Givaway: Smart Mom Jewelry

Kendra and Amy are the the co-founders of Smart Mom, LLC, a company who designs adult jewelry which is safe for baby to teeth on. Their babies love of teething on their jewelry was the inspiration behind the design of their Smart Mom Jewelry line. The Teething Bling line is made from silicone that is phthalate, BPA, PVC and lead free. Best of all it is dishwasher-safe; which will allow you to keep it super clean and germ free.

Smart Mom Jewelry a full line of Teething Bling Jewelry including pendants, bangles, gift sets and keychains which are available in assorted shapes, and colors, including solid colors, patterned or metallics to coordinate and flatter any outfit. The designs are modern and clean and will appeal to moms, grandmas and aunts. The Teething Bling line will make a terrific baby shower gift that is functional and stylish at the same time. Purchases arrived beautifully presented in either a box or a tie organza bag.

Check out the Think Pink line in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month with 20% of the profits from this line sold during October being donated to Breast Cancer Research

Sarah, a mom from our parent panel tested out the Donut Shaped Pendant and matching bangles. Prior to having access to this line, Sarah's son Matt would routinely mouth and teethe on her jewelry which made her nervous and anxious:

"Matt was strongly attracted to my jewelry and would mouth them at any opportunity! I was definitely concerned from a safety point of view since jewelry is designed to be pretty and not to be handled or mouthed by babies. What if the jewelry broke while he was mouthing it and what kind of materials are my jewelry made of? I eventually decided to avoid wearing jewelry which was difficult for me, because I LOVE to accessorize. I was really excited to hear about Smart Mom's line of Teething Jewelry. What a brilliant concept! I really love the simple designs which flatter any outfit. Matt couldn't wait to teethe on the donut shaped pendant and the bangle and I felt secure and at ease knowing that he was biting down on silicone which is used in many teethes. The bangle is chunky and super cute and I can just pull it off my wrist and I have an instant teether which is always readily available, no matter where I am. Thank you Smart Mom. You have made my life less stressful and more beautiful!"

A percentage of all retail sales of Smart Mom products goes to these worthy organizations:

*Cure Search
*Dress for Success

We applaud Smart Mom, LLC for giving back.

Please note that this is ADULT jewelry and not intended for babies, toddlers or children to wear. To learn more about the Teething Bling line, please visit


We are giving away a Donut Shaped Pendant and matching bangle (Mother of Pearl and Sugar Plum) set to 2 lucky readers, courtesy of Smart Mom, LLC. To enter, please send an email to info[AT] with "Smart Mom Jewelry" in the subject line. Please include your full name and email address and indicate which color choice you would like to win. Enter by midnight PST on October 18, 2008. Good Luck.


Naima said...

What a clever idea! I really love the pretty colors.

Tia said...

The Think Pink line is very pretty and I think that it's just fantastic that a portion of the proceeds are going towards Breast Cancer Research.

Justine said...

Thank you for another great giveaway. Your magazine always highlights the best products on the market.

Sandra said...

Fantastic! Now I can finally wear jewelry again!