Maple Landmark Heirloom Wooden Toys & Gifts

Maple Landmark, Inc offers beautiful heirloom quality wooden toys which are proudly made in Vermont, USA. They are one of few remaining makers of wooden toys and gifts in America. They offer a full range of toys including a colorful line which features lead-free paint.

Today we will be highlighting our top picks from their Schoolhouse Naturals Collection:

Maple Landmark, Inc:

"With all of the current chemical concerns and growing environmental concerns, we introduce our Schoolhouse Naturals line. At their root, these are simply wood. We use primarily hard maple and no added chemicals other then a little wood glue where needed. Even the detailing is chemical free, it is laser engraved into the wood. A few items, as noted on per our website, are available with an optional finish, either a whey or beeswax/tung oil finish."

Natural Unfinished Oval Bead Rattle is a truly natural rattle and is made from 100% solid maple wood which is responsibly harvested locally in Vermont. The rattle is 2.5" long and the oval ends measure 1.5" X 2.5". It weighs is at just over 2 ounces, making it lightweight enough for baby to hold. The beads float freely on the pegs for maximum sound and movement providing wonderful auditory and visual stimulation. This heirloom quality rattle is well designed and features a smooth sanded surface for baby's comfort. Young babies will love grasping the rattle and later shaking and exploring it fully. Older babies will have the opportunity to manipulate the beads which is important for their fine motor development.

The Push N Pull Elephant is an award winning toy that really grows with your child. The elephant is 6" long and almost 6" high, weighing in at just under 12 ounces. Made from solid maple with engraved detailing this elephant, this toy is sure to become your baby/child's beloved friend. Babies who have mastered sitting independently will love pushing the Push N Elephant. The large handle makes it easy to grip! For toddlers who have mastered walking, attach a string to the hole in the Elephant which will allow your toddler to pull it by the string. Pull Along toys are wonderful for encouraging gross motor skills; your toddler will be motivated to walk more. Your toddler will be using many additional skills such as refining his balance skills, using eye hand coordination, motor planning and upper extremity strength and endurance all while having fun! No batteries are required...powered by your toddler!

A set of blocks form the fundamentals of multi-sensory learning. The Natural ABC Blocks blocks are laser etched for added tactile and visual feedback. Solid and robust, they are true heirloom pieces that will be proudly passed down from generation to generation. This very special set is sure to make a memorable 1st birthday gift! The Natural ABC Block Set is truly magnificent and pictures do not do it justice. The set includes 12 solid hard maple 1-3/4" blocks Blocks. The attention to detail that Maple Landmark pays to their line of wooden toys is showcased in this Block Set. The beautiful designs are laser etched and include both letters, numbers and patterns. A set of educational blocks such as this set is a must have in every home because blocks provide infinite learning opportunities. Blocks encourage fine motor coordination, visual spatial perception, bilateral hand coordination and endless opportunities for creative and imaginative play. This set will continue to grow with your child as she learns the alphabet and begins to spell. This set will be passed down from generation to generation!

The Shape Sorter Bench impressed our panel with its innovative design and stability. Made from solid wood, it measures 4 inches tall, 6 3/4" long, 4" wide and weighs in at 1 pound 7 1/4 ounces. The bench is beautifully engraved and labels each of the 4 shapes. It has 4 cut outs: circle, rectangle, triangle, square and includes 12 matching wooden shapes which can be stored below in the included drawstring bag. The wooden shapes also be used independently for building which makes this a great buy!

The Classic School Bus school bus is an exceptionally designed, heirloom quality wooden toy and is our clear top pick from the Schoolhouse Naturals Collection. Measuring 4 3/4" tall, 9" long and 4" wide and weighing in at just over a 3 pounds. The detailed carving is truly exquisite. The roof removes to reveal a bus driver and school children, which are removable for play. The activity of taking the children in and out of the bus is the ideal fine motor activity for children. With the Classic School Bus, there are endless opportunities for play. detail carving exquisite . This is a true heirloom piece that will be passed down from generation to generation and will make the perfect unisex birthday gift or holiday gift.

Toddlers and children will be delighted with the Natural Racer Scoot which boasts impressive carved detailing. It measures 4" long and 2" wide and is the perfect size to take along on day trips, ensuring that you child will have something fun to play with.

The Maple Landmark Website is well designed, making it super easy to shop online.
We like the feature where you can shop by age, saving you time! Gift certificates are available and you can even customize your gift for that extra special touch. Shoppers can rest assured because each toy sold is backed by a guarantee.

To learn more about Maple Landmark and view the full product line, please visit:


Mrs Walker said...

These toys look magnificent. I haven't heard of this company before but I will definitely be bookmarking their website. Thank you!

Pasifik said...

Your blog is great! I like it the way you put things there!

Happy blogging,

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Teresa said...

I really like this collection. I am so used to seeing bright toys that for once, having no paint is refreshing and simply timeless. I have several nieces and nephews birthdays coming up and I look forward to supporting this USA company.

Nicola said...

I had thought that every toy maker had moved shop to China. This is really exciting news and we should all support USA made items. Thank you for introducing us to this company!

Jennifer said...

NOT made in China. Now you have my attention. This is so very rare these days. It is so wonderful to find a company that has chosen to keep things local. Given the fact that the toys are made in the USA, are sourced responsibility from solid hardwoods, are heirloom quality and feature such beautiful details, I think that the prices are very affordable. Thank you for finding such a gem!

Rinat said...

The rattle is so lovely. Plastic has nothing on wood :-)

Kendra said...

Adorable designs of those wooden toys... Wow!!