SoundSleep™ for Babies Audio CD

Transitioning from the Womb to the World is one of the first challenges for a baby. Dr. Harvey Karp named the first 3 months of a newborns life the "4th trimester" indicating that your newborn is in a sense still very immature and will continue to require a womb like environment for the first 3 months of life. One of the simplest ways to mimic the environment is to replicate the familiar sounds that your baby heard in the womb. SoundSleep™ for Babies is a breakthrough audio CD which incorporates a new technology that uses actual audio recordings from the womb which are then digitally processed to emulate the "underwater" sounds that babies experience before birth.

Winner of several prestigious awards, this CD is used in hospitals, NICU’s, clinics, daycare centers and thousands of homes - worldwide. It is endorsed by pediatricians, child care professionals and industry trade journals. It is the result of years of research, and a breakthrough in science and music technology.

SoundSleep™ for Babies uses the patent-pending WombEffect™ technology, combined with a proprietary lush, ambient low-frequency soundtrack leads to faster, deeper sleep for infants. The result is a profound sense of calm so soothing that it can relax and de-stress even the most chaotic of environments. A mother's resting heartbeat is calming and soothing to baby and provides the hypnotic pulse which helps to lull the baby to sleep. Parents will find the sounds equally soothing and calming.

This is NOT a Lullaby CD. Instead, SoundSleep™ is based on advanced medical, scientific and audio research and is produced by internationally-acclaimed award-winning musicians, producers and audio engineers - the same people who created songs and productions for industry giants like Sheryl Crow and The Eagles.

Eager to put this CD to the test, we had no difficulty finding parents who were desperate to help their infants sleep. Their babies were "colicky babies" who had great difficulty falling asleep and once asleep, would sleep for short periods at a time, leaving both the babies and the parents sleep deprived. The effects of the CD were apparent within minutes of playing it. The parents were delighted that their babies fell asleep faster and slept for a longer duration.

"My baby transitioned from being fussy and restless to calm and centered in just minutes after playing the audio CD. He settled quickly and fell asleep considerably faster AND slept for twice the amount of the time that he usually sleeps for."

"This SoundSleep™ CD is life changing. I think that it should be standard issue at the hospital, before you are discharged home. It has become my new baby shower must have gift. Thank you."

At only $19.95, this affordable CD is worth its weight in gold and will be the only CD that you reach for to help your baby make a smooth transition from womb to world.

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Courtesy of Regal Lager, Inc 5 lucky readers will each win a SoundSleep™ CD.

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Cecilia said...

This CD definitely sounds like a must have item! I am impressed with the awards that it has won and all the research behind it. If I don't win a CD, I will be buying one :-)

Teresa said...

Another great giveaway. I am pregnant with my 2nd and hope to win this CD. My first baby was really colicky and I would have loved to have this CD to soothe him to sleep.

Hannah said...

I am in desperate need of this CD :-)

Margo Krein said...

I work at a daycare and will definitely be looking into buying some CD's for our facility! I really appreciate the many years of research that has gone into this CD and the highly skilled musicians who have cared enough about helping our little ones improve upon their sleep.

Anonymous said...

This product sounds wonderful!