Baby Planet Solo Deluxe Stroller

The Solo Deluxe lightweight stroller offers the ultimate in comfort and style, perfectly balanced within a "lightweight aluminum", "ultra compact" frame. Its sturdy construction and enhanced stability will hold up to all the challenges of your daily travel needs. Its distinctive style and tailoring keep it on the cutting edge of today's modern strollers. In addition to its eye-catching appearance, the Solo Deluxe also has a wide range of features typically found on higher priced strollers.

Product Details:

* Lightweight aluminum frame
* "Ultra-Compact" fold
* "Comfort-Padded" reclining seat
* "Easy-Use" 5 point harness with comfort covers
* Lumbar support pads and pillow
* Canopy lowers as a sun shade
* "Peek-A-Boo" window in canopy
* Adjustable leg support
* Telescoping, angled "Ergo-Fit" handles
* 2-position adult cup holder
* Removable, opening napper bar
* 4-position child cup holder
* 6 ½" "Easy-Roll" wheels
* Front wheel swivel locks
* Auto fold lock
* Oversized storage basket
* 1 month and up
* Children up to 55lbs; 65lbs max weight
* Free Recycling Program


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Success Through Play™ comments:

Baby Planet is a new eco-friendly stroller company that offers top quality, ergonomic strollers which are sure to turn heads! In an effort to combat the overcrowding of landfills by discarded consumer products, Baby Planet offers a Stroller Recycling Program and is taking the lead in the fight to save our planet. When you are ready to retire your stroller, Baby Planet will send you a pre-paid shipping label so that you can return your stroller to them.

How's how it works:

If your stroller is still road worthy, Baby Planet will clean it up and donate it to a charity for families in need. If it has reached the end of its life, it will be recycled (plastic and metal parts). Baby Planet will accept ANY brand stroller. Click here for further information. We commend Baby Planet for this initiative and for helping to improve the state of our environment, one stroller at a time.

Baby Planet offers a full line of strollers. The 2008 line consists of the Solo Sport, Solo Deluxe , Unity Sport, Max Traveler and the Max Pro. In addition, Baby Planet offers the The Endangered Species Stroller Line which is a very special line which which is modeled after 4 endangered species: The monarch butterfly, the lemur leapfrog, the tiger and the snow leopard. A portion of the sale of each stroller from this line will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society, which fights to protect endangered species. This product line mimics the Solo Sport line in function.

We had the opportunity to test the Baby Planet Solo Deluxe Solo Deluxe. The Solo Deluxe weighs in at 18.5 pounds (weight includes the canopy wheels, and cup holders). This stroller is superbly designed and solidly constructed. The unique curved profile adds stability and modern style! It can accommodate a child up to 54 pounds. Assembling the stroller was quick and efficient, thanks to the clear and detailed instruction manual. Even the most tech challenged parents will have no problem!

Handle bars:

Never underestimate the importance of ergonomic handle bars when reviewing strollers prior to purchase. In fact, we think that examining the handle bars is one the first things that you should look for when selecting a stroller, not the last! Manufacturers often skimp on the handlebars and parents often focus on everything besides the handle bars. You will be logging in hundreds upon hundreds of miles while gripping the handle bars so please give careful attention and thought to them.

The umbrella style handlebars on the Baby Planet Sport Deluxe are truly exceptional. Firstly, they are angled at approximately 40 degrees for ergonomic and easy steering. They are padded and contoured for maximum comfort. The padded material provides a non-slip surface to gripping surface, which is paramount to safety. Once you have tried these handlebars, you won't turn back! In addition, they telescope and are height adjustable with 3 different settings, adjusting from approximately 36" to 43" to accommodate a range of user heights. Note: Solo Sport does not have adjustable height handle bars.


The canopy is sturdy and unique shaped and locks into place for added security. For additional protection against the sun and wind, the canopy can be extended forward almost reaching the napper bar, which is a great bonus and rarely seen on strollers with an umbrella style fold.


The dimensions of the seat are: 12" W x 11" D x 18" H. The plush seat is well padded for your child's comfort. The 5 point safety harness with comfort covers is easy to operate. An added bonus is the lumbar support. The manual includes valuable information on adjusting the restraint system to your baby/child's body. The seat reclines via a revolutionary strap system which is situated under the seat. Parents will love this system which allows you to adjust the recline of the seat with great ease. The seat can recline to many different positions, and for younger babies, the seat reclines up to 150 degrees (about 30 degrees shy of flat).


The Solo Deluxe boasts 4 pairs of 6 ½" "Easy-Roll" wheels for added stability and a smoother ride. Front swivel wheels can be locked when negotiating uneven surfaces for a smoother ride. Activate the rear wheel locks by pushing down the lever on each rear wheel. The footrest is another great feature and is easy to adjust. Simply pull up on each side to raise the footrest to the correct height and then press the button on each side to lower it. For babies under a year, keeping the footrest parallel to the ground usually works well. Lower it to the ground (90 degree angle) for babies aged a year and above. Please note that this stroller is not an all-terrain stroller and maneuvers best on smooth surfaces.

Napper bar:

*A padded napper bar provides additional security and is removable. Note: Solo model does not have a napper bar.

Storage Basket:

The storage basket will accommodate a medium size diaper bag plus a few baby essentials. Seen here (right) is the Zosephine Diaper Bag which coordinates beautifully with our Baby Planet Solo Deluxe test sample in Terra Cotta.

The Solo Deluxe comes with both a child cup and a parent cup holder (see wheels image above) which attach easily. Both mom and toddler will be able to keep hydrates on walks which is so important, especially now that summer has arrived.

Closing the stroller is easy and simple to do. Lock the stroller, fold the canopy back, push the center foot level up and step on the side lever. The stroller collapses smoothly and quickly and locks automatically. Folded dimensions measure 15" W X 15" D X 42" H. Opening the stroller couldn't be any simpler. Simply release the automatic lock, pull on the stroller, shake and step on the center foot level. You are ready to go!

Road test:
"The handles are exceptional. They are so comfortable to grip and the angle reminds me of the 10-2 position in driving! This is the first time that both my husband and I can truly share a stoller, with the height adjustable handle bars. Pushing the stroller was a dream. It handles the sidewalks beautifully and I simply locked off the front wheels when negotiating uneven terrain for a smoother ride. This stylish stroller is a real head turner! Last week, at our local farmers market, I was stopped several times by parents who wanted to learn more about this stroller.
The seat relines really easily with the strap system. While most compact strollers either lack a recline or have limited recline, this stroller has unlimited recline positions, thanks to the revolutionary strap system which makes reclining the stroller a breeze! Since we live in a sunny climate, I was most impressed by the canopy which unzips to extend even further, provided maximum sun protection for my son. I haven't seen this feature on any other compact stroller on the market, which has an umbrella fold. Baby Planet has really thought of everything! My 2 year old son was really comfortable in this stroller and truth be told, I had a difficult time coaxing him out of the stroller! Opening and closing the stroller is REALLY easy! The umbrella like fold is compact and takes up hardly any room in our trunk. We are really excited to learn about Baby Planets recycling program, which means that this stroller will either be donated to a family in need, or recycled to help save our environment. I would highly recommend this stroller!"

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Helen said...

By FAR the best review of this stroller that I have seen. This review answers all of my questions and the great pictures hep relay the information. Thank you!!!!

Fran said...

I was debating whether I should buy this stroller or a Maclaren, but I am sold on this one now! Fantastic review!

Nina said...

A truly green stroller company. I am super impressed with their recycling program and the Endangered Species line. Thank you for working so hard to bring us the best products for the environment and our children. You guys ROCK!

Jennifer said...

The expendable canopy looks really terrific and is a must where I live, where we sunshine year round (okay, don't hate me!).

Kristen said...

Superb review - I totally agree with the point about the handlebars. They ARE the most important feature of any stroller and these handlebars look terrific. I have invested in several strollers and failed to even look closely at the handlebars. Needless to say the handlebars on my current strollers are very uncomfortable and don't adjust to accommodate both my height and my husbands. After 30 mins, I have sore hands. This stroller looks like the answer to my prayers!

Katherine said...

WOW! Look at these handlebars. Very unique for a compact stroller with an umbrella fold.

Lara said...

Fran, buy this stroller over the Maclaren. Maclaren's are extremely tippy and honestly feel really flimsy next to the Baby Planet Stroller Deluxe, which is built really well and has a nice solid feel to it. This stroller is heavier, but I would rather have more weight and stability over light, fragile and tippy any day!

Claire said...

I LOVE this stroller. My 4 best friends bought this for me and it has been the most beloved of all my baby gear. Its SO easy to open and close! I get stopped all the time by people who want to know what kind of stroller it is. It really will turn heads. My husband is a engineer and was really impressed with the design of this stroller! This company has really thought of everything from height adjustable handlebars to an easy recline system. Its super user friendly and both men and women will love it. Great review. This will be useful to so many new parents!

Gwen said...

I came across your online magazine recently and have been a subscriber ever since! I am pregnant with my first baby and am TOTALLY overwhelmed by the baby gear on the market. I have spent hours upon hours researching strollers and was unable to find a comprehensive review of this stroller until now. I can imagine how many hours go into writing these articles and taking pictures and I wanted to say on behalf of all of your readers, a big THANK YOU. This review is fantastic and I really love the detailed pictures. I am SOLD and ordering this stroller next month. I am so impressed by the many, many features that make this stroller a stand out one. Keep up the great work!

Gina said...

I really like the modern, stylish look of this stroller. The design is very unique and I can definitely see it turning heads! I already own 3 strollers, but this looks like a worthy one to add to the list. It has many features unique to a stroller in this class and the price is just right. I really appreciate the comprehensive review and the detailed images. Thank you!

Trevor said...

This stroller looks very cool! I really like that the handle telescopes and can adjust to fit a range of adult heights.

Jessica said...

WOW, the canopy looks terrific! My Maclaren seriously lacks any sun coverage and is really tippy and I am thinking of selling it and buying this instead. I do wish that I would have read a detailed review before buying!

Jeff said...

Excellent post! My wife and I have been thinking about buying this stroller, but also had a difficult time finding a good review. Now that I have read this review, I am convinced that it has all the features that we will need! You have saved me a tremendous amount of time! Keep up the great work :-)

Max said...

Very interesting profile, which lends to its stability. The recycling program is really commendable!

Patricia said...

That orange diaper bag looks really different - are you going to review that, too? I'm so sick of the overly girly bags, and orange is really hard to find. I'm a huge orange fan, and you'd be surprised how it seems to look good with everything!

Success Through Play said...

Hi Patricia,

We will indeed be reviewing the Zosephine Diaper Bag this month and we share your love of anything orange, which seems to be the new black these days! In the meantime, you can find out more by visiting: and referring to the Minneapolis Bag.

The Success Through Play Team.

Melinda said...

I have also been surfing the net to find a stroller and hadn't had any luck until now. Thank you for writing an excellent review! The Baby Planet Solo Deluxe meets all of my criteria and then some.

Alyssa said...

LOVE the pink and brown Solo Deluxe. They are my favorite color combination. Aesthetics aside, this stroller has all the features that my husband and I require and at a reasonable price. I hadn't read a thorough review until now. Thank you!

Lauren said...

I really appreciate your thorough articles. SO many other online resources focus on fluff, vs substance. Baby gear is expensive and I think that it's fair to say that parents want to make sure that they are getting quality products. Thank you for helping us find quality products and weed out the poor quality ones! This stroller looks perfect for my needs.

The Eco-Chic Baby said...

Great review of this stroller. I have had a hard time trying to find this one in Canada and I just contacted them to find out if there is any retailers here. I have been flip flopping between this stroller and the Maclaren Techno. This stroller defn. meets more of my criteria. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a folding stroller for my 3 1/2 year old - she's tall, but skinny. We're going away and I know she won't be able to walk everywhere. I like that this stroller will hold a child all the way up to 55lbs - would you reccomend it for my purposes? I don't want to bring our bigger carriage/stroller - it's too heavy and my daughter looks like a 5 year old sitting in it.

Success Through Play said...

"I'm looking for a folding stroller for my 3 1/2 year old - she's tall, but skinny. We're going away and I know she won't be able to walk everywhere. I like that this stroller will hold a child all the way up to 55lbs - would you reccomend it for my purposes? I don't want to bring our bigger carriage/stroller - it's too heavy and my daughter looks like a 5 year old sitting in it."

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your question. Please email us at info[AT]successthroughplay[DOT]com and we will try our best to help you find the best stroller for your needs!

Thank you kindly,

The Success Through Play Team

Adam said...

Kudos to an outstanding review. I am sold!