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Magellan’s was founded by two travel professionals to provide a single source of unique and useful travel products, supported by well trained travel gear specialists, and backed by a complete 100% guarantee of satisfaction. While working for Pan Am Airways, John and Gloria McManus traveled extensively around the world and were frustrated by the inadequate supply of travel products available to consumers. In 1989 they created Magellan’s catalog, starting with a 32 page black and white catalog of hard-to-find travel products. John’s no-nonsense, detailed descriptions of each item made it clear how each addressed a travel problem, from overseas electrical adaptors to third world health and hygiene. Their mission is to make your travel more comfortable, safe, and rewarding. The Magellans website is well designed and packed with terrific travel packs and travel articles.

After you book your flights for this holiday season, make your next stop the Magellans website. Magellans has the largest selection of high quality travel products on the market which will help to ensure that you have a comfortable flight and an unforgettable vacation.

Here are our top picks of essential travel items from Magellans which have been put to the test by our panel:

Weighing in at just 2 oz and measuring a slim 8 x 4.5", the Passport Ticket Holder is the convenient way to keep travel documents secure and easily accessible. Your boarding pass, passport and driver's license stay neatly organized in their own front compartments, and a back pocket is ideal for receipts, itinerary or other documents. The adjustable neck strap keeps them all within easy reach for security inspections. Made of ripstop nylon with a clear vinyl ID pocket.

"This unisex Passport Ticket Holder is a terrific travel accessory that allows you to keep your essential travel documents close to your body. I travel frequently for business and need to take extra precautions to ensure that I am not a victim of theft. I feel safe knowing that my travel documents are kept safely underneath my shirt, where no-one would ever suspect that they are being stored. I can travel freely without any fear. Thank you!"

Travel Agent
This lightweight handy travel organizer is the next best thing to having your own personal travel assistant. Weighing it at just 7 oz, this handy zippered document wallet will help you stay organized and on time as you travel the world. The soft exterior, sturdy ripstop nylon construction and smart design make it the ideal insert for your daypack, carry-on bag, purse or laptop case. A soft handle allows you to carry it with ease. The exterior pocket on the outside stores your boarding pass and is readily available when you need it. The ‘office' inside has compartments for multiple itineraries, maps, tickets, passport, frequent flyer cards, ID, credit cards, pens and more. The lockable zippers can be secured to the attached D ring for added security, and there's even a safety tether to anchor everything inside your day bag.

"I tend to be very disorganized and usually misplace important travel documents while at the airport, which causes me a great deal of stress! The Travel Agent has been a lifesaver. It stores everything in this stylish organizer which fits easily in my handbag. When I need to access important documents at the airport, I simply reach for my travel agent, open it up and everything is right in front of me, organized beautifully and easily accessible. I highly recommend the Travel Agent for smooth and stress free travel."

1st Class Sleeper

In an effort to save money, airlines have reconfigured their aircrafts to allow for the maximum amount of seats to be packed into the airplane. This of course means that if you are traveling coach, you will find yourself in very tight quarters. Trying to get some sleep on a flight can prove to be very challenging. Bob Duncan, an airline pilot, was equally frustrated with his inability to get a decent nights sleep on a flight and decided to come up with a solution. The 1st Class Sleeper was born. Weighing in at just over a pound, the 1st Class Sleeper is an inflatable device for use on an airline seat which supports your back and neck comfortably, allowing you to fall asleep easily and wake up rested and refreshed. It is recommended by Chiropractors and Orthopedic Surgeons so you can be assured that it is well designed. With just 10-11 breaths it inflates easily and quickly and after use you simply deflate it and roll it up and store it in the handy drawstring pouch. When fully deflated, it will be roughly the size of a bulky travel umbrella and will slip easily in your carry on bag. This product can also be used as a lumbar support when in the fully upright seated position by folding it in half. Additionally, the 1st Class Sleeper can also be used in high back office chairs and home lounge chairs making it a versatile product. A full instructional leaflet is included in the box.

"I used to dread flying coach because I am unable to sleep comfortably due to the design of the coach seats. I would tend to slump forward just when I was beginning to fall asleep and after a short nap, would wake up to find that my neck, shoulders and back were in agony. I would arrive at my destination in a bad mood and I really wasn't very pleasant to be around. I was really excited to test out the 1st Class Sleeper. I was immediately impressed with how easily it inflated and I never felt out of breath after inflating it. My upper body was fully supported resting on this inflatable device and I was able to fall asleep easily. Upon awaking, I was amazed to feel refreshed, no muscular pain anywhere. This is a must have product, particularly on long cross country or overseas flights.It is lightweight and folds up to a compact size"

Flight Spray is the first nasal hydration spray for airline travelers. It is 100% natural and alcohol free. Flight Spray is formulated to alleviate nasal dryness and help prevent colds, flu and sore throats. The primary ingredient is Tumeric Root, (Circuma longa) a relative of ginger, which helps to enhance the body's immune system to fight against infection. The second and third ingredients, spearmint and distilled water, help to moisten the nasal passages and clear the sinuses during long flights. Panel feedback of this product has been very positive.

"I was seated next to a couple who both had a cold. I would have usually been super stressed but since I was armed with Flight Spray, I felt confident that I was protected. Sure enough I never caught a cold! In addition, my sinuses remained moist and comfortable throughout the flight, instead of being dry and irritated as would be typical for me when I fly."

Additional ways to boost your immune system include getting a flu shot prior to traveling, getting plenty of rest prior to the flight, avoiding junk food (candy, sodas) while on the flight, and consider supplementing with zinc lozenges which have been shown to prevent the cold virus from attaching to your cells.

Magellan's Travel Bottles
Forgo the zip lock bag and and carry liquid toiletries on-board in style with this zip top pouch filled with 6 containers: four 2 oz bottles for liquids and two ½ oz jars for creams. It is 8 x 6 x 2"to meet TSA carry-on requirements. Also included are 2 sets of handy labels for for easy identification of contents.

"After struggling to pack my liquids into zip lock bags, I wondered if there was a better option? I have found it in this pouch. The four 2 oz bottles hold all of my liquid essentials including shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion. four bottles are top quality and feature a folding nozzle allows me to squeeze out just what I need, without wasting any liquids. I really appreciate that included with the pouch are 2 sets of labels so that I won't be left wondering what exactly is in the bottle! The two ½ oz jars hold my creams and I haven't had any problems with leakage. A great unisex pouch that is a travel essential."

NO Jet-Lag Tablets

Jet Lag is not only unpleasant but it robs you of the ability to enjoy your first few days at your new destination. Instead of getting out there and seeing the sights, you are disorientated and exhausted. Well this is all going to change thanks to No-Jet-Lag, the Homeopathic Jet Lag Prevention tablets. Chew one tablet on takeoff, one every two hours in-flight and one on landing. Each pack contains 32 tablets; sufficient for 50 hours of flying. Included in each pack of tablets is a fantastic insert which explains what Jet Leg is and additional steps that you can take to prevent it. The pleasant tasting tablets are safe and do have any reported side-effects. A member of our panel has been using these tablets for the past 6 years, on her annual trip from the USA to South Africa.

"I will simply not travel without my No-Jet-Lag tablets! Prior to finding out about these brilliant tablets, I would arrive in South Africa completely disoriented and utterly exhausted. Friends and family would drop by wanting to see me and I wasn't in any mood to see anyone. It took me several days to get over the jet-lag, days that I could have spent differently. I stumbled upon the No-Jet-Lag tablets in a drug store in South Africa and decided to test them out. I could NOT believe the difference that these tablets made. I did not experience any jet-lag. My family both in South Africa and in the USA would keep asking me if I wanted to take a nap upon arrival or throughout the initial days of my arrival and I told them that I felt completely fine because I did! These tablets work and are the best remedy for counteracting jet lag. Don't travel without them."

To access Magellan's Tips for avoiding Jet Lag, please click here.

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I need the 1st Class Sleeper!!!!!! If I don't win it, I will be ordering it. It is so true that coach seats are so poorly designed and are just about the worst things for our postures. Thank you for such an insightful article. I had no idea that such helpful products even existed.

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