Slurp & Burp™ Breastfeeding Cover

The Slurp & Burp™ was invented by Missy, Mom of 4 kids (ages 6 and under), Speech-Language Pathologist and yoga instructor who lives in New York. Missy is married to a NY Firefighter in the specialized HAZMAT division.

Missy works 2 days per week while her husband takes care of the kids. Missy enjoys working out and embraces a healthy and active lifestyle.


"The idea for Slurp & Burp™ came during a 2 am feeding with 4th child, Emma. I thought it would be nice if there was a product that allowed moms to nurse discreetly in public without covering their baby's head. The next morning, I cut and sewed a prototype from one of my husband's t-shirts."

What exactly is the Slurp & Burp™?

"The Slurp & Burp™ functions like a nursing top. There are two layers of fabric that are separated just enough for the baby to latch on. The fabric is 100% cotton and drapes onto baby's face so mom always remains covered. There is a sewn-in burp cloth so when baby has finished nursing, mom relayers the fabric and lifts baby to burp cloth. Mom doesn't have to hide baby under a blanket or isolate herself in another room to maintain her modesty."

"Because baby remains uncovered, mom & baby can make eye contact/communicate, baby can look around/interact with loved ones (ex. grandpa), it just looks like you are cradling your baby unlike sitting under a blanket which is a billboard that screams look at me I'm nursing, baby nurses more efficiently because she/he doesn't fall asleep mid-feeding because of the heat like when covered, mom's report improved let down when they can see their baby....just to name a few..."

"Mom gets to wear her own clothes so there is no need to invest in nursing tops. Slurp & Burp™ is used while wearing shirts that are accessible to nurse from the top...button down, tanks, wraps, u neck, v neck, bathing suit, dresses. Belly remains covered with your own shirt so there is no need to wear a belly band or layer shirts. Nursing from the top of your shirt promotes healthier posture while breastfeeding because baby is lifted to breast level rather than rounding forward and pulling breast down under your shirt."

The Organic Cotton Version:


"What's more organic than breastfeeding? With that, making an organic version of Slurp & Burp™ was a natural fit. It's nice to have a product made of organic fabric when it's touching baby's face."


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HOT off the Press.

Slurp & Burp™ will be releasing a new nursing cover which has a a detachable burp cloth. The burp cloth detaches for washing without needing to launder the entire product. Best of all, any burp cloth attaches to the Slurp & Burp™ so all those shower gifts will be put to good use. The burp cloth can also be removed completely for use with babies who may not require as much clean up. Now the Slurp & Burp™ is always ready for moms-on-the-go making it even easier to incorporate breastfeeding into a modern lifestyle. The new design provides function, versatility, and options all of which facilitate breastfeeding success. This new design will be available from mid September 2008.


In honor of World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7, 2008), which is celebrated in 120 countries worldwide, Slurp & Burp™ is sponsoring a giveaway! Two lucky readers will each receive an Organic Cotton Slurp & Burp™ in the NEW design.

Congratulations Mandy R. & Judi F.

Success Through Play™ comments:

It still surprises us that here in the USA, nursing moms are not widely accepted by the public and many nursing moms feel the need to hide out in public restrooms, nurse in hot, stuffy cars, or other places, just to avoid other people's glares and comments. A new mom who receives negative feedback may ultimately decide to stop breastfeeding, which is very unfortunate. Over in Europe, things are very different. In many European countries, nursing mamas proudly lift up their tops to nurse and no-one bats an eye. Many states in the USA have enacted laws to protect the rights of women who breastfeed in public. Please click here for more info. "Lactivists" have sprung up all over the USA, out of sheer necessity to increase public awareness.

We were delighted to come across the Slurp & Burp™, an innovative breastfeeding cover which allows mom to nurse discreetly, WITHOUT covering her baby. Some babies simply won't tolerate having their heads covered, which can make using conventional nursing covers very difficult. With the warm summer months fast approaching, nursing mamas will be pleased to learn about this product! Additional benefits: mom will be able to read her baby's cues more easily, evaluate positioning and latch on more easily and so forth-ideal for new moms.

The Slurp & Burp™ is a high quality nursing cover which is proudly made in Brooklyn, NY by a very talented team of seamstresses. It consists of a double layer of fabric, worn as a sash, and comes complete with a sewn in burp cloth which rests on your shoulder! To use the Slurp & Burp™, nursing moms must wear tops and dresses that have access from the top. Lets examine how it works! The top layer is pulled up, and the inner layer pulled down, so that the 2 layers slightly overlap. Baby can nurse easily and discreetly, without having his head covered! When its time to burp your baby, you won't have to reach into your diaper bag to find that burp cloth, because the Slurp & Burp™ has a built-in burp cloth. When you are ready to switch sides, the soiled area moves to the back leaving the clean area exposed for the next burping!

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The Slurp & Burp™ rolls up compactly for easy storage and travel. It is available in several beautiful designs, including an organic cotton version. The burp cloth of the organic version is sewn by Work at Home Moms!

We received 2 samples of the organic cotton version. Here are some comments from our nursing panel:

"Firstly, I must say that the Slurp & Burp™ is sewn very well and will hold up for years to come!. It allows me to nurse without having to purchase additional nursing tops, which is fantastic, because our budget is extremely tight. I don't have to expose my post-partum belly to the world because with the Slurp & Burp™, I nurse from the top down. I have found that nursing in this way has decreased my shoulder and neck pain and I am feeling great! With summer around the corner, I was not looking forward to the scorching heat and having to cover up my baby in the peak of summer and now I don't have to! The organic cotton fabric is beautiful and soft and I feel wonderful knowing that my baby's face is resting against a healthy and non-toxic material. The Slurp & Burp™ gives me the confidence to nurse in public! Thank you!"

"I had tried a few traditional nursing covers on the market, yet I always felt that they drew too much attention to me. The Slurp & Burp™ has changes all this-the people around me just think that I am cuddling my baby, because their isn't huge piece of fabric covering our bodies bod, drawing unwanted attention! I think that it's a brilliant design, providing me with coverage, yet keeping my baby's head uncovered, so that I can see her position and keep an eye on her at all times. It is really super easy to use-no complicated straps or buckles and it washes beautifully. I really love that I don't have to remember to pack a burp cloth, because this nursing cover has one sewn in-they have thought of everything when designing this!"

The Slurp & Burp™ is helping to empower women to breastfeed in pubic with confidence and we applaud Missy for designing such an innovative product.

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Sarah said...

What a brilliant design! The Slurp & Burp sounds like the perfect cover for me. Thank you for another great article

Lara said...

Beautiful pictures. This nursing cover is perfect for an active mom-like me! Hadn't heard of it until now. Thanks!

Margie said...

Wow, Missy is incredibly talented (and beautiful!). I wish I would have come up with such an innovative product :-) I think that the Slurp & Burp will truly help empower women to nurse in public. Wish it would have been on the market when I was nursing. I will be sharing this with my daughter who is pregnant!

Kristen said...

What a gorgeous nursing "sash"-I love the back one! I am also on a budget and will save lots of money by buying this product instead of investing in an entire nursing wardrobe. Thank you!!!!!!

Jen said...

Now...if only I looked as good as Missy after having 4 kids. I am thinking of taking up yoga :-) This product looks really innovative and very different from anything else on the market. Hadn't heard of it either until now. Great pictures!

Jessica said...

I am very interested in purchasing this product. Thank you for the links about the breastfeeding laws!

Amanda said...

The Slurp & Burp sounds ideal for both my baby and I. He HATES having his face/head covered and I prefer not to, yet still want to maintain a level of privacy. Thank you Missy for coming up with such a well designed and thoughtful product. The built in Burp cloth is sheer genius!

Jada said...

I really like the designs, they are very pretty. The black seems to be versatile and suitable for any occasion.

Jill said...

Thank you for highlighting the organic cotton version. So many moms today are going "GREEN" and having a MUST HAVE product such as this one, be available in an eco-friendly fabric is wonderful news to my ears!

Macy said...

I definitely need the Slurp & Burp! I love the pics :-)

Hannah said...

The Slurp & Burp (love the name!) looks completely different to any other "nursing cover" on the market. I applaud Missy for designing such an innovative product that will help us feel confident nursing in public. The built-in burp pad is really clever.

Jenni said...

This product looks super! I think Missy should write a book about how to look FANTASTIC after having 4 kids, while balancing her roles as a mom, wife and a professional. Beautiful pictures!!!

Fiona said...

Fantastic design-great review. This cover is definitely for me.

Melinda said...

It's already HOT, HOT, HOT here in the Bay Area. Summer has arrived early :-) This cover is a MUST, because it will keep your baby cool. Thank you for finding the best products for us.

Regina said...

Missy sounds like SUPER MOM (and even looks the part). With so many roles and her active lifestyle and balancing work and family, I am in awe. This product looks like a MUST HAVE item to me.

Kate said...

What an innovative product! Living in Florida, its warm all year round and often very humid. The Slurp & Burp sounds just perfect for nursing! Thank you!

Karen said...

What a lovely article. This product is pure genius :-) It looks really well designed and really compact. I love that it comes in an organic cotton option.

Deanna said...

WOW, the new design sounds terrific and very practical! It will be great to be able to wash the detachable burp cloth without having to launder the entire cover. Brilliant idea!!!!

Rita said...

Thank you for yet another great giveaway!

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World Breastfeeding Week. How very cool. Thank you for highlighting this nursing cover. I was looking for a cover that wouldn't cover my baby, as its SO hot right now, and didn't even know a product like this existed until now.

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