Nursing Tank, Organic Molded Softcup Nursing Bra and the Organic Molded Underwire Nursing Bra. The organic cotton fabric is a lovely cream color, which is free of dyes and bleach. Organic cotton nursing wear makes perfect sense. By choosing organic cotton, you are ensuring that no toxic chemicals come into contact with yourself or your baby! Organic cotton is the perfect choice for sensitive skins and is ultra soft and luxurious! Many new moms have a heightened awareness of the environment after having a baby and make a pledge to live a "greener lifestyle." Organic cotton nursing wear is difficult to come. These high quality pieces from Leading Lady® are affordably priced, making them accessible to everyone.

Our nursing panel had the opportunity to test the Organic Nursing Tank and the Organic Molded Softcup Nursing Bra.

Organic Nursing Tank:

• Made of 92% Undyed/ Unbleached Natural Organic Cotton, 8% Spandex.

Unlike other nursing tanks on the market, which do not take into account that most women don't magically snap back into shape the moment that they give birth, this tank is flattering on post partum moms! The tank has a built-in shelf bra which is very comfortable. When its time to nurse, simply release the drop cup (one handed release) for easy access to the entire breast. This feature makes this nursing tank perfect for moms who are new to breastfeeding! The fabric is breathable, making it the perfect choice for summer and will keep you cool and comfortable all summer long! This tank features a cups with side-slings. The design of this tank is best for small cup sizes!

"This is the first organic cotton garment that I have owned and I am in LOVE. I can't get over how soft and comfy the fabric is. When I read about all the toxic chemicals that are present in regular cotton products I was truly shocked. With organic cotton apparel, you are assured that you are buying a product that is healthy for you, your baby and the environment. Up until now, I had been using nursing bras routinely, but now that I have experienced the organic nursing tank, I am not going back! My cup size is a C, when nursing, and I find the nursing tank has adequate support with the built-in bra. With this nursing tank, I don't have to life up my shirt in pubic; I simply pull down the flap and nurse! I usually wear this tank with a cardigan or a denim jacket and jeans and it looks great. The natural color suits my fair skin and doesn't make my look like a ghost, the way the white does. It has made breastfeeding hassle free and social situations far more comfortable. Thank you!"

*Organic Molded Softcup Nursing Bra

*Nursing bra is organic cotton/spandex.

We are really impressed with the Organic Cotton Molded Soft Cup bra from Leading Lady®, which is very well designed. The Organic Molded Softcup Nursing Bra is a clear panel favorite!

Most nursing bras in this price range are made from synthetic materials or cotton that is stiff and uncomfortable. This nursing bra is made from super soft organic cotton which is also breathable. It is beautifully made and features a pretty scalloped edge below the bust. Usually, a pretty bra means that some comfort must be sacrificed but this is definitely not the case with this bra! Organic cotton nursing bras are quite rare which makes this one a true find!

"This bra is made from super soft organic cotton which feels so wonderful against my tender skin. I like the gentle support that it gives me. This bra is so pretty. I love the lacy pattern beneath the bust which makes me feel very feminine. The beautiful cream colored organic cotton is terrific and a nice change from bleached white! When its time to nurse, I simply unfasten the clasp and I am ready to feed. Up until now, I had been feeling like a milk factory and was in desperate need of a confidence boost. This bra was just the thing that I needed. I was inspired to put away the sweats and find something pretty to wear. I even managed to find the time to put on some make-up and when I headed out on my errands, I felt pretty and confident. Nursing moms deserve something feminine to wear and this bra is the perfect choice! Thank you!"

To see the full range of products available from Leading Lady®, please visit:


Mia said...

Organic cotton nursing bras are extremely hard to find and when I do find them, they are extremely expensive. I am really thrilled to have come across this article and am in need of new nursing bras. Leading Lady, thank you for offering affordably priced organic cotton nursing bras!!!!

Jillian said...

The tank sounds really comfy and I am really impressed to learn that it is made from organic cotton. I have really sensitive skin and my dermatologist recommended that I seek out organic cotton. This line is really well priced. Thank you!!!

Ruth said...

I LOVE this bra - it's so pretty. The prettiest organic cotton bra on the market!