2008 Holiday Gift Guide: Green Sprouts™ Baby Products

Green Sprouts ™ is a company committed to providing the best safe and non-toxic products for your baby and toddler. When eating and playing, babies develop by exploring through their senses and putting everything in their mouths. You can minimize the risk of ingestion of harmful toxins by removing products that contain PVC and BPA from your child’s environment. The Green Sprouts™ feeding and toy line contains no BPA, PVC, Lead or Phthalates. Green Sprouts™, believes in keeping babies safe throughout every stage of development!

Green Sprouts™ is a division of i play.® i play.® produces baby products (Newborn to Toddler) that have fun, colorful designs. Healthy, safe and convenient features, consistent and durable quality give you more value for your money. i play.® has been keeping babies...and parents...happy for over 20 years. i play.® joins parents in celebrating the "special" in their babies, i play.® products are made for a baby's perspective-comfortable, healthy, safe and fun. i play.® products are also made for a parent's perspective-convenient, durable.

The Green Sprouts Toy Line and select feeding products feature Eco-friendly Plastic which is made from cornstarch resin. The EcoGreen bio-Polmer (NatureWorks) is PVC, BPA free, and petroleum free, with no synthetic or toxic materials. The plastic is biodegradable and compostable; how's that for being eco-friendly. The collection is lightweight and perfect for travel.

Cornstarch Toys:

The classic dumbell rattle retains the origin design of the rattles from our grandparents youth, yet has been updated with modern bright contrasting colors which are visually appealing to baby. The rattle is lightweight and easy for baby to grasp and produces a high tone sound when shaken, providing baby with auditory stimulation. Initially, with an infant, parents can gentle shake the rattle to encourage baby to orient to the sound and to encourage baby to track with his head and then eyes. Once baby is able to grasp, he will have so much fun exploring this toy!

The teethers are well designed and made from cornstarch resin and silicone. The cornstarch hand teether is easy to grasp, and features 5 silicone fingers for baby to explore. The cornstarch ring teether has a raised texture on both silicone pieces which will provide baby with tactile feedback. Both teethers have a rattle inside and this dual design (teether, rattle) make them very versatile. The hand teether produces a medium tone sound when shaken and the ring shaped teether a low tone sound. Each toy is easy to clean (wipe clean) and is a must have item in your diaper bag. Since these toys are biodegradable, you can feel great knowing that they will be returned to the earth.

The Green Sprouts line includes a fabulous range of PVC free feeding products. We will be highlighting the cornstarch line of feeding products.

The cornstarch bowl is well designed with a deep shape to help new feeders scoop up their food. The bowl is decorated on the side with 3 adorable characters: a cat, rabbit and dog. The bowl has a non slip silicone base for added stability.

The cornstarch plate is the ideal plate for your toddler who is asserting himself as an independent and competent eater. The plate has 3 sections, two small sections at the top and one large section at the bottom with 9 cute and colorful characters to help engage your toddler in the task of eating. The plate is designed with a wide perimeter lip which makes picking it up very easy, making setting the table a manageable task for the older child. The plate has a non-slip silicone base which will help to stabilize the plate for improved coordination.

The cornstarch utensil set is the perfect duo to the plate and bowl and consist of a fork and spoon which have long handles which will allow the caregiver to assist with feeding as is necessary. The adorable animal designs add a special touch and helps to make feeding fun!

Check out i play.®'s Guide to Bottles and Cups

The Stainless Steel 12 oz bottle is an innovative alternative to plastic bottles and glass bottles and is free from PVC, Lead, Phthalate and BPA free. To use the bottle, simple pop open the cover, twist the nozzle counterclockwise to open and it's ready to drink from. The cover provides a safety guard against any leakages. The sport cap nozzle promotes a healthier oral motor pattern than a sippy cup and will help to prepare your baby for drinking out of a regular cup.

The bottle sleeve is also PVC, Lead, Phthalate and BPA free, so parents can rest assured that it is safe. It is specially designed with bilateral handles, which will allow your baby and toddler to hold it with great ease and boost their confidence. The adjustable closure works with many Green Sprouts bottles. The insulated fabric keeps bottles cool or warm while protecting little fingers at the same time.

Additional toys from the Green Sprouts Collection include a line of Natural Wooden Toys made from rubberwood. Check out the website for additional Gift Ideas.

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Emily said...

The cornstarch toys are adorable and I am really impressed and excited about this new technology. Great write-up!

Mira said...

I haven't heard of i play before but their products look wonderful and I will definitely be ordering some! Thank you for tracking down the best eco-companies.

Nina said...

I have been looking everywhere for a light weight, plastic free bottles for my 1 year old and never even considered stainless steel. These bottles look perfect for his needs and the matching sleeve is functional and cute at the same time.

Nikki said...

This is a great giveaway. Thank you!

Lara said...

The plate, bowl and utensil set are super cute! Cornstarch sounds like a wonderful alternative to traditional plastic and far healthier. Thank you for another great giveaway. I hope to win a prize :-)

Gina said...

Great picks! Each product looks like a must have to me.

Jane said...

Thank you for this giveaway. Fantastic prizes as usual! It is so awesome to learn about eco-friendly companies.