The New Native Footed Blanket

New Native Inc. is proud to introduce the New Native Footed Blanket. Our footed blanket’s revolutionary design enables parents and caretakers to swaddle baby while maintaining the freedom of having two separate yet comfortably covered and warm legs. The New Native Footed Blanket is ideal for traveling, as baby can easily be placed in multiple positions in the New Native Baby Pouch or safely and securely buckled into a car seat or stroller. Our footed blanket is available in both organic Fleece and organic French Terry to suit all seasons and climates. This unique blanket has pant like leg pockets to slide baby into, while the sides of the blanket can be comfortably wrapped around to swaddle baby. Just pop baby in, wrap them up and you are ready to go. No more worrying about toes popping out and getting cold. The New Native Footed Blanket’s legs are designed to accommodate the smallest to the chunkiest babies, newborn to 6 months. The legs also allow baby to kick and wiggle while ensuring parents’ that baby will stay warm and covered up.

Our organic Fleece is thick and super soft, perfect for snuggling up on cold winter days. The organic Fleece is available in Dusty Rose, Light Blue, Khaki and Natural.

Our organic French Terry is breathable and light, great for any climate or cuddling up after a bath. Organic French Terry footed blankets are available in Dusty Rose, Light Blue, Khaki, Natural, Zebra and coming soon Black.

All New Native Footed Blankets are beautifully finished with a natural cotton trim. If you are tired of trying to fit your human shaped baby into a square blanket you’ll love the New Native Footed Blanket; and best of all no more lost baby socks!


*New Native Inc.

Success Through Play™ comments:

Founded in 1992, New Native Inc., is a business dedicated to healthy families, social responsibility, and a clean environment. This company's commitment to those in need is nothing short of exemplary. From sending carriers to tsunami disaster relief victims in Asia to sending financial contributions to Habitat for Humanity and other very worthy causes, New Native Inc. is setting the standard in giving back to our global community and is truly an inspiration!

The New Native Footed Blanket is well designed, beautifully made and incredibly versatile. This blanket, as well as the entire line of New Native Inc. products are hand sewn in Watsonville, CA by a highly skilled seamstresses, all of whom are mothers. Babywearers will LOVE this blanket! Babywearers report that when they carry their baby in concern positions, their baby's pants "rides up" and their socks fall off leaving baby cold. With this innovative footed blanket from New Native Inc. this common problem is solved-baby's legs and feet will stay nice and warm! The footed blanket works equally well in a car seat or stroller and will keep you baby warm while he is on the move! The footed blankets are offered in either an organic cotton terry-ideal for year round use and an organic cotton fleece, for cooler months. The footed blankets are available in several different colors and patterns- both finished in a lovely natural cotton trim-and will match your carrier, car seat and stroller beautifully!

An added advantage of using this footed blanket is that your baby will be able to move his legs independently and practice kicking movements which help to build coordination and strength-all while staying snug and warm. We hope to see this blanket being offered in larger sizes in the future!

We distributed 3 footed blankets, courtesy of New Native Inc. to members of our parent panel and this is what they had to say:

"I really like the design of the footed blanket. It's super easily to use and I am able to use this blanket in all my baby carriers with great ease. It has solved the problem of pants riding up and ankles being exposed and socks falling off. My baby is happier now; chores, walks and outing have now become more pleasurable! I am really pleased that my baby is still able to move his arms freely, and that his arms aren't held in place by a velcro tab. Did I mention all the compliments that I have received? Thank you New Native."

"The footed blanket is clearly sewn by a highly skilled team and the stitching is impeccable! I really like the design which fits even my baby's chubby legs. In the past, we had tried using a regular blanket to keep her warm in her stroller, but half way into the walk, the blanket would be tossed to the ground, or ended up in a corner of the stroller, leaving my baby cold! This footed blanket is different! It stays on when my baby is in her stroller and she loves cuddling with it. I am really pleased that the fabric is a soft organic cotton which is healthy for my baby and the environment. Thank you!"

"I am huge fan of the New Native Baby Carrier and when I was asked to test out the footed blanket, I couldn't have been happier. I honestly was not aware that New Native Inc had expanded to offer beautiful organic cotton products. The range that they offer is fantastic. The footed blanket is designed and stitched beautifully and the organic cotton fabric is heavenly. It truly is a very versatile blanket and I find myself reaching for it several times a day. From the New Native Pouch to the car seat to post bathing, it works really well in all situations. Best of all, my baby can move his legs independently, which is vital for his development and he stays comfy and warm at the safe time. I hope that New Native Inc continues to expand their range of organic cotton products!"

To see the full range of beautiful organic cotton products from New Native, please visit:


Miriam said...

I have decided this year to support hand made products, make here in the USA, under fair and ethical conditions. Thank you for pointing out this company. I had tears in my eyes when I read about how New Native has supported the Tsunami victims. This is EXACTLY the kind of company that I want to buy from. Thank you!

Sarah said...

Oh-this organic cotton footed blanket looks just wonderful! I have been having the same problems with pants and dresses riding up and socks falling off. I was also really pleased to read about this company's charitable contributions, especially Habitat for Humanity which I am involved with.

Jennifer said...

I recently received this as a gift for my baby. It is WONDERFUL and I continually reach for it throughout the day. It is so beautifully made and enables me to keep my baby warm, no matter if he's in his New Native Pouch, car seat or just snuggling with mama!

Heidi said...

What a brilliant design! I can definitely use one of these! This company sounds terrific.

Kristen said...

Great article. This company has an outstanding ethos. Our family has also decided to buy items made in the USA. The organic cotton products are beautiful, yet functional at the same time.

May said...

The colors/patterns are just lovely. Any will match beautifully with my carriers! Thank you for another great article!

Lilith Silvermane said...

I had not seen these! How wonderful, being a baby carrying mama, I love the idea of things that will keep my little one's legs warm here in Colorado. I hate worrying about her cold legs if she is in a dress.

With this, and my organic baby legs, she will be perfectly warm and comfortable.

What a great product, I will have to get one for my best friend, so her son will be cozy too.